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Barbados woman found murdered

 Stabroek News - Guyana : "Nicole Harrison-Watson, 37, was discovered dead by her brother with her hands tied, mouth taped and half-naked in her home. The former clerical officer with the Urban Development Commission had attended last night’s Vintage Reggae Show at Kensington Oval, with sources saying she had been dropped home by friends around 4 a.m."

Myrie talks of ‘cold stares’ in Barbados -- NationNews Barbados -- Local, Regional and International News -- : "JAMAICAN alleged finger-rape victim Shanique Myrie says a flood of bitter memories fell on her like a ton of bricks on her return to Barbados last week. Myrie and her attorneys, Michelle Brown and Marc Ramsay, returned to Barbados to take her case to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The court ruled that she has an answerable case and gave her 21 days to file an application to sue the Barbadian Government."

City’s 2 top dons shot dead in 48 hours

- Amandala Online : "Citizens of the old capital are still nervous tonight over repercussions they believe might erupt from the unprecedented killing of two of the city’s major gang figures — boss of the George Street gang, Shelton “Pinky” Tillett, at the hands of Taylor’s Alley gang leader, Arthur Young, according to police, and the death of Arthur Young himself, at the hands of the police." 'via Blog this'

video--Surviving the Game of Racism

Suspect charged in second murder

 Antigua Observer Newspaper : "St. John’s Antigua- Now that they have charged murder suspect Kurt “Structful” Edwards over the shooting death of Kadeem “Maxi Priest” Edwards, police have expressed satisfaction with their 100 per cent arrest rate in connection with the two murders for the year."

Electrocuted teen died of heart attack

Antigua Observer Newspaper : "St. John’s Antigua- Seventeen-year-old Xavier Jackson died of an acute cardiac failure (a heart attack), after he sustained an electrical shock on Monday outside a snackette in Swetes. A government pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Thursday said the cardiac failure was due to electrocution."

Man injured in shooting

Gazette Online  "A man has been injured in a shooting incident this morning, police said. A Police spokeswoman said in a statement: "Around 2.45am on Friday April 6, police responded to reports of gunshots in the area of Somerset Cricket Club in Sandys. Officers arrived on scene and conducted an investigation immediately."

Death on job : "For the second straight year, tragedy struck on Maundy Thursday – the day before Good Friday – claiming the life of one man and leaving another fighting for his."

Almond shock : "EMPLOYEES AND SHAREHOLDERS yesterday reacted with shock to news of the impending closure of Almond Beach Village at monthend, which puts more than 500 workers out of work."