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Financier Stanford offers self to feds; no thanks, they say

Houston Chronicle : "R. Allen Stanford gave himself up to prove he hasn’t given up. Stanford and lawyer Dick DeGuerin marched the few downtown blocks from DeGuerin’s office to the federal courthouse today to “surrender” Stanford to federal authorities even though there was no warrant for his arrest and he hasn’t been charged with any crimes. Stanford, chairman of an international banking and financial services network called Stanford Financial Group, does face a civil fraud complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against him, his companies and two other executives. “We want to surrender him into custody,” DeGuerin told the woman behind the glass at the U.S. Marshal’s office on the10th floor. Stanford stood nearby, his company insignia eagle pin on his lapel. “We’re doing this to show he’s not running,” said DeGuerin. “He’ll face whatever they’ve got for him.”"

Portsmouth man still not found

Dominica News Online "Deroche believed to be in his sixties, went out to sea Sunday, and has not returned since. Police Inspector responsible for the Coast Guard Base Mervin Pendenque, says while there have been no signs of the individual, coast guard officials are hopeful they will bring closure to the incident. “So far we have not found anything. Also, we are in contact with Puerto Rico, who also decided to assist us in whatever way that they can. We have two areas—the French who is responsible for one sector, and Puerto Rico is responsible for the other,” Pendenque said."

Minister of Health Says Jamaica on High Alert for Swine Fever

Jamaica Information Service : "Minister of Health, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, has said that the current Swine Influenza epidemic has serious implications for the Jamaican economy and, in response the country has been placed on 'high alert'. He said that, the Ministry has 'scaled-up' surveillance activities at health care facilities and ports of entry, health sector workers have been alerted to ensure early detection and anti-virals, which have been found to reduce the severity of the disease, have been stocked to initiate treatment."

Leah’s disappearance linked to serial killing

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "A 27-YEAR-OLD woman of Felicity, who police believe is one half of a couple who kidnapped and killed several young females in central Trinidad was arrested at her home yesterday and a quantity of jewelry seized. The police are saying the woman, a store clerk, was detained late yesterday after police searched former Caroni (1975) Ltd cane fields in Warrenville and Felicity for the remains of missing schoolgirl Leah Lammy and kidnap victim Sally Lobai."

Bodies everywhere

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : "The body count rose again yesterday, with reports early in the morning that police shot dead two gang leaders in Diego Martin and a man had been found hanging in a cell at the Central Police Station in Port-of-Spain. By late evening, a woman’s body was found in bushes near the St Ann’s River."

Guyana advises against travel to Mexico : "AP) — GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) ? Guyana is urging people not to travel to Mexico or the southern border of the United States unless it is 'absolutely necessary.' Health Minister Leslie Ramsammy says people also should avoid crowded areas in Mexico or any other countries that have confirmed cases of swine flu. He said Thursday the government is stocking up on Tamiflu and other medicine to be prepared in case of an outbreak in the South American country."

Sports Business Lifestyles Committee formed to probe EMR sex abuse allegations

The Nassau Guardian : "Parliamentarians pushed aside their political differences yesterday and agreed to the formation of a select committee to investigate allegations of sexual abuse at Eight Mile Rock High School in Grand Bahama. The allegations that sparked recent public discussion were made by a former male student against a foreign male teacher who has since fled the jurisdiction."

Agustus may have been murdered

The Bermuda Sun "The body of a man killed in a blaze in a derelict house has been identified and police are treating the tragedy as murder. St. Claire McDonald Agustus, 55, was found following a structural fire in Washington Street, Pembroke, on April 6. A police spokesman said: 'Police and fire investigators conducted an examination of the scene and the cause of death was deemed to be suspicious. 'A murder investigation was commenced immediately.'"


Nation News - Home : "BARBADOS HAS BEEN PLACED on a swine flu virus alert. Minister of Health Donville Inniss yesterday confirmed that at least two local samples had been sent off to the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) in Trinidad and Tobago to be tested for the virus."

Bolt: I'm OK : "WORLD 100 and 200-metre record holder Usain Bolt outran serious injury and possibly death yesterday but wrote off his $15.3-million 2009 BMW M3 Coupe on the Vineyard Toll section of Highway 2000 in St Catherine."

Jamaica's Bolt released from hospital :: News

Go Jamaica "Olympic Triple gold medalist Usain Bolt has been released from hospital with minor injuries after his Highway 2000 road traffic crash. The accident happened about 2 p.m. Bolt along with a female passenger, believed to be his girlfriend, received minor injuries. They were both taken to the Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine where they were treated and released."

Mom with flu-like symptoms dies

Trinidad Express "A fearful family may know today how young mother Lisa Ramroop, who was suffering from flu-like symptoms, suddenly died at her home on Monday. An autopsy will be performed on Ramroop's body at the mortuary of the San Fernando General Hospital. Ramroop, 33, died at her San Francique Road, Penal home on Monday, after suffering with symptoms similar to influenza-loss of appetite and a high fever."

Police investigate thwarted kidnapping of Hon. Perdomo’s daughter, and relatives

Amandala Online : "Police are investigating a foiled kidnapping attempt made today on the daughter and nieces of Minister of National Security, Hon. Carlos Perdomo. While relatives declined comment to Amandala when we contacted them this evening, our newspaper is reliably informed that there was an attempt at a Northside high school earlier today by a man in a van to kidnap the daughter of Minister Perdomo, reportedly mistaken for her cousin."

rade vessel sinks at St. Kitts port : "BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - A shipping vessel preparing for a standard voyage between St. Kitts and Nevis sank earlier today (Apr. 29) after being partially loaded with its cargo of sand. The Dominica-registered M.V. BoII was scheduled to haul six trucks filled with sand from St. Kitts to Nevis. However, around 1:10 p.m. today the vessel began to take in water after loading the fifth truck and quickly sank until it settled on the shallow bottom of the St. Kitts shipping port."

