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Tribute To Van Sertima

Tribute To Van Sertima : "With absolute certainty it can stated that, due to his consistent and unrelenting scholarship over the past twenty-five years in the rewriting of African history and the reconstruction of the African's place in world history, particularly in the field of the African presence in ancient America, Ivan Van Sertima has cemented his position as one of our greatest living scholars."

Dark days for South family

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : "The Indian Arrival weekend is a joyous time of celebrations, the Indo-Trini community having contributed so much to life in the society. But for the Chatoor family of Gulf View, La Romaine, a traditional family of doctors, lawyers, a magistrate, chemical engineer and a teacher, it is a weekend of grief. A mother, father, two surviving sisters and four brothers, have returned home from Australia, England, Canada and Jamaica, to bury their sister, Margaret Parsad who was brutally murdered last week by her common law husband who refused to let her go."

Two die in multi-vehicle smash up

Kaieteur News : "FYRISH VILLAGE, CORENTYNE – Two more lives were lost on the Corentyne Highway yesterday. Dead are 13-year-old Ashnie Williams, of 39 Fyrish South, and Salim Mohamed of the Corentyne. According to police reports, at 15:00 hours yesterday, there was a four-vehicle smash up involving motor car, PDD 8816, owned by Faizal Mohamed of Nigg, and driven by 22-year-old Ravi Veerapen of Fyrish Road, Corentyne; motor car, PKK 1997, owned by Nathaniel Ramotar, of Chesney Front , jeep PGG 6545 and a minibus."

'Skeng Don' wants his money : "WELL-KNOWN contractor and businessman Kenneth Black is moving to sue a government agency to recover over $400 million which he said is owed to him for work done on a construction project. Manchester-based Black, who is widely called 'Skeng Don', undertook several construction projects for the Government during the administrations of PJ Patterson and Portia Simpson Miller, stretching from the 1990s into the new millennium. Some of those contracts were questioned by other interests in the construction sector, who cited Black's well-known closeness to the then ruling People's National Party (PNP) as the reason for his landing the jobs."

FLU UNDER CONTROL - Health officials treat H1N1 cases

Jamaica Gleaner News "THE VIGILANCE of local health officials has resulted in the detection and treatment of two cases of the H1N1 influenza virus - commonly called swine flu, health officials disclosed yesterday. 'Laboratory reports have confirmed two cases of the H1N1 influenza virus,' Health Minister Rudyard Spencer told The Sunday Gleaner in a short telephone interview as health officials held an emergency meeting at the Ministry of Health in downtown Kingston."

Farmer losing ground

Nation News - Home : "SMALL FARMER David Bourne is devastated at the prospect of seeing his life's labour completely destroyed. The 28-year-old man was given until May 10 to remove his uncompleted wooden house and all of his fruit trees and vegetable garden, because Chinese investors from Chinados Construction Ltd have bought the land his family has been living on for close to 50 years."

Minibus fares to increase in two weeks

Kaieteur News : "The General Minibus Association of Guyana, has announced that minibus fares will be increased from June 15. President of the association, Lylon Weithers, said that bus fares were reduced promptly when the fuel price went down previously, and that discussions on VAT exempted essential spare parts were expected to be ongoing, but this was not the reality."

Jeremie not looking for friends

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "ATTORNEY General John Jeremie yesterday sought to stave off criticism over his appointment as he noted that his office is not “a popularity contest” and his portfolio’s role in fighting corruption “makes you no friends”."

Grant says people deserve no less, call elections .....

Sun St. Kitts : "Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), Lindsay Grant, issued an appeal to the Prime Minister Dr. Denzil L. Douglas to immediately call federal elections. He stated that there has been a lot of pandering about when elections would be called, noting that it is now time to hold the eagerly awaited elections."

DUAL BATTLE : "THE governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), angered by legal challenges against four of its sitting MPs, indicated yesterday that it would now be moving against 'several' Opposition parliamentarians said to be holders of dual citizenship."


Nation News - Home : "ONLY DEATH could have separated them, and it did. When Ricardo Ayinde Seale, 19, and Oren Yohan Alleyne 20, met just about a year ago, they developed a special bond, and according Ricardo's brother Renaldo, their friendship grew even closer during the past four months. Today, the two University of the West Indies (UWI) students who drowned at Accra Beach, Christ Church, on Thursday, are being remembered as two Christian young men who loved the Lord with all their hearts."


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "PRIME Minister Patrick Manning yesterday said the resignation of Attorney General (AG) Bridgid Annisette-George was above board, and said he had faith in her replacement, former AG John Jeremie, who will be sworn in today."

4.0 earthquake had no effect on D'ca... Deroche

Dominica News Online "Local Geologist Tessa Deroche says no damage has been reported in Dominica following a 4.0 magnitude earthquake southeast of the island sometime after 12 p.m. Thursday. Deroche says the quake which measured a depth of 48 kilometres, appeared to have been felt mainly by persons in the south of the island."

Terror at Magic Mall

Stabroek News "Terror reigned at Magic Mall La Grange West Demerara yesterday afternoon, when two armed men, posing as customers, swept through the shopping facility beating those who opposed them and gathering booty; they left one woman unconscious and others injured."

