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Tuesday, December 22

T&T PM warns against going to IMF "PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Tuesday said his administration is moving towards reviving the ailing economy of the oil rich twin-island Republic and avoid going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  "

Friday, December 11

When anger brings out our worst

 Barbados Today: "Sir Charles, who is no stranger to the media and must be credited, along with his brother Bizzy, for his yeoman service to Barbados, in terms of leading the development of this island’s physical infrastructure and guiding it away from a monocrop, sugar plantation-driven economy, has always been known for speaking his mind, and in a way that could make some people feel more than a bit uncomfortable.

But in his interview yesterday with our Senior Reporter Emmanuel Joseph, Sir Charles was spitting fire to the point where he was bordering on, if not stepping over the line of being totally offensive."

Saturday, November 28

Tell us why?

Barbados Today: "A grieving Tanya Smith, daughter of 75-year-old murder victim Marcelle Smith, is asking authorities why the man accused of killing her mother was allowed to be out on the streets even though he was facing a murder charge."

Love triangle

 Barbados Today: "It was a story of love, betrayal, deception and a child born out of wedlock.

Although it sounds like a script from a Hollywood movie, it refers to the facts of a case, which ended up before the law courts earlier today."