A plea to stop slaughtering turtles

Dominica News Online "The Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division is appealing to Dominicans particularly to residents of the southeast, northeast, and west coast areas of Dominica to stop the “wanton slaughter of sea turtles engaged in nesting activities on the beaches of Dominica”. Based on reports from the field staff and interactions with the said communities, the Forestry and Wildlife says a total of 11 leatherback sea turtles have been slaughtered on the beaches in La Plaine in particular, and another 10 leatherback turtles were killed on the north east coast in the area of Woodford Hill."

Cuba keeps an eye on Swine flu

Cuba keeps an eye on Swine flu : "Havana, April 29 (IANS) Cuba is closely monitoring the outbreak of swine flu that has caused over 100 deaths in Mexico and spread to the US and several European countries, Cuban Health Minister Luis Estruch has said. Health officials in Cuba were monitoring the situation and planning actions to face any such emergency, Estruch said, stressing that there has not been a single case reported so far in the Caribbean island, Cuban news agency Prensa Latina reported Wednesday."

Tax protests : "POLICE and soldiers were kept busy yesterday clearing roadblocks mounted in the Corporate Area and St Catherine in protest against the new tax package, especially the $8.75 cess on each litre of gasoline, imposed by the Government last week. Police in the St Andrew South Police Division found themselves with a second problem on their hands yesterday - the murders of three men - in addition to responding to several violent protests in sections of that division."

Grants Pen family hurting from gas riots killing

Jamaica Gleaner News "LAST WEEK, on the 10th anniversary of the infamous gas riots in Jamaica, Prime Minister Bruce Golding braced himself for public outrage at another Government plan to increase fuel prices. For a family in Grants Pen, St Andrew, the event revived tragic memories. On April 20, 1999, Brenda Duncan was controversially killed at the intersection of Grants Pen Drive and Lady Huggins Avenue. Police at the time said she was among a group of persons who attempted to loot a store at that location."

Can SAUTT lay charges?

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "TWO men have appeared in a Port-of-Spain court for last Tuesday’s triple homicide at Factory Road, Diego Martin, but it is unclear if the charges were legally filed. This is because the charges were laid by officers attached to the Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago (SAUTT) and a defence attorney, representing one of the two men, questioned if they had the authority to do so when the case came up before a Port-of-Spain magistrate yesterday."

Reflect on our heroes, says PM

Nation News - Home : "BARBADIANS have been told to use Heroes' Day as a time for reflection on the great achievements not only of our National Heroes but other Barbadians who have contributed to greatly to the island. That advice came from Prime Minister David Thompson as he addressed the opening of a Heroes' Day sports event at Gall Hill playing complex in St John, his constituency."

Ramlal, McLean charged in alleged adoption fraud

Stabroek News "Supreme Court Registrar Evelyn Sita Ramlal and Norman McLean, a retired chief of staff of the army, were yesterday charged with four counts of conspiracy to defraud when they appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court and were granted bail totalling $850,000."

Boy 12 killed by 15 bullets

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "AFTER being stalked and threatened by a 19-year-old since last September, 12-year-old schoolboy Adrian Richards was on Sunday night chased and cornered in an abandoned house and shot 15 times, a stone’s throw from his Old St Joseph Road, Laventille home. And while Richards’ death has plunged his family, schoolmates and friends into mourning, police were busy following up several leads as they try to make a breakthrough in the murder."

The Anatomy of an Alleged Fraud

The Anatomy of an Alleged Fraud : "The SEC hasn’t yet charged Allen Stanford with a crime, but it would seem the regulator is getting much closer, especially after the mountain of damning findings that the court appointed receiver, Ralph Janvey, filed in a Dallas court Friday. The court filing includes revealing details about how the Stanford companies operated. For starters, the company had locations in 100 different places around the world and more than 200 different accounting systems, most of which didn’t report centrally. “In contrast to a conventional multi-tiered corporate structure, the stock of almost half of these entities was owned directly by Allen Stanford,” reads the report. And “rather than through a central holding company … the structure was seemingly designed to obfuscate holdings and transfers of cash and assets.”"

15 Customs Officers slapped with 202 charges

Kaieteur News : "A whopping 202 charges have been leveled against 15 of the Customs Officers attached to the Guyana Revenue Authority for their alleged involvement in the imbroglio surrounding Polar Beer that was imported by Fidelity Investment/Kong Inc. Attorney at law Glenn Hanoman will be defending five of the 15 officers who are to appear in court today. According to the lawyer the charges range from conspiracy to defraud the Guyana Revenue Authority to fraudulent conversion. He said, however, that the funny thing about the conspiracy charge in relation to the Guyana Revenue Authority is that no one from Fidelity has been charged."

Vryheid’s Lust man stabbed to death

Stabroek News "Earl France, 24, of Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara died yesterday afternoon shortly after he sustained a single stab wound to the left side in the region of his heart. Police in a press statement issued last evening said they are investigating the murder of France which occurred shortly after 3 pm at Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt."

High alert - Government of Jamaica says prepared for swine-flu threat

Jamaica Gleaner News "With the current swine-flu outbreak, which has seen hundreds of people infected in Mexico, the United States and other countries, close to becoming a pandemic, the Ministry of Health has urged persons with flu-like symptoms to stay at home and consult a doctor immediately. At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture is on high alert and has heightened its surveillance of the local swine population, and urged veterinarians, pig farmers and animal health technicians to increase their vigilance and notify the Veterinary Services Division of any unexplained illnesses in swine."

