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Barbadians tighten the screws...More Jamaicans beaten,locked up,kicked out

IGNORING the gathering storm of accusations about their poor treatment of visitors, Barbadian authorities have again allegedly beaten and kicked three more Jamaicans out of that eastern Caribbean island. The three, Andre Davis, Jermaine Blake and Chevine Edwards — partners in the artiste management and music production company, Dajavu Records — said they were physically abused and threatened by Barbadian police and humiliated by that country's immigration officers after being denied entry. Read more: Related articles McClean: Jamaican claim untrue ( Barbados immigration denies finger rape of Jamaican woman (

Dog throw man probed by SPCA

Bermuda Sun.. . A photo of a man hurling his dog into a swimming pool has sparked outrage from the SPCA. The image, displayed as the man’s Facebook profile picture, shows the pet being launched high into the air. The party stunt left onlookers “dismayed”, according to the charity. Neighbours and Facebook users reported the abuse to the SPCA, who launched an investigation. Kim Sherlaw, the charity’s director, said it was first time they had investigated a complaint of animal cruelty that had came to light over the internet. She added: “The internet, particularly social networking sites, give an individual the opportunity to make their life and actions very public, even more so with the posting of photos. “The choice of words and photos may put that individual at risk for public scrutiny and legal action. In this case, such a photo showing the overt abuse of a small, senior dog has opened a whole new means of exposing cruelty to animals for the SPCA.

Caribbean Ponzi schemer pleads guilty in U.S. court

Reuters : "(Reuters) - A Jamaican financier who ran a Ponzi scheme that defrauded thousands of investors in Florida and the Caribbean out of more than $220 million pleaded guilty on Tuesday to fraud and money laundering charges in a U.S. court. David Smith was extradited last year from the Turks and Caicos Islands after being sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison on similar charges. The case marked the latest Ponzi scheme to affect investors in Florida already hit by fallout from the massive fraud scandals surrounding convicted Wall Street swindler Bernard Madoff and accused Texas con man and financier Allen Stanford. Related articles Accused Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford denied bail (

High profile criminals fight in jail- Former Buxton gang member stabbed during prison brawl

Kaieteur News : "A prison brawl between two high profile inmates, yesterday, has left one of them seriously wounded .Kaieteur News understands that inmate, Randy Joseph, was attacked and severely wounded by Jermaine Jerrick. This newspaper was told that yesterday’s attack was in retaliation to an attack that Jerrick suffered over the weekend. Jerrick, one of the suspects in yesterday’s incident, had reported that he was attacked by Joseph and others on Sunday. He said that as a result of that attack he had to receive 11 stitches for a wound in his head.

Relatives and residents deny man was a thief

Kaieteur News : "The badly battered body that was found on Mandela Avenue early Saturday morning has been identified as Avocado Square, East Ruimveldt resident Colin Clement Davis, 48, a man who relatives and neighbours say was no thief. His body was found at Lot 759 Mandela Avenue, a stone’s throw away from where he lived at Avocado Place. His wife June Davis made the identification yesterday morning at the Georgetown Hospital Mortuary. Police have detained an occupant of the Mandela Avenue property who alleged that Davis was attempting to break into the house. Kaieteur News understands that police have received at least four recent reports of breakages at the same house.

Govt knocked on CLICO

NationNews Barbados "CHARGING that Government has managed the CLICO affair “in an incestuous manner”, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur is demanding that the administration start setting aside money for the hundreds of policyholders requesting funds. Before a packed audience at Ellerslie Secondary School yesterday evening, Arthur said there was a reasonable expectation that when a government makes a pledge, it should honour it; its word should be bankable.

Stray dog invasion! : "SENIOR veterinarians are urging Jamaicans to curb the country's population of stray dogs, following news last week that a three-year-old child was mauled to death by a pack of blood-thirsty animals at his home in Kingston. The deadly attack, they say, which occurred in the wee hours of the morning, is but a small part of a larger problem that if left unattended could pose serious public health risks and lead to other deaths.

