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Murder Near the Square

HTS Channel 4: : "Seventeen-year-old Marlon Boxill of Rockhall was pronounced dead about one hour after he was stabbed Tuesday night, near the Derek Walcott Square. Police leads indicate the teenager was being chased when he ran towards a parked SSU vehicle – before falling. The incident occurred around 10:30 pm. Assistant Police Commissioner with responsibility for Crime and Intelligence Vernon Francois says police on the scene realised Boxill was hurt and called for an ambulance. Footage of the event shows the deceased lying on the street, in pouring rain, gasping for breath – while police rendered no assistance to the teenager. The public is questioning the role of the police in the incident.

Two men in the area attempted to assist the wounded young man but were stopped by officers on the scene. But Francois says proper procedure was followed as EMTs were called. Francois says it is not normal procedure to transport an injured individual to the hospital in a police vehicle."


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