$3-b blunder! : "BOTH the ministries of finance and health are blaming each other for a major cock-up that has led to an unaffordable $3-billion reclassification agreement with registered nurses that has set the Government on a collision course with doctors. Highly placed Observer sources said the June 2007 reclassification, in some cases, put junior nurses on par with junior doctors and is being frowned on by the doctors."


Nation News "BARBADOS HAS STEPPED UP surveillance at its ports of entry to keep swine flu out. The Ministry of Health has also advised Barbadians to take the necessary precautions against contracting the disease or spreading it. Officials also said say Barbados' important pork industry is not under any threat from an outbreak that so far seems to have no connection with pigs and there were no plans for banning imports of pork and pork products."

Barbados on alert!

The Barbados Advocate : "BARBADOS is on high alert for swine flu! While there were no known cases here up to yesterday afternoon, health authorities announced the implementation of a national action plan to mitigate the deadly virus that has claimed several lives in Mexico and spread to other countries including two of Barbados’ key tourist markets – the United States and Canada. Officials were also monitoring the situation with two local sports teams – football and polo – who are set to return from Mexico “in the near future”, indicating they would have to report to port health officials on their arrival back home."

Dominica and the next General Elections

The "The upcoming General elections in Dominica will probably not be the same as the last one. There is an outside chance that the elections may have a different outcome. It is not certain that the ruling Labour party will emerge as victors in spite of PM Skerrit’s big money and big billboards. I am sure Mr. Skerrit and his handlers will also appeal to our women again with using the dimple smile advertisement."

CLICO Guyana presses claim

The Freeport News "NASSAU — As court-appointed liquidator Craig 'Tony' Gomez continues his work, the government of Guyana is pressing ahead with its challenge against his classification of a $34 million investment in CLICO Bah-amas by CLICO Guyana as a 'related party' loan. The Guyanese government has now hired attorney John Wilson of McKinney Ban-croft & Hughes to fight the liquidator on the matter."

Jamaica may ban pork imports from U.S.,

Reuters : "KINGSTON, April 27 (Reuters) - Jamaica may if necessary ban the import of pork and live swine from the United States and Canada to prevent the deadly new swine flu from entering the Caribbean island, an official said on Monday. 'There is no ban yet but we are monitoring the situation,' said Dr. Osbil Watson, director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries' veterinary services division."

Victims lured to their deaths? : "Police yesterday suggested that the triple murders at Sundown Crescent off the Molynes Road in Kingston were carried out by persons who lured the victims to the location. Fabian Smith, 25, Richard Harding, 28, taxi operator otherwise called 'Fissy', and Natalie Bloomfield, 31 - all of Rose Town, Kingston addresses - were shot and killed Saturday by gunmen, police said."

Soldiers disarmed - JDF fêtes children from Mustard Seed Communities at Up Park Camp

Jamaica Gleaner News "Soldiers from the Jamaica Defence Force laid down their arms on the weekend to fête disabled and disadvantaged children from the Mustard Seed Communities. The lean, mean, fighting machines from the nation's army were easily disarmed by the loveable children. An entire battalion was no match for the 30 children originally from Martha's House, a Mustard Seed charity on North Street in central Kingston."

Corbin hospitalised after suspected heart attack

Kaieteur News : "Rumours flowed around the city yesterday after People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Leader, Robert Corbin, was admitted a patient at the Woodlands Hospital. Reports are that Corbin was driving himself to a meeting yesterday when he began feeling unwell. This newspaper was informed that the Opposition Leader drove directly to the Woodlands Hospital with a suspected heart attack."

Jamaica's next sprint superstar?

Philadelphia Inquirer "The spirited Friday morning talk in the color-splashed Jamaican sector of Franklin Field's north grandstands had been all about whether Olympic hero Usain Bolt would be in Philadelphia this weekend. Then suddenly, as a heat of the Penn Relays' boys' small-school 4x100 drew near, the conversation stopped. The men and women in green-and-gold T-shirts, jackets and hats rose in unison, as if they'd just heard the first notes of their island nation's anthem. 'Where is Nickel?' whispered a man whose prodigious dreadlocks were piled beneath a knit cap."

Dunce defense: The Stanford explanation sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Editorial | - Houston Chronicle : "There’s little to praise in the conduct of New York’s confessed mega-Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. But you can say that he owned up to bilking billions of dollars from investor victims that included educational institutions and charitable foundations. At least Madoff didn’t insult everyone’s intelligence by adopting the weepy, whiny professions of ignorance about financial malfeasance and concern for devastated employees so routinely uttered these days by CEOs caught with their financial pants down. The “I know nothing about how my company runs” line was on prime display this past week with a well-orchestrated performance by 59-year-old R. Allen Stanford for reporters at the office of Houston attorney Dick DeGuerin. Stanford, a quirky Mexia native who built a massive and secretive investment empire based on the Caribbean island of Antigua, is accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of lying to investors in offering improbably


The Jamaica Star "A man, who reportedly held his girlfriend hostage inside their home and had sexual intercourse with her against her will, was taken before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Thursday. The 27-year-old man, who lives in England, but came here to live with his girlfriend, is facing charges of rape and abduction."

PNCR: Enough conclusive evidence for Roger Khan probe

Stabroek News "The PNCR says there is enough conclusive evidence in the public domain to warrant an investigation into the activities of confessed drug trafficker Roger Khan. “Court records from Khan’s preliminary hearing into charges made against him for trafficking in cocaine to the United States have detailed the criminal and illegal activities of Roger Khan,” the party said at its press conference last week."