Guyanese Dr. Ivan Van Sertima passes at 74

Kaieteur News : "The Guyana Cultural Association New York Inc. /Guyana Folk Festival committee yesterday announced the passing of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, a former professor of the University of Rutgers and an important son of Guyana’s soil. Ivan Van Sertima, born January 26, 1935, is a Guyanese-British historian, linguist and anthropologist noted for his Afrocentric theory of pre-Columbian contact between Africa and the Americas."

Elderly US couple fleeced of J$26.7m

Jamaica Gleaner News "Faced with the stunning realisation that her ageing parents had been conned out of their US$300,000 (approximately J$26.7 million) life savings by Jamaican lottery-scam artists, a South Florida nurse is now in shock and distress. 'They really conned my mom,' said the nurse, whose 84-year-old father and 73-year-old mother live in the state of Illinois."

'Too many slums'

' : "JUST over 60 per cent of Jamaica's urban population live in slums, a proportion that the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) and various stakeholders say has serious implications for the country's attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)."

Tourism slip

Nation News - Home : "BARBADOS' TOURISM is projected to decline by eight per cent this year, but the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) will be stepping up marketing efforts to offset the downward trend."


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "IN THE WAKE of news of the shock resignation of Attorney General Bridgid Annisette-George, Opposition MP Chandresh Sharma yesterday claimed that a “split in the Cabinet” over the Cleaver Heights issue was the main factor in her quitting office after 18 months."

TRAGIC DAY: All Saints community gripped by death and violence

Antigua Sun "The All Saints community was rocked by a series of bizarre incidents which have accounted for one death, another person reportedly in a critical condition at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) and a third on the run from the law. Initial reports made to the AntiguaSun revealed that a nine-month-old baby boy, Jahmorie Ikeba Bevan Romeo met his untimely death when he drowned in the bathroom at the home of a relative."


Nation News - Home : "He said despite a few daring daylight robberies in rural Barbados, this year's figures showed a four per cent drop in crime when compared with figures for the corresponding period last year."

Boy dies as anniversary of tragic shooting nears

Jamaica Gleaner News "Just a day before the anniversary of the brazen shooting of seven persons outside a house at 25 Prince of Wales Street, near National Heroes Circle in central Kingston, residents of the area were again in mourning yesterday. This time they were weeping for a three-year-old boy who was burnt to death at the same location. 'Jesus Christ, the little baby dead,' screamed a woman, as several residents tried to keep her from falling to the ground."

$50-m legal costs claim! : "DEFEATED People's National Party (PNP) candidate Abe Dabdoub is seeking nearly $50 million in legal costs from Daryl Vaz, the successful Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Member of Parliament for West Portland."

Police stop and search mars African Liberation celebration

Antigua Sun : "A confrontation between the police and members of the Rastafari community was averted on Tuesday as marchers at the annual African Liberation Day event became frustrated that they were being subjected to random searches. African Liberation Day committee member Khalid Shabazz said the level of police presence at the event has raised concern for some time. He said while the police are there to stem any potential violence, their primary function appeared to have been to ensure that marijuana, which is widely used among the Rasta fraternity, is not openly used."

Customs seize smuggled beer at Lethem : Kaieteur News

Kaieteur News : "Customs Officers at Lethem on the Guyana/Brazil border have seized a large quantity of beer from a businessman following a sting operation last Monday. The Customs officers also impounded the businessman’s vehicle in which the 80 cases of beer illegally imported from nighbouring Brazil were found. The Saturday afternoon bust was the second attempt to have the businessman pay the duties on the imported beer and followed an earlier attempt by the businessman to smuggle in the items."

DEADLY JOYRIDE : "A late night joyride turned deadly on Monday when a pickup truck driven by a 15-year-old boy crashed into a utility pole along the Port Henderson main road in Portmore, St Catherine killing three children. Police identified the dead children as 14-year-old Oshane Salmon; Crystal Robinson, 15; and her brother, Matthew Brown, 10, who the cops said were among a group of six youngsters travelling in the motor vehicle at the time of the accident."

Call to stop Rasta profiling

Nation News "A CALL has gone out to all faiths to help stop Rasta profiling. Speaking at Monday's celebration of African Liberation Day in Jubilee Gardens, Ras KudosSage-I said it would call for people to speak in one voice. 'As we set about to eliminate the remaining vestiges of racism, let us be mindful of the fact that there is another scourge called religious intolerance, which the Rastafari community finds itself head to head with."

St Lucian civil servants marching for more pay

Nation News "CASTRIES - Hundreds of government workers marched and chanted in St Lucia's capital yesterday to demand overdue pay increases. The work stoppage was called by a labour group representing thousands of teachers, policemen and other civil servants. Several schools and government offices were closed as workers joined the protest."

video--Helping Haiti's neediest

Decades of poverty, environmental degradation, violence, instability and dictatorship have left Haiti one of the poorest nations in the world. But one man, Brother Francklin, has been fighting for over 30 years to give some hope to the islands poorest.

letter - There is a correlation between Guyana’s deterioration and illegal migration

Stabroek News "Barbados’s new immigration policy cannot be looked at in isolation. Making Barbados the scapegoat will not fix the problems in Guyana, or ensure a Caribbean Community of equal opportunities and economic development. As a sovereign nation it is Barbados’s right to enforce immigration laws to protect its people and its economy and standard of living. Note, the CSME free movement of labour and skills does not support a failure to adhere to laws. Guyana, too, has immigration laws that allow for the deportation of illegal immigrants and illegal workers. Barbados is one of the region’s strongest economies, and this says a lot about the country’s governance. Its best practices should be copied, not ridiculed and insulted as seems to be the new fad, in the hope that Barbados will compromise its laws and standards."


