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Sunday, July 5

Boy’s father devastated by news of his death

Barbados Today: "The biological father of six-year-old Jahan King has been told of the death of his son. However, John King, who is soon-to-be released from a Canadian jail, still has no idea that Jahan had been the victim of reported abuse.

So far, all he has been told is that his only child died following an asthma attack."

Gran says it’s too late for apologies --

 NationNews Barbados  "THE GRANDMOTHER of the six-year-old boy whose death is the subject of a police investigation has reacted with disdain to a statement by the Child Care Board."

1972: How four Caribbean countries led the collapse of the Cuban embargo in the Americas " The US is cutting loose the shackles of the past by establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba after 53 years.  But the first blow in the Western Hemisphere against those shackles was struck by four governments of the English-Speaking Caribbean.  Today that single act should be a source of great satisfaction to leaders who put themselves, their governments and their countries at risk for a principle in which they believed."

Saturday, July 4

Child Care Board statement on Jahan King -- "THE CHILD CARE BOARD (CCB) is conducting a full review into its handling of the case of six-year-old Jahan King."