How gov't lost $25b : "PUBLIC sector self-financing bodies collectively lost more than $15 billion during the last fiscal year that ended March 31, according to financial data for 54 of 150 active public bodies. What's more, losses could tally as high as $25 billion if the financial losses of Air Jamaica and Sugar Company of Jamaica (SCJ) are considered. The estimates of revenue and expenditure tabled last week did not include the financial statements of those loss leaders."

WARNING IGNORED! Despite airport-security audit prior to attempted hijacking, Jamaican authorities failed to plug loopholes

Jamaica Gleaner News "THE CRACKS and weaknesses in the security systems at the island's two international airports were identified long before 21-year-old Stephen Fray armed himself with a gun, walked through the critical checkpoints and attempted to hijack a CanJet aircraft at the Sangster International Airport, St James, a week ago."


Nation News "COMMISSIONER OF POLICE Darwin Dottin says he's willing to meet with the Rastafarian community to discuss any problems the group might be facing. But he wants them and Barbados alike to know that the Royal Barbados Police Force does not engage in singling out any particular group, regardless of race, colour or creed."

Girl, 3, mauled

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "A THREE-YEAR-OLD Marabella girl is very lucky to be alive after she was mauled by a pitbull while she and her mother were visiting relatives on Thursday evening. Natalia Jones of Sooknanan Street is the second child to be mauled this year. According to police, Natalia and her mother Audrey Warner were visiting relatives in Bayshore, Marabella at about 3.45 pm when she wandered out of the house and with other children from the area, went in the yard of a neighbour’s house, where the pitbull was tied to a post."

JPS escapes gas tax - Cooking gas, bauxite industry also exempt from gas-tax increase

Jamaica Gleaner News "Customers of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) should not see any increase in the fuel component of their energy bill despite the increase in the special-consumption tax (SCT) on fuel. In addition, electricity bills, like water bills, will also remain exempt from general-consumption tax (GCT)."

Cops remain on alert despite calm after budget : "DESPITE calm across the island yesterday in the aftermath of Thursday's announcement of increased taxes, the police say they are still on alert for any outbreak of civil unrest. Finance Minister Audley Shaw, in opening the 2009/10 budget debate in the House of representatives, announced an $18-billion tax package which included a gas tax of $8.75 per litre of petrol which would see the state raking in an estimated $13.3 billion. The gas tax will take effect on Monday."

Rastas' cry out

Nation News - Home : "That was the clear battle-cry from the Rastafarian community yesterday, moments after Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris determined that the former Barbados Exhibition winner I'Akobi Maloney, had died by misadventure last year. Tension reached fever-pitch in the small courtyard of the Coroner's Court on Roebuck Street at 5 p.m., when grieving mother Marguerita Maloney exited the court, raised her hands in the air, shouted 'misadventure' then crumpled to the ground before berating a number of police officers regarding their conduct when I'Akobi died on June 17 last year at Landlock, St Lucy."

“Officers I am sorry about what I did to my girlfriend, but I do love her”

Dominica News Online TORTOLA, BVI - “This is the worst allegation of domestic violence that I have ever heard,” Magistrate Valerie Stephens told Ovel Mathew, the 23-year-old construction worker from Dominica, who was arrested for beating his girlfriend in public Tuesday. Mathew has been charged with attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm, two counts of criminal damage, two counts of reckless and negligent act, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Five of the offenses are indictable."

Caribbean islands report steep decline in tourism : "Anguilla took the worst hit with a decline of 18.8%, according to CTO statistics. Tourist traffic fell 14.3% in Antigua, 13.7% in St. Lucia, 11.6% in Montserrat and 11.3% in the Cayman Islands. Griffith said small islands may be struggling the most in part because airlines have been eliminating flights within the region."

Cricket's tarnished tycoon is left 'living on charity'

The Independent : "When the FBI finally caught up with Allen Stanford, the cricket-loving billionaire, to serve fraud charges on him, they found the larger-than-life Texan in the incongruous surroundings of Fredericksburg, Virginia, a sleepy commuter town close to the nation's capital. He had taken refuge at the family home of his 30-year-old fiancée, Andrea Stoelker, a modest town house that was a far cry from the mansions and castles of his privileged life further south."

$18b more in taxes : "AN $8.75 per litre tax on petrol, along with a slate of tax measures unveiled in Parliament yesterday, is expected to bring in $18.131 billion more to the Government, closing a hole in the budget. Yesterday, Finance Minister Audley Shaw presented the measures along with a revised budget which showed $8 billion more than was tabled on April 7 or $555 billion, mostly related to $7.6 billion that was tacked on to the finance ministry's 'unclassified fund'."

Shaw brings down the House

Jamaica Gleaner News "If Finance Minister Audley Shaw's presentation was like a performance during a concert, he got two thumbs up from visitors in the gallery. Shaw took centre stage yesterday as he presented his second Budget and, from the beginning, he seemed to have found favour with them."

Sophia woman critical after slashed by reputed husband

Stabroek News "A 22-year-old mother of two was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) early yesterday morning after she was slashed in the abdomen, by her reputed husband. Yolanda Brummell of Lot 1210 ‘B’ Field Sophia was rushed to the GPH at approximately 4.15 am, bleeding profusely from a wound to her abdomen. She was later admitted to the ICU where she remained up to last evening in a critical condition. Her reputed husband is on the run."

Taxi dispatcher shot on D’Urban St by bandit

Stabroek News "A teenage taxi service dispatcher was shot in the neck after two bandits pounced on him and his driver on D’Urban Street last night. Emmett Sauers, 18, of A Field, Sophia and an employee of C&J Express taxi service, was last night being treated by doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital and is in a stable condition, relatives said."

