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Tuesday, May 4

Stanford's Victims Protest Against the Indulgent Attitude of the International Monetary Fund

Press Release network "Jaime R. Escalona, Leader of the Coalition asks: 'Why is the IMF about to award a $124 million dollars loan to the Government of Antigua, knowing that Antigua was a criminal partner of R. Allen Stanford in the perpetration of the largest pyramidal fraud in history? Why help them if its Government has not responded for the $7.2 billion US dollars that were robbed from 27,992 victims distributed among 113 countries? Why do they ridicule us so unmercifully? Why such complicity?'

'We remind Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the IMF, that on November 5, 2009 he received a letter from the COALICION VICTIMAS DE STANFORD AMERICA LATINA explaining the criminal role of Antigua in the perpetration of this Ponzi scheme and its devastating effects on thousands of families around the world. It would be extremely immoral to grant economic assistance to the Government of Antigua, without first holding them responsible for compensating the victims for their loses,' remarked Escalona."

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