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Thursday, October 22

video- Sir Garfield Sobers sheds tears for West Indies cricket

BBC Sport "West Indies legend Sir Garfield Sobers sheds tears during a news conference in Sri Lanka over the state of the game in his homeland.
West Indies are eighth in the Test rankings, above only Bangladesh and Zimbabwe."

Wednesday, October 21

Major mystery

Barbados Today: "A gut-wrenching cry was heard within the compound of Nautilus Beach Apartments on Bay Street, on the outskirts of the City this afternoon, as relatives and friends huddled underneath a beach umbrella consoling each other, while their loved one – an ex-soldier – lay dead in his apartment with a gunshot wound to the head."

Sunday, October 11

The Full Story behind The Killings |

 <3 Jamaica: "Thursday was a happy day for 63 year-old Lynette Bloomfield and her family as her beloved daughter, 36 year-old Kerry-Ann Bloomfield, who resides in the United States, had just arrived at the family home on vacation."

Saturday, October 10

JAMAICA – Sisters brutally murdered |

Barbados Today: "The gruesome murder of two sisters in Comfort District in this central parish have left relatives of the deceased and the whole community uneasy.

The bodies of 31-one-year-old Tashi Foster and her younger sibling Deon, 29, were found at their house minutes after 1 p.m. Tuesday by the police who were alerted after residents heard explosions in the area."