Economic deceleration

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams yesterday painted a grim picture of the economy stressing that all indicators point to a deceleration, with zero to one percent growth in gross domestic product (GDP) expected for 2009."

Sunway/Hart fax

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "A FAX number which appeared on the correspondence of a Malaysian company that was awarded a $368 million Udecott contract is not only the personal fax number of Udecott executive chairman Calder Hart, but also the number of the fax-machine installed in Hart’s Cascade home."


Trinidad Express "No economic growth and more job losses this year. These are the projections of the Central Bank as Trinidad and Tobago emerges as one of the casualties of the global financial meltdown."

Scientists exit mouldy lab

Nation News - Home : "SEVERAL LEAKS and a build-up of mould in the roof at Government's Forensic Sciences Centre in Collymore Rock, St Michael, have forced the suspension of scientific work and relocation of a number of employees."

Former CLICO staff members considering legal action

The Freeport News "After waiting more than a week, some of the more than 100 terminated CLICO Bahamas employees are considering suing the liquidator, the company and the government, The Nassau Guardian has learned. The employees are concerned that after being let go last week, they have still not received termination letters and have no idea what severance they are owed. Some members of the group claimed that the liquidator promised to provide answers to their questions days ago."

Former guard used forged certificate to be a cop

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : : : "A former security guard at the Ministry of National Security is expected to do community service after pleading guilty to using a forged Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) certificate to get into the TT Police Service. Shervon Cootoy, 26, yesterday pleaded “guilty” to two charges of uttering a false document before Magistrate Gillian David in the Port-of-Spain Eighth Court."

PAHO representatives say homophobia fuels HIV PANDEMIC

SUN St.Kitts & Nevis : "Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean PAHO/WHO representative Dr. Gina Watson, is of the firm belief that homophobia is fuelling the HIV pandemic since individuals with sexual differences operate in covert isolation. Dr. Watson gave her opinion in an interview for an OECS health magazine publication. The PAHO representative said there is still some significant amount of discrimination and stigma attached to individuals who are engaged in same sex relationships. “We continue to see that men who have sex with men, women who have sex with women and transgender people are all too often, even in this new age, are still faced with stigma, discrimination and violence which is a very sad situation,” Dr. Watson said."

PM puts nation on alert : "PRIME Minister Bruce Golding last night sought to put the country on alert against disturbances, in anticipation of tax increases expected to be announced by Finance Minister Audley Shaw, who opens the 2009/2010 budget today. Shaw goes to parliament to tell the nation how the Government intends to finance the $574.74 million budget tabled on April 7, and he will also say how the administration plans to plug the gaping hole in the national finances, in the face of a biting world economic recession."

Traumatised woman unable to sit exam

Jamaica Gleaner News "She was scheduled to sit an exam Tuesday morning, but the memories of Monday night's bloody shooting incident in Seaview Gardens, St Andrew, were too much for 26-year-old Latoya Berry. Her heart was continuing to pound heavily in reaction to finding out that her child's father had been shot several times, controversially, by members of the security forces. An emotional Berry was in no shape to sit the exam, so the school authorities had no choice but to call in a counsellor to assist her."

'Pregnant' Mega 6 ad draws fire

Nation News : "THAT 'MEGA 6' lottery ad showing a very happy, young, pregnant woman with her abdomen exposed is under some fire. Minister of Family, Youth and Sports Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo said yesterday that she abhorred the ad. Acting director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs, John Hollingsworth, called it 'a gross violation of the human rights of women'."

Caribbean At Risk Of Tsunami, Disaster Experts Warn

SmallShop Science : "Up to 30,000 residents and tourists could be under threat from a newly discovered tsunami risk in the Caribbean, according to experts in disaster risk management. The heavily populated coast of Guadeloupe will have little warning if a tsunami is triggered by the collapse of a volcano on the nearby island of Dominica.'"

With jet crisis past, woman keen to visit Jamaica again : "Brenda Bond, one of the 157 passengers aboard CanJet Flight 918 when a gunman tried to hijack it, can’t wait to get back to Jamaica. The laid-back Kennetcook resident figures the statistics are on her side and Sunday night’s run-in with danger was her fair share. 'We fly every year and as long as there is snow in Nova Scotia, we’re going to keep flying.'"

Unarmed Jamaican guards 'reacted properly' to hijacker: airport

Unarmed Jamaican guards 'reacted properly' to hijacker: airport : "A Jamaican airport is defending the actions of unarmed security guards who let a gunman board a CanJet plane over the weekend, in the airport operator's preliminary investigation into the foiled hijacking. Questions have been raised over how the gunman managed to force his way through security at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay on Sunday and board a Boeing 737 with 159 Canadian passengers and six crew members on board."

video--The police are preparing to charge Alan McMillan Dupre

St.Lucia;The police are preparing to charge Alan McMillan Dupre for causing the death of four people as a result of a vehicular collision on Easter Sunday. Since the incident, the young man has been charged for driving without a valid license. Law enforcement is explaining that they had to wait until the autopsy was conducted on the bodies of the victims before charging the 28 year old for causing the incident.

Canada police helps Jamaica with hijack probe

Go Jamaica "Canadian authorities are helping Jamaican police investigators probing Sunday night’s hijacking of a CanJet chartered flight in Montego Bay St James. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been talking with the crew members who were held hostage in an eight hour stand-off aboard the Canadian-bound flight."


Nation News "CORPORAL PUNISHMENT is nothing short of an inability to find creative solutions to discipline young people in schools and homes. Minister of Education Ronald Jones flogged the issue yesterday as he was responding to queries on the subject of alternatives to corporal punishment."