Baby dies after mom suffers 16 hours at Mt hope Hospital

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "A young mother-to-be spent an agonising 16 hours sitting on a hospital chair waiting for attention which came too late - her baby was delivered dead. The baby was buried yesterday, with the parents angrily vowing to take legal action against the Mt Hope Maternity Hospital. Latchmi Churaman and Imran Abdul-Haqq were supposed to be ecstatic first time parents - at home celebrating the birth of their baby girl who would have been named Sophia Shania Abdul- Haqq. Instead, yesterday, the two were at the funeral service for their baby and unsure of the future. Related articles A Medical Tragedy (

Finger-rape story sparks reader fury against Barbados : "THE story of a Jamaican woman who was allegedly finger-raped by an immigration officer before being thrown out of Barbados on March 14, 2011, has sparked the fury of readers, perhaps betraying deep-seated animosity among Caribbean islanders. Here are some of the comments the Jamaica Observer received online: Manuel Sata: This is an outrage and very shameful. The Jamaican government has many tools at its disposal to retaliate against Barbados yet it is seemingly polite about this travesty. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident and requires a strong response. Jamaicans, if little Barbados can treat some of us like that, you retaliate by not vacationing there, don't buy goods made in Barbados and boycott Bajan-owned companies in Jamaica. Support Jamaican-owned enterprises. Jamaicans, you have power. Use it!!! Related articles Barbados immigration denies finger rape of Jamaican woman (

McClean: Jamaican claim untrue

NationNews Barbados The claim by a Jamaican woman that she was “body searched” before being denied entry into Barbados last week is totally untrue. Senator Maxine McClean, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade today made it clear that a thorough investigation had been carried out by the Immigration and Customs departments into a report that had been carried in the Jamaican Press suggesting that Shanique Myrie had been finger raped by immigration officers after she arrived in Barbados on March 14. McClean was speaking at a Press conference at Government headquarters. She said: “There is absolutely no truth to a story carried in a Jamaican newspaper on Thursday March 24 that a female citizen of that country was body searched by an Immigration officer on arrival at the Grantley Adams International Airport”.

Shot youth attacked police

The Barbados Nation The St Michael youth David Lynch, who was shot by police on Wednesday had attacked one of the officers with a cutlass to prevent his apprehension. Police public relations officer Inspector David Welch also dismissed family claims that police never informed them about the 16-year-old's whereabouts following the incident. Welch said after Lynch was treated and discharged for the gunshot injury to his upper left thigh, he was taken to District “A:” Police Station, where he was detained for questioning in connection with a number of serious criminal matters.

Barbados immigration denies finger rape of Jamaican woman

Stabroek News "Immigration and Customs authorities have categorically denied charges by a Jamaican woman that she was finger-raped and thrown out of Barbados when she arrived on the island just over a week ago. In a front page story carried in the Jamaica Observer newspaper yesterday, Shanique Myrie alleged she was subjected to two demeaning cavity searches by a female immigration officer who also shouted degrading comments about Jamaicans when she arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport last March 14. But Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s office, with responsibility for Immigration, Senator Harry Husbands, said yesterday there was no record of Myrie being searched by either immigration or customs officers and a full statement would be issued after more investigations. Husbands also told the WEEKEND NATION that indications suggest that Myrie was a victim of human trafficking, a racket-like affair that existed between Barbados and Jamaica. “Shan

NIZAM CRIES RACE | 'Too many Africans in Police Service'

Trinidad Express Newspaper "ALREADY under fire for allegedly using his office to wiggle his way out of traffic offences, chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Nizam Mohammed, yesterday suggested that it was his intention to balance the ethnic composition of the Police Service. His statements brought a swift response from three of his fellow commissioners—attorney Martin George, Kenneth Parker and Jacqueline Cheeseman—who distanced themselves immediately, saying they did not agree with Mohammed's position.

