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Sunday, December 5

Bob Marley tried to 'black up' to fit in: New book

ndtv "He spoke against racism in his songs, but reggae legend Bob Marley's angst over his mixed-race background led him to 'blacken' his trademark dreadlocks with shoe polish.

A new book I&I: The Natural Mystics: Marley, Tosh and Wailer claims that the Jamaican-born icon was insecure over his race and desperately wanted to fit in, reported Guardian online.

In the book, his widow Rita Marley recalls how her husband, born to a white father and a black mother, asked her to 'rub shoe polish in his hair to make it more black, make it more African.'

The author, Colin Grant, interviewed some of the singer's relatives and those close to him for the book, which will be published in January."
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