Three killed, two critical

| The Trinidad Guardian : "After a gangland style shooting attack, which resulted in the deaths of three young men—among them two teenagers—scores of concerned residents are demanding that a permanent army camp be set up in the area. Two others have been critically injured in the attack which took place on Factory Road, Diego Martin, outside a factory on the industrial estate."

4 gunned down

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "Mere days after security restrictions for the Summit of the Americas were lifted, the scourge of murders returned as four men were killed in separate shootings in Port-of-Spain and Diego Martin yesterday. One shooting, which resulted in the deaths of three men, took place outside a plastics factory owned by businessman Robert Scoon, the husband of Foreign Affairs Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon. In the second case, a man was shot dead at an apartment building."

Homosexual, teen lover to face buggery charges

Kaieteur News : "The Director of Public Prosecutions has recommended that a homosexual male and 15-year-old boy be charged with buggery. The two were arrested on March 29, last, when police raided a house at Victoria, East Coast Demerara. A source close to the investigations told this newspaper that the fact that they both admitted to engaging in sexual activities was what swayed the decision to institute the charge."

Gunman terrorises magistrate, wife during robbery

Stabroek News "Magistrate Nigel Hawke was tied, gagged and left on his bathroom floor early yesterday morning as a robber armed with an AK-47 reigned terror in his Non Pariel home for approximately 45 minutes. As the magistrate struggled to free hands tightly bound behind his back, the bandit escorted his wife, Attorney-at-law Donelle Hawke, around their home in search of cash, jewellery and other valuables."

'Thank God'

' : "MONTEGO BAY, St James - Looking decidedly strained from the harrowing experience of his son, Stephen, hijacking a CanJet charter flight destined for Halifax, Canada on Sunday night, Earl Fray yesterday told the Observer that he is remaining strong with the help of God. 'I am giving God thanks for standing strong but I can't give anymore information. I can't give anymore comment,' he insisted outside his home in Albion, St James."

Sunday's hijack not Jamaica's first : "Sunday night's failed plane hijack by Montegonian Stephen Fray was not the first such attempt in Jamaica. Thirty-five years ago, a Cuban refugee, 17-year-old Rodabaldo Sabon Sanchez, tried to commandeer an Air Jamaica DC-9 aircraft at the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) in Kingston."

Video...Ninja Dan says he is innocent

The silence of accused murderer Jonathan ninja dan saint rose has been broken. The former Caribbean soca monarch says he is innocent of the charges laid against him by the state. He also comments on a number of other issues including public reaction to his arrest and his time behind bars. St. Rose has been imprisoned since February 14th.

Sir Allen lashes out; claims CFO betrayed his trust

Antigua Sun : "Businessman, Sir R. Allen Stanford, in interviews conducted yesterday, stated that regulators are lying when they claim he defrauded thousands of investors. He continued that if any of the allegations are deemed true, his Chief Financial Officer, James Davis, is to blame. “The investment and risk committee reported to Jim Davis, not to me,” he said. “The Stanford International Bank quarterly report was produced in Tupelo, Mississippi, under Davis’s direction and signed off by him. I trusted his integrity.” Davis’ lawyer, David Finn, claims that his client was the one duped by Sir Allen and that Davis has been co-operating with prosecutors."

The great escape from Flight 918

Jamaica Gleaner News 2009 : "ALL APPEARED normal Sunday evening, according to one passenger who boarded CanJet Flight 918 only moments before the hijacker. Canadian resident, Morris Gallant, was heading back home when he entered the aeroplane directly in front of hijacker, Stephen Fray."

Prince Lara meets President Obama

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "The “Prince of Port-of-Spain” Brian Lara gave United States President Barack Obama a free batting lesson at the newly re-named Obama Terrace, Hilton Trinidad, St Ann’s, on Sunday . Obama, who was in Trinidad for the recently concluded Fifth Summit of the Americas, met the world record holder for highest cricket Test score (400 not out) and the pair shared a few laughs before Lara presented the US President with an autographed cricket bat."

What did TT get for spending $1.5B?

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "THEY may be divided on issues of party politics, but both UNC political leader Basdeo Panday and his one-time Chief Whip, Tabaquite MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, were united in their criticism of the recently concluded Fifth Summit of the Americas with both men describing the Summit as a billion dollar “talk shop”."


Trinidad Express "The Government has agreed to pump in $315 million (US$50 million) to rescue struggling subsidiary companies of CL Financial to protect insurance policyholders in smaller Caribbean countries. It follows an initial $1 billion injected into the local financial system by the State to pay depositors, pension and medical plans of the failed CL Financial subsidiary CLICO Investment Bank and CLICO, the country's largest insurance company."

Sandals offers one-week holiday to CanJet passengers, crew : "MONTEGO BAY, St James - Sandals Resorts International yesterday offered a one-week all expense paid vacation to the 159 passengers and eight crew members of the CanJet airline that was hijacked at the Sangster International Airport Sunday night. The gesture was announced by Sandals CEO Adam Stewart during a visit to the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in this resort city where some of the passengers and crew were being housed, following the ordeal."

'His eyes looked glossy' : "MONTEGO BAY, St James - Passengers freed from CanJet flight 918 yesterday said hijacker Stephen Fray had a glazed look in his eyes as he held a gun to the head of at least two people, demanded money and to be taken first to the USA, then to another destination."

Never again - Golding orders hijacking probe - Government of Jamaica tackles airport security

Jamaica Gleaner News "Prime Minister Bruce Golding says a repeat of Sunday night's hijacking of a Canadian charter flight at the Sangster International Airport is not likely as the Government takes on a more integral role in airport security. Owing to the fact the Montego Bay-based airport is privately run, governments over the years have not been actively involved in the facility's day-to-day operation, in particular security, and on many occasions, only a few police personnel are on duty at the police post."