Nelson 'outraged' at Barbados incident

Jamaica Gleaner "Minister of National Security Dwight Nelson, under whose portfolio immigration matters fall, has expressed outrage at the reported treatment of a Jamaican woman by immigration officers in Barbados. Nelson said yesterday that he has held discussions with Dr Ken Baugh, minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade. In a release, the national security minister said he was awaiting word from Baugh about discussions he proposes to have with the responsible minister in Barbados. Related articles Finger-raped in Barbados (

St Lucia probing Ghanaian preacher

Stabroek News "The St Lucian government is investigating a Ghanaian man who claims to be a prophet and miracle worker. Preacher William Braham has been linked to one religious organisation, and has been drawing crowds to sessions billed as occasions for healing of the sick. Some people claim to have actually been healed, while others have dismissed Mr Braham as a false prophet. But the Social Transformation Minister Lenard Montoute says Mr Braham needs permission from the government to operate as a minister on the island.

Tsunami drill shows gaps in Caribbean preparedness : "A U.N.-organized tsunami drill Wednesday tested the preparedness of Caribbean governments for a disaster that has struck the region several times in the last 150 years. Thirty-three governments participated in the exercise, and several reported gaps in their emergency response plans. Dominican Republic officials noted the lack of evacuation plans. Officials in the U.S. Virgin Islands were surprised that radio stations were able to broadcast an alert in Spanish but not in English and that the emergency broadcast signal was weak. 'That's one of the things we're looking into,' said Noel Smith, director of the islands' emergency management agency. Related articles Tsunami drill shows gaps in Caribbean preparedness ( Tsunami alert system to be tested in Caribbean ( Tsunami can hit Caribbean (

$33M for Clico investors

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "Government’s bailout plan for those who invested in Colonial Life Insurance Company has begun and close to $33 million has been paid to owners of the Executive Flexible Premium Annuity (EFPA) contracts valued at $75,000 or less. The Ministry of Finance made this declaration in a brief statement issued yesterday afternoon, saying the multi-million dollar payment represented 1,053 payees, with 350 persons receiving money daily since processing began on March 10. Related articles Clico's ticking timebomb ( To court over CLICO ( Clico stand (

Finger-raped in Barbados : "ALLEGATIONS by a Jamaican woman that she was finger-raped by an immigration officer before being thrown out of Barbados, has brought the spotlight on poor treatment of Jamaicans visiting that eastern Caribbean island. Shanique Myrie complained bitterly to the Observer yesterday that when she attempted to enter Barbados on March 14, 2011, she was subjected to two demeaning cavity searches by a female immigration officer who continuously spewed venom about Jamaicans. It was her first trip out of the island.

Official: Corruption has reached 'systemic' levels in Jamaica, calls for urgent changes : "KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — An independent investigator for Jamaica's parliament on Wednesday called for the creation of a special agency to fight corruption, asserting official graft has reached 'systemic' levels in the Caribbean country. Contractor General Greg Christie said there is credible evidence Jamaica's law enforcement and anti-corruption institutions have been ineffective in netting the 'big fish' involved in practices that corrode the island's society. Related articles Official: Stronger fight needed against corruption ( Jamaica still region's largest supplier of ganja to US - INCSR report (

video--Haiti - Report - Aristide triumphal return

Ex-president Jean-Bertrand Aristide welcomed by a nostalgic sea of supporters after a 7 year exile. He returns hours before the presidential elections between pitted singer Michel Martelly and former first lady Mirlande Manigat, a law professor.

Barbados man arrested in New York, USA: Barricades self, son in home

Barbados Free Press : "Is is just possible, just a little bit, that he was driven crazy over the past 10 years by a system that automatically awards custody of children to mothers and fails to ensure that fathers can see their sons? Is it just possible that for the thirtieth weekend in a row out of shear evil, his ex wouldn’t let him see his son as scheduled? Is it just possible that for the third time in as many weeks she let him believe that this time he would really see his son for that special day they had planned for months?" Related articles Police: Man Barricades Self, Son In L.I. Home ( Drug dealing Barbados Police Officer found dead.. (

Woman's beating goes viral on Net

Jamaica Gleaner "A video on a popular United States website showing a Jamaican man beating a woman has drawn sharp condemnation from two local experts on women's rights. The video, which up to 6:30 yesterday evening had had more than 170,000 views, is more than six minutes long. The video has gone viral, with more than 10,000 people sharing it on social networking website Facebook in the same time period." Related articles Facebook vs Reality - Viral Pictures of the Week (

Man stabbed several times.....