Nation News "MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE Senator Haynesley Benn is pleased with what he says has been a reduction in chicken prices. Speaking yesterday after the ministry handed over a $500 000 tractor to the Fisheries Division at his Graeme Hall, Christ Church offices, he told the media there had been 'some response' and he had seen prices of whole chicken and some of the parts 'come down'."

Nothing to celebrate on Independence anniversary- GTUC

Kaieteur News : "Secretary General (ag) of the Guyana Trades Union Congress, Norris Witter, yesterday hinted that massive action is imminent. Yesterday, he issued a call to the nation to prepare themselves for “the struggle.” “What we’re saying is critical to our observing our 43rd Independence anniversary; it must be a call to action and we are issuing this call now; we are talking to the Guyanese nation. Prepare yourself for the struggle; it is closer than you think.”"

Milk River mess - Boats bail out marooned hotel guests

Jamaica Gleaner News "It was their 27th-wedding anniversary and Louise and Milton Chance decided to celebrate it in style at the Milk River Hotel and Spa, located in the foothills of the rustic south coast village in Clarendon. But heavy rains Sunday night interrupted the celebration as the Milk River overflowed its banks and left the couple, 11 other guests and two staff members marooned at the remote tourist attraction."

Alleged Marriott hotel project dead

Stabroek News "The long-questioned and controversial Kingston hotel project which was allegedly to carry the Marriott brand appears to have been finally consigned to the dustbin as the government yesterday advertised for expressions of interest in a joint venture for the same location."

Aroaima workers down tools

Kaieteur News : "Operations at the Rusal Bauxite Company, Aroaima location have come to a halt after over 200 workers downed tools on Saturday, claiming that their occupational health and safety concerns are being violated by the company."

Another cop slain - Overall homicides dip but rural killings rise

Jamaica Gleaner News "A 27-year-old cop who was gunned down on the weekend as he tried to foil a robbery was on Sunday hailed for his sacrificial gallantry. Dead is Constable Marlon Samms, who was attached to the Linstead Police Station. As gloom swept through the town of Linstead, members of the Orangefield Pentecostal Church in St Catherine visited the station on Sunday morning to console Samms' grieving colleagues."

Brave cop dies : "Constable Marlon Samms' colleagues had hoped Saturday night that he would have survived the gunman's bullet that hit him in the head as he and his partner confronted three criminals who had staged a robbery in Linstead, St Catherine that evening. Early this morning, their hope turned into despair as Constable Samms succumbed to the injury, leaving the constabulary with the gut-wrenching task of burying a fifth cop since January and the third in recent weeks."

Dog killed after biting baby

Nation News - Home : "POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING the killing of a dog at River Land, St Philip, yesterday after it bit a baby. Lawmen said that Elvis Ezekiel Walrond, 34, of River Land, was taken into custody after the dog was found with its head, nose and leg partially severed."

Opposition seeks independent probe into deadly police shootout

Taiwan News Online : "KINGSTON, St. Vincent (AP) _ The head of St. Vincent's political opposition called Saturday for an independent investigation into the fatal shootings of three fugitives by regional police. Opposition chief Arnhim Eustace wants an independent panel to determine if the Regional Security System, a cooperative of police forces across the Eastern Caribbean, used excessive force Thursday in a shootout with three men, including a 29-year-old Barbadian wanted on homicide charges."


Nation News - Home : "THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and its CARICOM partners will look more closely at ways to integrate into the Caribbean, West Indians who commit crime in the United States."

Jagdeo slams Barbados on Guyanese treatment

Stabroek News "President Bharrat Jagdeo says there is little his government could do presently for Guyanese living illegally in Barbados who have been given a June 1 deadline to turn themselves in but he slammed the Bridgetown government for what he said was un-Caricom-like behaviour."

Berserk man bites two, damages Magistrates vehicles

Kaieteur News : "A magistrate and other residents of Sunflower Square, South Ruimveldt Park, are breathing sighs of relief following the detention of a man whom they say terrorised their neighbourhood and destroyed property. Described as “a deportee off his medication” the man went berserk yesterday morning and flooded his top flat apartment with water.

Fire claims 5, 10 in hospital as fire destroys sections of Armadale Juvenile Centre

Jamaica Gleaner News : "Prime Minister Bruce Golding comforts one of the inmates of the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Centre in St Ann, where five girls were burnt to death and 13 others injured in a fire which almost destroyed the home Friday night. Golding flew down to the village yesterday morning to get a first-hand view of the incident, shortly before leaving the island for a special CARICOM meeting in Trinidad. -"

Tragedy : "ALEXANDRIA, St Ann - Prime Minister Bruce Golding yesterday ordered the closure of the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Centre in this parish after a fire killed five wards of the state, injured 11 others and destroyed a dormitory at the all-girl facility Friday night. At the same time, the prime minister has appointed retired high court judge and former president of the Court of Appeal, Justice Paul Harrison to conduct an inquiry into the tragedy that took the lives of Ann-Marie Samuels, Nerrissa Gooden and Rachel King, all 17 years old; and Kaychell Nelson and Shauna-Lee Kerr, both 15 years old."