AK-47 bandit invades Magistrate’s home

Kaieteur News : "The police have intensified their hunt for a suspect who is well known to them following the daring early morning robbery at the Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara home of Magistrate Nigel Hawke, early yesterday morning. The man who was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle entered the home of the Magistrate, tied him up and after a scuffle with Hawke’s wife, attorney at law Donette Hawke, escaped with a laptop computer, a digital camera, two cell phones and about $400,000 in cash and jewellery."


Nation News "BARBADOS' PUBLIC SECTOR has come in for a severe tongue-lashing. And despite years of talk of reform, Minister of Health Donville Inniss says the situation has become vexatious and a source of frustration. Describing the pace of a lot of the work in the public service as 'frightfully slow', Inniss told the DAILY NATION he wanted to be 'brutally frank' about a topic that not many people were prepared to speak about publicly."

Hostage Standoff Ends in Jamaica : "OTTAWA — The Jamaican police said Monday that they had custody of an armed man who had held a Canadian airliner and its crew hostage in Montego Bay, Jamaica on Monday, ending a 8-hour standoff in which no one was injured. The gunman, described as a “mentally challenged youngster” of about 20 years old, had demanded to be taken to Cuba, the scheduled next stop of the flight, Daryl Vaz, the Jamaican information minister said."

Jamaican Gunman Releases Airplane Passengers

VOA News "Jamaican officials say all passengers have been released by a gunman who was holding them hostage on a CanJet airliner at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Authorities say five crew members for the charter flight to Halifax, Canada - the first officer and four flight attendants - are still being held." More...

Barack charms Latin leaders

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "Honduran President Jose Zelaya said when the Heads of State convened for the Fifth Summit of the Americas which was held over the past three days, it was expected that there would be verbal confrontation, and that socialist and capitalist policies would be at odds, especially on the issue of the United States lifting its trade embargo against Cuba. Instead, he said, the leaders had “useful, respectful dialogue” where they were able to speak out about Cuba."

Leaders to embrace Cuba

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : : : "PRIME Minister Patrick Manning yesterday said “all countries without exception” at the Fifth Summit of the Americas want Cuba to rejoin the region, as praise poured in for the cordiality with which the talks had been held."

Hijacker identified

Go Jamaica :: News : "The gunman who hijacked the chartered Canadian-bound CanJet flight at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, St James earlier tonight has now released all 140 passengers he had held hostage. But the crew is still aboard being held at gunpoint. Meanwhile, the hijacker has been identified as a man believed to be in his 20s from a Montego Bay community. However, his name is being withheld. Shots were fired aboard the aircraft, but no one was injured." An armed man has hijacked a plane at Sangster International Airport in the Jamaican resort of Montego Bay. The hijacker has taking five crewmembers hostage; all 169 passengers were allowed to leave the plane. The man reportedly pulled a gun soon after the passengers boarded the CanJet charter flight. Local media report a shot was fired during the hijacking, but no one was injured. The authorities are negotiating with the hijacker.

Gov't mulls gas tax : "THE Government is seriously considering a cess on gasoline in an effort to close the budget gap, a highly placed source in the ruling Jamaica Labour Party confirmed to the Observer at the weekend. But the administration, fearful that any such cess will ignite public protest, is apparently preparing a strategy to try to convince Jamaicans that money raised from the tax will be used to repair roads and other vital infrastructure."

Guyana unfairly painted as human trafficking haven

Kaieteur News : "Guyana is a victim of unfair representation by certain international agencies. One of the agencies that unfairly represented Guyana happens to be the United Nations. President Bharrat Jagdeo made this disclosure when he briefed the media at the Hyatt Regency in Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday, following his meeting with United States President, Barrack Obama."


Nation News - Barbados "INTENSE EFFORTS are on to avert threatened industrial action by doctors working across the island. Minister of Health Donville Inniss promised yesterday that his ministry would do 'all in its power' to solve problems causing doctors to threaten industrial action."

video-Summit of the Americas;Obama admits U. S. policy toward Cuba has 'failed'

Obama: U.S. policy with Cuba has not worked April 19: President Obama explains his current position with regard to improving U.S. relations with Cuba while stressing that policies will not change overnight. U. S. President Barack Obama called for a new era in relations with Cuba Friday, saying his recent overtures towards the island nation were because U. S. policy toward Cuba had failed.

Obama must denounce plot

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "BOLIVIA’S PRESIDENT Evo Morales yesterday charged that Americans were behind a plot to assassinate him. He declared that he would only restore diplomatic relations with the United States once American President Barack Obama publicly repudiates those actions. Morales made this charge at a news conference which he called at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port-of-Spain, following the end of the first plenary session of the Fifth Summit of the Americas there."

Heads upbeat

Nation News : "CARIBBEAN LEADERS at the Fifth Summit of the Americas said yesterday in Port-of-Spain they were encouraged by United States President Barack Obama's promise to meet with them later this year and talk about issues ranging from economic aid to gun and drug smuggling."

Suspected mastermind captured in the city

Kaieteur News : "A man who is believed to be the mastermind of the failed robbery on the Geddes Grant New Amsterdam Branch on April 2 was held last Thursday by police while hiding out in the city. Mark Prince, of Vryheid, West Canje, Berbice, was held in Castello Housing Scheme, La Penitence after he allegedly fled the Ancient County, immediately after the failed heist. Prince who was recently released from jail was spotted by an alert rank although he had tried to disguise himself."

video--Haiti's poorest cynical of aid pledges

Haiti will be hoping it is high on the aid list at the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago. The Obama administration says it wants to help rebuild the country's struggling economy. But as Teresa Bo reports from Port Au Prince, despite the millions of dollars pledged, most Haitians think the cash won't help them at all.