Bermuda Sun... "SUNDAY, MARCH 20: A man was stabbed outside a home in Sandys this afternoon. The 58-year-old man was stabbed several times outside a Pleasantville Lane residence. Police say a 26-year-old Sandys man stabbed the older gentleman, who is also from Sandys. They are searching the surrounding area in an effort to arrest him. -

Bandits invade church, rob, shoot worshipper

Kaieteur News : "Three armed bandits last evening brazenly invaded the Triune Mystical House of Bethel during a service and shot one worshipper after robbing him. The men apparently had singled out worshipper Gregory Clarke, who was wearing several pieces of jewellery. This newspaper was told that the three men entered the compound checked to see if there was anyone in the changing area at the rear of the church before making their way in and holding Clarke at gunpoint.

Video--Haitians go to the polls to pick new president.

In Haiti people are voting in the final round of the presidential election. The chaotic first round was marred by fraud allegations and unrest The UN is helping to protect the 11 000 polling stations. There have been delays because some voters are turning up without the right papers enabling them to vote. The candidate who won the last round is former First Lady, Mirlande Maniget. At the age of 70, the university-educated law professor is hoping to become the country's first female president. Related articles Voting starts slowly in Haiti presidential run-off ( Haitians set for crucial election - BBC News (

video-Fighting Jamaican police corruption

Head of the Anti-Corruption Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police Justin Felice, speaks to the Observer about steps to reduce corruption in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the role of the public. Related articles Jamaica still region's largest supplier of ganja to US - INCSR report ( Facebook caution: Cops chatting too much on social network ( Trigger-happy cops get special counselling (


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "“THIS case represents the worst kind of medical tragedy - an occasion often reserved for celebration muted in the worst possible way,” was the pronouncement from Attorney General Anand Ramlogan after reviewing a report from the Health Ministry regarding the circumstances of the death of 25-year-old Nekeisha Caine and her newborn at Port-of-Spain General Hospital on November 2. Related Story also on newsday 5 DOCTORS SUSPENDED Newsday FIVE DOCTORS and four nurses of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) Department of the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) have been suspended, pending a full investigation into the death of Carapichaima housewife Chrystal Boodoo-Ramsoomair at the maternity ward on Carnival Friday, March 4. An investigation will also be conducted into the still-birth of a baby boy whose mother Simone Critchlow-Taylor went into labour at the hospital last Saturday.

Aristide arrives back in Haiti

Image via Wikipedia "Haiti's former leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide has returned home after seven years in exile. His return, two days before Haiti's presidential run-off vote, led the US to express concern that his presence could destabilise the country. But Mr Aristide, a former priest who was forced to flee in 2004 amid a rebellion, has said he will not seek an active role in politics. His return, from his exile in South Africa, has been rumoured for weeks. Related articles Aristide returns to Haiti after 7 years in exile ( Aristide: My return fulfills "dream" of Haitians (

video--Political unrest in St.Vincent and the Grenadines

The week's top stories making the news on SVGTV, the national television station of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

FBI called in

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "AMERICA’S top notch, elite investigative unit, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), will take over the probe into the death of eight-year-old Gasparillo schoolboy Daniel Guerra, following a request from Government. Related articles Daniel Was Strangled (

Tsunami alert system to be tested in Caribbean

FOCUS Information Agency : "Washington. The Caribbean's readiness for the type of natural disaster that recently struck Japan will be tested when its tsunami warning system undergoes a simulated emergency, AFP reported. Thirty-three countries are preparing to participate in the March 23 exercise, organized by a branch of the United Nations in response to the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said Japan's experience shows 'how essential alert systems are.' 'In this context the development of a coordinated system in the Caribbean is more relevant than ever, enabling coastal countries to prepare in the event of such a disaster and to save human lives,' Bokova said in a statement. Related articles Can tsunamis occur in the Caribbean? ( A Tsunami Could Hit the Caribbean ( Third U.S. Tsunami Center May Be Established in Puerto Rico (