Jagdeo backlash

Nation News "GUYANA'S PRESIDENT BHARRAT JAGDEO has admitted there is little his government can do right now for Guyanese living illegally in Barbados, who have been given a deadline to turn themselves in. In a statement on Friday, however, he slammed the Thompson administration for what he said was 'unCARICOM-like' behaviour."

Reflections on Eugenia Charles - The Eugenia I knew

The "Memory takes me away, back to the end of the 1940’s while I was studying at Oxford as Jamaica’s Rhodes Scholar. One of the many memorable persons studying with me at the time was the Mary Eugenia Charles of Dominica. She was among many distinguished students in London at the time some of whom became heads of government later. These included such names as Forbes Burnham, Allan Rae, and Michael Manley I was President of the Union and formed a close relationship with the West African Union WASU under Joe Appiah. She took an active part in the West Indian Students Union WISU."

Shooting in Jamaica injures Canadian tourist

The Canadian Press: "SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A gunman shot up a minivan full of Canadians driving into Jamaica's gang-ridden capital, police said Friday. One of the tourists suffered minor injuries from flying glass. Prime Minister Bruce Golding met with the six visitors from Quebec to apologize personally, and a military helicopter flew them back to the beach resort of Montego Bay, deputy police commissioner Mark Shields said."

Barbados names gov't offices for US attorney gen

The Associated Press: "BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (AP) — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's visit to Barbados is only for three days, but his name will remain even after he leaves. The country is renaming a collection of government offices the Eric H. Holder Jr. Municipal Complex to honor Washington's No. 1 prosecutor. 'I have been fortunate in my life to have received much undeserved recognition,' he said. 'Nothing means more to me than that which you are doing today.' Holder's father was born in Barbados, and his mother has roots on the island as well."

Schoolyard gunfight : "They weren't the entire school population, but the students who turned up at Ascot High School in Portmore, St Catherine yesterday morning to sit a Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) History examination found themselves exposed to grave danger during a deadly firefight between police and three gunmen."

Woman killed, GDF ranks injured in Linden accident

Kaieteur News : "Reports are that 38-year-old Enid Sharpe (the police identified her as Enid Campbell) died on the spot after she was struck from behind by a Guyana Defence Force-registered vehicle, DFB 1469. At the time the woman was riding her motorcycle, CE 3406. The accident occurred around 07:45 hours at Lover’s Lane, Amelia’s Ward, not far from the woman’s home."

Chaos on Linden Highway

Stabroek News "Pandemonium broke out on the Linden Highway at Amelia’s Ward yesterday morning when shots were fired after an army vehicle hit down a woman on a motorcycle, killing her on the spot."

Hand-chopper found guilty

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday HORACE JACKSON, the tradesman on trial at the San Fernando High Court for severing the left arm of his common-law wife, was yesterday found guilty of attempted murder. However Jackson, 44, will know his fate next week Wednesday when he returns for sentencing before Justice Anthony Carmona, in the Fourth Criminal Court. In the meantime, he has been remanded in custody."

Wanted Bajan killed in St Vincent

Nation News "A BARBADIAN FUGITIVE was among three men shot dead during a police operation led by the Regional Security Systems (RSS) in St Vincent on Thursday. Dead is 29-year-old Dwayne O'Brian Herbert of Chalky Mount, St Andrew, who was wanted for last year's Christmas Eve killing of Holbert Ricardo Davis, a barber of Vault Road, Welchman Hall, St Thomas."

video--Cherubin recaptured

Police have recaptured Simon Cheraubin who escaped from the Bordelais Correctional Facility early Monday morning. The wanted man was found in Gros Islet Monday afternoon minutes after he robbed a residential property in the area....

video--Cherubin recaptured

Police have recaptured Simon Cheraubin who escaped from the Bordelais Correctional Facility early Monday morning. The wanted man was found in Gros Islet Monday afternoon minutes after he robbed a residential property in the area....

Guyanese in Barbados plead for president's intervention : "Guyanese nationals living in Barbados are calling on President Bharrat Jagdeo to speak on behalf of his countrymen against what they described as atrocities against them by the Barbadian authorities. The Kaieteur News reported that the call comes in the wake of a warning by Vincentian Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of a collapse of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Single Market and Economy (CSME) in the face of what he sees as discriminatory immigration policies of the regional bloc."

Mother in court for allegedly burning children

Antigua Sun "A mother, who allegedly burnt her two children with a heated spatula, has been committed to stand trial before a judge and jury in the High Court. The Cassada Gardens resident will be arraigned during the September 2009 sitting of the Criminal Assizes. The 29-year-old woman is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm."

Barbados is using Guyanese as scapegoats for economic problems- Ramotar

Kaieteur News : "The Barbadian Government is using Guyanese as the scapegoat for that country’s current economic situation. This view was expressed by People’s Progressive Party General Secretary, Donald Ramotar, in an invited comment yesterday. The Barbadian Government has embarked on a campaign to rid the island state of illegal nationals, most of whom are Guyanese and St Vincentians."

Another vote - Court strips Mair of NE St Catherine seat; voters to elect MP on June 16

Jamaica Gleaner News "THE CONSTITUENTS of North East St Catherine will go to the polls on June 16 to elect a member of parliament (MP). Supreme Court Judge Horace Marsh declared the seat vacant when the lawyers representing the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) Gregory Mair and the People's National Party's (PNP) Phyllis Mitchell appeared in court yesterday."