Man flees after container opened

The Jamaica Star CUSTOMS SEIZE BARRELFUL OF MONEY "t was quite a scene yesterday at the Customs Department in Kingston after a man turned up to clear a barrel which contained almost US$50,000. Efforts to get an official comment from the department were unsuccessful however, a policeman who was on hand as the incident unfolded related the story to THE STAR. Reports are that an unidentified man visited the compound with the aim of clearing a barrel which was shipped from overseas. A broker attended to the customer and located the barrel which was then opened. To their surprise, the money was found."

Low-paying jobs for grads - UWI study shows modest earning by degree holders

Jamaica Gleaner News "ALTHOUGH MOST of the University of the West Indies' (UWI) recent graduates are employed, more than half have accepted jobs that require fewer qualifications, a study conducted by the university has found. In addition, many of the graduates are settling for emoluments that, at least one human resource analyst believes, are less than what a university graduate should be receiving."

CASINO CLASH : "MONTEGO BAY, St James - A proposal by the Government and tourism interests to give Jamaicans access to the large-scale casino gambling to be introduced in western Jamaica soon, earned the ire of University of the West Indies (UWI) scholars who said the decision was not informed by the best interests of the country."

St. Lucian Gov’t asking unions to forego wage increase "The St. Lucian Government has been accused of seeking to impose belt tightening measures on civil servants while it continues to spend recklessly. The Government wants the workers to agree to postpone a promised pay hike. The St. Lucia Teachers Union held a scheduled Annual General Meeting Thursday in the shadow of the looming global economic crisis."

Death by dangerous driving. . . fine enough?

St. Lucia STAR : "St Lucia has recorded 11 road fatalities for the year 2009 and the latest incident has caused many to remember cases from the past where several people were killed in one accident. The latest carnage on our roads took the lives of four people on Sunday April 12 and was reportedly caused by one of the motorists heading north who attempted to overtake another in front of him."

Impoverished Haiti Slips Further as Remittances Dry Up : "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton flew to Haiti on Thursday, en route to a summit with hemispheric leaders concerned that the global economic crisis could push Latin America and the Caribbean into another 'lost decade.' Haiti, a Maryland-size nation in which 80 percent of the population lives on less than $2 a day, offers perhaps the most worrisome example of how the recession could worsen poverty in the region's vulnerable countries."

Gunman shoots Guyana insurance commissioner

The Associated Press: "GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) — A gunman shot a Guyana official in charge of dissolving a failed insurance company as she drove to work Thursday, police said. Insurance commissioner Maria Van Beek, who was hospitalized with a wound in her abdomen, has gained a high profile through the liquidation of Colonial Life Insurance Co. The company has 15,000 clients in this South American country."

$9m injection : "THE Supreme Court has awarded a little over $9 million in damages to a 40-year-old Trelawny mason who suffered disability to 30 per cent of his body because of a nerve-damaging injection he received from a private doctor in 2005. Justice Roy Anderson on April 3 awarded Leroy Williams, a resident of Duncans in Trelawny, $5 million for pain and suffering, with three per cent interest from July 28, 2006; $4,186,000 for loss of future earnings and a 'nominal sum' of $50,000 for handicap on the labour market."

Obama promises much - Summit of the Americas begins today - US president advocates better relations

Jamaica Gleaner News "A new day in the relationship among the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean could dawn today when the Fifth Summit of the Americas begins in Trinidad and Tobago. US President Barack Obama yesterday signalled his intention to start this improved relationship with a declaration of his administration's commitment to 'renew and sustain a broader partnership between the United States and the hemisphere'."

Maria van Beek survives execution

Kaieteur News : "Commissioner of Insurance Maria van Beek narrowly survived a brazen attempt on her life at around 08:15 hrs yesterday, after she was shot by a gunman while driving her car along Lombard Street in Georgetown. Van Beek, who is also the Judicial Manager for CLICO, was shot in the chest as she drove in heavy traffic during a downpour."

Why mistreat Cuba?

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "EVEN BEFORE setting foot in Port-of-Spain for the Fifth Summit of the Americas, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez yesterday said he will vote against the final declaration of the summit as a gesture against the United States for its failure to lift sanctions against Cuba."


Nation News "DESPITE SOME CONFUSION, controversy and chaos, Trinidad and Tobago says it is ready to host the biggest conference in its history. With United States President Barack Obama expected to touch down on the twin-island republic today for the start of the Fifth Summit Of The Americas conference, organisers said all systems were on go."

Cleopatra Gibson murder case opens

The Nassau Guardian "The prosecution yesterday opened its case against Decoyo Ferguson, who is charged with murder. In his opening address, Prosecutor Terry Archer told the jury that witnesses would come and say that they saw Ferguson stab Cleopatra Gibson. The incident occurred near the Fountain of Youth on East Street south in May 2007. Ferguson, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge, is on bail."

video--Update on St.Lucia's sixth homicide for 2009

Police have arrested another man for the death of Lester Robinson who is the islands latest homicide victim. The suspect was picked up by law enforcement on Wednesday the same day the deceased was taken off life support. Investigators also have another man in their custody - that suspect was picked up moments after the La Pointe man was attacked by a group of men.

Colin Mack remanded on rape charge

Kaieteur News : "Local promoter, Colin Mack, was yesterday remanded to prison by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Mack was not required to plea to the indictable offence of rape. It is alleged that the accused, on April 12, had sex with a 19-year-old woman without her consent."