June 16 by-election : "Government Parliamentarian Desmond Gregory Mair was yesterday disqualified from the legislature by the Supreme Court, setting the stage for a by-election in the North East St Catherine constituency which Prime Minister Bruce Golding immediately announced would be held on June 16. Golding also named May 29 nomination day during a press conference at the ruling Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP's) Belmont Road headquarters in Kingston, less than two hours after the court ruling."

No thanks!

Nation News "FORMER PRIME MINISTER Owen Arthur has given a definitive thumbs-down to Prime Minister David Thompson's invitation to be part of a series of breakfast meetings to discuss the economic crisis facing this country. Arthur said yesterday the first time he had heard the offer was when Thompson announced it during his wrap-up of the 2009 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly Wednesday night; and he therefore was not interested."

video--Cherubin recaptured

Police have recaptured Simon Cheraubin who escaped from the Bordelais Correctional Facility early Monday morning. The wanted man was found in Gros Islet Monday afternoon minutes after he robbed a residential property in the area.

CMO says stay on guard for swine flu

Sun St. Kitts "Despite the recent lull surrounding the just over a month old outbreak of the H1N1 influenza, formerly known as swine flu, the Federation’s top medical official advised individuals to remain on guard. Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Patrick Martin told members of the press yesterday 'vigilance has to be maintained because the strain and severity of our next flu season in January/February 2010 are unknowns.'"

Guyanese man ordered to leave country

Antigua Sun "'The order of the court is immediate removal from the jurisdiction,' is what Junior Hector Walters heard after being convicted for overstaying in Antigua. Walters pleaded guilty to remaining in the country after the expiration of a permit issued to him by the Immigration Department, allowing him to remain here until 28 Feb., 2009. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Ivan Walters in the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court yesterday."

Private sector leaders blast sloppy civil servants : "Several of Jamaica's leading business persons have criticised the inefficiencies of the country's civil service and the tendencies of public servants to stymie progress sought by the private sector. The complaints were made at a luncheon hosted by Jamaica Observer chairman, Gordon 'Butch' Stewart, at the company's Beechwood Avenue headquarters in Kingston yesterday."

Armed cops posted at Montego Bay airport

Jamaica Gleaner News "In response to the attempted takeover of an aeroplane at the Sangster International Airport on April 19, the Ministry of National Security has posted uniformed armed police officers between the screening and aircraft facilities, MBJ Airports Limited says."

$100M swiped from Muneshwer’s Travel Service

Kaieteur News : "Some US$500,000 ($100 million) is reportedly missing from the coffers of Muneshwer’s Travel Service and the company suspects two female members of the accounting staff (an accountant and a cashier) attached to the Service. Muneshwer’s is a popular city establishment that has many departments, including hardware, household items and shipping. The fraud involves only the Travel Service."

PM: Let's talk

Nation News : "FORMER FINANCE MINISTERS Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, Sir Richard Haynes and Owen Arthur have been invited to join in the national effort to combat the global economic crisis affecting Barbados. Prime Minister David Thompson last night threw out the offer to the three elder statesmen as he wrapped up debate on the 2009 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly."

Fuel supply causes flight cancellations for Caribbean Airlines

South Florida Caribbean News : "PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - Caribbean Airlines has been advised from the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago that there has been a disruption in the fuel supply for the airline. High sulphur content in the jet fuel needed to power the aircraft has rendered the aircraft fuel unusable causing many of the airline’s services to be either delayed or cancelled."

Diack reminds Bolt of his 'responsibility' : "Diack said yesterday he has spoken to the 22-year-old Jamaican sprinter about the extra pressures he would face following his stunning performances in Beijing last August. 'You're the key athlete in our sport and you have a responsibility,' Diack told a small group of reporters. 'He's not a movie star or singer - he's a champion. (So) if you are fit, you make the performance or you are finished.'"

Never give up! - Polio-afflicted woman maintains early-childhood institution in community

Jamaica Gleaner News "At age 12, Esmina Smith was diagnosed with polio-myelitis, a highly infectious viral disease which mainly affects young children, and hospitalised at the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre for 11 years. The disease affected her lower limbs and she could barely walk. But, with the rehabilitation Smith received at the facility, she was able to move around with the aid of a stick."

Suspect identifies cop as driver

Kaieteur News : "A suspect who has confessed to robbing cambio dealer, Ramesh Bhagoo, of $12M in jewellery claims that two policemen assisted him in the heist. Police officials confirmed yesterday that the man, whom they have detained, positively identified a police constable as the person who drove the getaway car that picked up the gang near Le Repentir Cemetery after they made off with Bhagoo’s jewellery."

Corbin to seek re-election as PNCR leader -Amna Ally -

Stabroek News : "PNCR leader Robert Corbin will be seeking re-election as head of the main opposition, a senior party executive says. According to Central Executive Member Amna Ally, Corbin “will be contesting the leadership” when the party’s Biennial Congress is held later in the year. Ally made the announcement to supporters at the PNCR’s Berbice District Conference over the weekend and confirmed it yesterday when contacted by Stabroek News, saying it was “a fact.”"

All talk, no Budget!

Nation News - Home : "OPPOSITION LEADER MIA MOTTLEY yesterday dismissed Prime Minister David Thompson's 2009 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals as nothing more than a 'pep talk'. 'Where is the Budget?' she said. 'The people are asking.'"

Two Guyanese found dead in T&T dump

Kaieteur News : "Anguished relatives consoled each other on Sunday after being told that two young Guyanese men were found murdered in central Trinidad. The bodies of 28-year-old Narad Sookoo and 22-year-old Vinod Dubay, of Dookiesingh Street in St Augustine, were discovered at an abandoned dump in Felicity around 9 am. A call was transmitted to E-999 Division and officers who responded found the bodies partially submerged in a swamp."

Fugitive shot dead by police

Stabroek News : "Courtney James, who was wanted in connection with a string of armed robberies on the East Coast Demerara, including last month’s attack on Magistrate Nigel Hawke, was shot dead by a policeman yesterday morning. Reports are that James attempted to rob a minibus passenger at approximately 8.25 am yesterday. The vehicle was waiting at the traffic light, located at Mandela Avenue and Hunter Street, Alexander Village, when James reportedly tried to grab a chain from a passenger’s neck."

It can't be Bob : "DEBATE has been raging since last week over the selection of the image of former Prime Minister Hugh Lawson Shearer for the $5,000 note launched yesterday, but the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) said yesterday that it played by the rule regarding the selection of Jamaicans who qualify for appearance on the country's currency."

Gifted midwife - Woman delivers hundreds of children in remote community

Jamaica Gleaner News "She has delivered hundreds of children over the years and is eager for more. No, they aren't all her own, although, believe it or not, she has delivered eight of her own 12 children. Matilda Morant, 78, an untrained midwife, is considered a com-munity hero in her hometown of Harmons, south Manchester, which is miles from any hospital."

Thompson's strategy

Nation News - Home : "PROTECTION OF JOBS, stimulation of the economy and no more taxes. That was the focus of a $3 billion Budget delivered by Prime Minister David Thompson, during his two-hour, 15-minute presentation of the 2009 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly yesterday."

video-Why Sandals Wants Vendors Out....

Some independent tour operators are making suggestions about why hotels are trying to prevent them from operating on public beaches. Earlier this week, a group of private operators claimed they were being harassed by a police officer attached to a hotel in the north. According to them, the officer said the beach adjacent to Sandals was private property and so they were not allowed to operate there......

Gay men in Jamaica must lead two separate lives

Worldfocus : "It’s no secret that homophobia crosses class lines in Jamaica. From the inner cities to elite high schools, homosexuality is not accepted in Jamaican society. Pastors preach against the sin of homosexuality from the pulpit and dancehall lyrics glamorize gay killings. Mob violence and attacks against gays have earned Jamaica the mark as one of the most intolerant nations for homosexuals. And the act of sodomy is still illegal, holding a 12-year prison sentence of hard labor."

Haitians, you have a home in Dominica - Douglas

Dominica News Online "Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth Constituency Ian Douglas is calling for unity between Dominicans and Haitians. Douglas who was addressing a ceremony in Portsmouth on Sunday for the observance of the 206th Independence of Haiti and Flag Day says the Haitian community has contributed significantly to the socio economic development of the country."

Guyanese in Barbados plead for President Jagdeo’s intervention

Kaieteur News : "“I don’t know if Jagdeo has any teeth,” Barbadian-based Guyanese Guyanese nationals living in Barbados are calling on President Bharat Jagdeo to speak on behalf of his countrymen against what they described as atrocities against them by the Barbadian authorities. The call comes in the wake of a warning by Vincentian Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of a collapse of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) in the face of what he sees as discriminatory immigration policies in some territories of the regional integration bloc - CARICOM."


Nation News - Home : "TODAY IS BUDGET DAY. Prime Minister David Thompson will deliver what is expected to be an over two-hour long presentation of the 2009 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals in the House of Assembly."

Unholy fraud : "A number of clergymen here have fallen prey to fraudsters - some of them operating from right here on the island - who have hacked into their e-mail accounts and sought to swindle money from contacts listed in their address books."

Bajan fined, jailed for ganja : "A Barbados man was last week fined just over $100,000 and sentenced to three months in jail for 11 1/4 pounds of marijuana found in his luggage at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston."

Memorial for unsolved murder man

BBC NEWS "A memorial is being unveiled for a man who was killed 50 years ago in a murder that has never been solved. Kelso Cochrane, 32, a carpenter from Antigua, was killed by a group of white youths in Notting Hill Gate, west London, on 17 May 1959."

Fear and panic as Barbados regularisation deadline looms

Stabroek News : "Fear and panic have engulfed a section of the Guyanese population in Barbados as the June 1 deadline for them to turn themselves in to immigration or face deportation looms. A new policy recently announced by Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson requires Caribbean non-nationals living on the island illegally to start turning themselves in to the Immigration Department or be “removed” from December 1 this year."


(Angela Cole)‎ : "The Royal Barbados Police Force is one of the many government organizations who flounder on in desperation everyday, hoping that the next day will be better but failing utterly to address the fundamental issues of ingrained discriminatory attitudes and inherently flawed operating procedures. Customer service is non-existent, rude and inflammatory language is the norm, the public is viewed as a nuisance and the appalling self preserving rock bottom morale is utterly incomprehensible."


Nation News "BRACE YOURSELVES! This warning has come from Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley as she forecast a dismal outcome for tomorrow's Budget. Speaking at the official opening ceremony of the branch office of the St Michael South-East constituency at Mapp Hill last evening, Mottley cautioned Barbadians to prepare themselves for the worst when Prime Minister David Thompson delivers the annual Budget. 'This week is going to be historic . . . . I believe what happens this week will determine whether Barbados will end up in a four-foot hole, which we can climb out ourselves or a 20-foot hole, in which we will need help to climb out,' she said."

Police recover AK-47, revolver in East Coast Dem. raids

Kaieteur News : "Police on the East Coast of Demerara have recovered an AK-47 assault rifle and a .32 revolver during raids aimed at capturing a notorious armed robbery suspect who has been creating headaches for the law enforcement agency. However, the suspect managed to elude capture by jumping through the window of a Haslington house leaving the weapons with live matching rounds behind."

fight leaves 2-y-o wounded

The Jamaica Star "A two-year-old boy was caught in the crossfire between his parents, suffering a wound to the head when a blow, allegedly inflicted by his father, sent both him and his mother flying to the ground. The incident, which happened late last month, also left the boy's 19-year-old mother nursing injuries."

'We're burdened by bauxite' : "AS sorry as he was to see his childhood home in Broad Leaf, Manchester smashed to the ground, Andrew Smyle was eager for the new house that Jamalco promised in exchange. Now almost three years later, his eagerness has turned to anger as the father of five grapples with the sneaky suspicion that there might never be an inheritance for his children if the bauxite company does not honour the agreement."

'Dad raped us' - Sisters accuse father of years of sexual abuse

Jamaica Gleaner News "The pain of 47-year-old Brigitte Smith is poignant as she revealed to The Sunday Gleaner how her now 72-year-old father allegedly raped her from as early as age four. Here, the recollection of sustained sexual abuse is filled with details, some too graphic for publication. Smith, an accountant, said her ordeal lasted for eight years until age 12; but two of her three sisters endured much more."

Son: I saw daddy chopping my mother

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "WIPING tears from his eyes while professing that he still loved his father, 15-year-old Stephon Joseph Jackson yesterday told a High Court judge and jury, he saw his father chopping his mother outside their home at Gajadhar Lands, Princes Town, five years ago. Jackson, who was ten years old at the time of the incident, was testifying in the hand chopping trial before Justice Anthony Camona in the San Fernando High Court."

Bolt Says Car Accident Changed Him : "MANCHESTER, England (AP) — Usain Bolt says a recent car crash has forced him to reassess his life. Bolt, a three-time Olympic sprinting gold medalist, crashed his car into a ditch along a highway in Jamaica last month. He had minor surgery on his left foot after stepping on thorns while getting out of the car."

Severed Stanford employees to meet

Antigua Sun "Stanford employees who were severed in the fall-out surrounding the scandal involving Sir Allen Stanford have been called to a meeting next Tuesday. The meeting is being convened by 'a core group of employees from the Stanford group of companies in Antigua.'"


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "PETER GARCIA, the man who emerged Tuesday from hiding in the forest of Rio Claro and gave himself up to police, appeared before a magistrate yesterday charged with last year’s murder of chutney promoter Simboonath Kumar."

Husband drops dead after wife, son make court appearance

Kaieteur News : "Liloutie Seepersaud the woman, who along with her son, Arnold, allegedly dealt a severe beating on 23-year-old, Shaneeza Hartman, of Section ‘B’ D’Edward Village, West Coast Berbice, on Sunday last, reportedly attempted to flee the jurisdiction but neighbors called the police who arrested and took her to court. They were both placed on $30,000 bail, which was reduced to $25,000 each and they are scheduled to appear in the Blairmont Court on June 8. (See other story) In a strange twist of fate, her husband Seepersaud, who had an affair with the victim of the beating, suffered what is believed to be a heart attack after the court appearance by his wife and son."

Probe ordered : "THE Government has ordered a probe into the landing of a private aircraft travelling from Cuba at the Norman Manley International Airport shortly after 9:00 Thursday night, following allegations that a diplomatic pouch containing a large sum of US dollars was aboard."

Land lobby

Nation News - Home : "HOLD ON to your agricultural land despite the temptation to sell it to big-spending developers! That was the advice given to the farming community by Minister of Agriculture Senator Haynesley Benn yesterday when he expressed concern about the haste and ease with which farmers were willing to sell farm land."


Hot topics ‎(Angela Cole)‎ : "It is now blatantly apparent that serious misappropriations and miscarriages of investigative procedures are to blame for the so called final verdict given by Madam Justice, Faith Marshall Harris in pronouncing the death of Mr. I’Akobi Maloney as “Death by misadventure”. There are several salient points to be raised and many pointed questions need to be answered concerning the forensic procedures carried out and the post autopsy investigations which are yet to be revealed to the public. It is not without some concern that the forensic pathology and autopsy investigative reports, photographs and audio narrative autopsy recordings are yet to be brought before the court for analysis. Where are they? Throughout the entire court proceedings no mention of these very important and highly valued forensics analysis proceedings and recordings has been made, or presented to, the court or the family of the deceased. It is standard forensics autopsy proceedin

Roger Khan’s sentencing two months away

Kaieteur News : "Personnel from the United States Probation Department have concluded their interview of confessed Guyanese drug kingpin, Roger Khan, and are expected to present their report to the trial Judge shortly. Khan had pleaded guilty to 18 counts of trafficking in narcotics and to the 1994 gun running charges in Vermont as well as witness tampering, in exchange for a 15-year sentence in a plea bargain. It’s been two months since Khan entered the deal and it was expected that a sentencing hearing would have been held by now."

Cleaver Heights $10M mistake

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "A TEN MILLION-dollar discrepancy in the contract sum for the Cleaver Heights development project was yesterday said by Housing and Development Minister Emily Gaynor Dick-Forde to have been, in part, a mathematical mistake."

Top Cops devise gang violence template

Stabroek News : "Coming up with a template to address the social issues that contribute to chronic gang violence and twice-yearly meetings for the region’s drug enforcement heads to share intelligence, were two of the decisions taken as police commissioners ended their meeting here yesterday."

Cops go home - 223 officers made inactive as a result of suspension or interdiction

Jamaica Gleaner News "More than 200 members of the already understaffed Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are currently sidelined because of suspensions and interdictions. The cops were slapped with the punitive measures for charges stemming from breaches of the Anti-Corruption Act, assault and simple larceny, among other violations."

'It should've been Bob' : "Cultural stakeholders say that musical icon, Bob Marley, should have been on the new $5,000 bill and not former prime minister Hugh Shearer, whose impact wanes in comparison to that of the reggae legend."


Nation News - Home : "ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has lashed out at Barbados' new immigration policies regarding illegal Caribbean immigrants. He said yesterday such policies could cause the collapse of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)."

Cayman Islands charges Jamaican in fund failure : "An investment manager in the Cayman Islands has been charged in the collapse of four hedge funds based in the Caribbean offshore financial center, police said Wednesday. Robert Christopher Girvan was charged with forgery, obtaining a money transfer by deception and producing a false document, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services said in a statement. Girvan, 48, of Jamaica, made a brief appearance before a magistrate Tuesday but did not enter a plea. He was released on bail and ordered to appear back in court on May 26."

UK police in Jamaica drug cash raids

Reuters : "LONDON (Reuters) - Police arrested eight people on Thursday suspected of sending drugs money to Jamaica in an international money laundering network, Scotland Yard said. More than 100 officers arrested four men and three women in raids on five addresses in London, and picked up a further man in Cambridge."

Flu scare at Port

The Barbados Advocate : "A single member of a cruise ship, which had docked at the Bridgetown Port, was placed under strict quarantine onboard the vessel after exhibiting symptoms of influenza. The subsequent screening of all those on board from health officials slowed the activity at the port, however, the port was not closed."

Second Cruise Ship Reports Possible Swine Flu Among Crew

cruise critic : "Just a few days after two Royal Caribbean crewmembers tested positive onboard for influenza A, another possible case of H1N1 virus -- or swine flu -- has emerged. Carnival Cruise Lines spokesman Vance Gulliksen tells us today that a female crewmember on the line's 102,000-ton, 2,758-passenger Carnival Victory recently came down with flu-like symptoms, and was placed in isolation onboard the ship, per standard health protocols. At this point, it is unknown whether the H1N1 virus is present. However, when the ship arrived in Barbados this morning, information about the illness and subsequent isolation was provided to local authorities as part of the vessel's entrance and clearance paperwork. Because of this, Gulliksen says local authorities in Barbados screened all guests disembarking the vessel via a questionnaire."

Police use gangs to kill us

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "YOUNG men in Laventille claim they are now facing a new danger as the police, according to them, have now gone from harassing them to taking them to their death in areas governed by rival gangs. “They went from harassing us, to beating us, to shooting us. Now they want to carry us to areas run by rival gangs. That is a death sentence,” one young man said yesterday as he sat on a bench on a track just off Picton Road, Laventille."

East Coast prime robbery suspect strikes again

Kaieteur News : "A well known criminal on the East Coast of Demerara once again eluded capture after carrying out three separate robberies in the Enterprise area on Tuesday night. The man and his accomplice managed to make good their escape despite a massive manhunt by police and army ranks that ended early yesterday morning."

Labour Day politics? - PM agrees with PNP's concerns about choice of projects - 'Babsy' defends her decisions, says MPs responded to call

Jamaica Gleaner News "Prime Minister Bruce Golding has agreed with the Opposition People's National Party (PNP) that questions need to be asked about the decision to stage three national Labour Day projects in constituencies where government members of Parliament (MP) could face by-elections."


Nation News - "AN ALERT that a crew member of a ship in the Bridgetown Harbour might have the H1N1 virus brought work to a standstill at the Port yesterday. Scores of workers, including longshoremen, stevedores, forklift drivers and even taximen vacated the port as word circulated about the suspected case of H1N1 virus."

Flu fears hit Barbados port "CONCERNS over swine flu have impeded disembarkation of the 2,758-passenger Carnival Victory in Barbados today, but the cruise line disputed a report that the ship had been quarantined. Speaking today at the Maritime Security Council meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Barbados Port CEO Everton Walters said that he was rushing back to the island because the Carnival Victory had been quarantined and the cruise port had been closed. Carnival told a different story. In a statement sent to Fairplay today, Carnival explained that “a female crew member on the Carnival Victory exhibiting flu-like symptoms was recently placed in isolation in compliance with the cruise line’s standard health protocols. Upon the ship’s arrival in Barbados this morning, this information was provided to local authorities on the vessel’s entrance and clearance paperwork per standard practice.”"