Big bellies linked to prostate cancer

Jamaica Gleaner "An oversized abdomen can lead to prostate cancer, a new study shows. On the other hand, increased consumption of the Jamaican avocado can significantly reduce the risk. The findings of a study on prostate cancer in Jamaica and the contributing factors of diet and lifestyle, conducted by a team of doctors led by Dr Maria Jackson, senior lecturer at the University of the West Indies (UWI), were presented in a dissemination seminar at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston yesterday. Related articles Five prostate cancer diagnostics to watch ( Masculinity and Your Prostate Cancer Diagnosis (

To court over CLICO : "GOVERNMENT HAS APPLIED to the High Court in a bid to have CLICO International Life Insurance placed under judicial management. Yesterday, Solicitor General Jennifer Edwards appeared before Justice Jacqueline Cornelius requesting the court’s leave to present a petition for the appointment of a judicial manager for the beleagured insurance company. Related articles Clico stand ( Clico's ticking timebomb ( Clico $ by Carnival (

School tragedy - Goal post falls, kills Sts Peter and Paul student : "NINE-YEAR-OLD Jeremiah Yson was killed yesterday by a goal post which fell while he was playing with friends during the lunch hour at the prestigious Sts Peter and Paul Preparatory School in St Andrew. The accident, the second such to take place at an educational institution since the start of the year, prompted Education Minister Andrew Holness to again remind school administrators to ensure the safety of their students. 'It is very unfortunate and our condolence go out to the parents,' said Holness Related articles 7-y-o hit by falling goal post, dies (

JFJ condemns shooting of cop : "HUMAN rights watchdog Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) yesterday expressed regret that a police constable in Runaway Bay, St Ann, was shot several times by one of a group of gunmen after coming to the aid of other officers on Monday this week. 'This incident serves as an important reminder of the risks the brave members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force face each day,' said JFJ Executive Director Dr Carolyn Gomes. 'We hope that the officer recovers and the perpetrators of this heinous act are brought to justice in accordance with human rights standards.' Related articles Jamaicans for Justice (

Buju to wait longer for sentencing : "TAMPA, Florida (CMC) — A United States federal judge in Tampa, Florida, has pushed back the sentencing date for Jamaican-born Grammy Award-winning reggae star Buju Banton to June 23. Banton was originally scheduled to be sentenced on June 16, but federal district Judge James S Moody Jr said, without any explanation, that the reggae artiste will now be sentenced on the new date. Related articles Buju Banton Found Guilty - Sentencing Date to Be Determined (

Can tsunamis occur in the Caribbean?

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "Situated in the Ring of Fire, an area in the Pacific Ocean where 90 percent of the world's earthquakes and 80 percent of the world's largest earthquakes occur, Japan has prided itself on being prepared to handle large tremors when they occur. Reports have suggested Japan escaped a far worse fate after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake which rocked the nation last Friday because of its readiness to face some of the world’s most powerful earthquakes. Citizens know what to do when disasters strike, buildings are built with deep foundations and the newer ones are supported by shock absorbers to allow the structure to move with the earth rather than against it. Related articles Quake strikes near Vanuatu, but no tsunami threat ( Caribbean Quake Shakes Domincian Republic ( 'The ground was shaking' (

video--St. Lucia Request for Gay rights

St. Lucia issues apology in beating of 3 gay Americans : "Government officials on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia have issued a written apology to three gay American tourists -- two from Atlanta -- who were beaten during a robbery earlier this month. A statement from the three men indicated that the attackers may have known one of the victims. Gunmen allegedly made anti-gay slurs against Michael Baker of Atlanta, his boyfriend Nick Smith of South Carolina and Todd Wiggins, a former Atlantan who was living in St. Lucia, during a March 2 robbery at their rental vacation cabin in Soufriere. Related articles St. Lucia 'saddened' by attack on tourists ( St. Lucia decries attack on 3 gay US tourists ( video--Not a hate crime says tourism officials... (

Cholera 'worse than expected'

Image via Wikipedia "The cholera epidemic affecting Haiti looks set to be far worse than officials had thought, experts fear. Rather than affecting a predicted 400,000 people, the diarrhoeal disease could strike nearly twice as many as this, latest estimates suggest. Aid efforts will need ramping up, US researchers told The Lancet journal. Related articles Haiti's cholera 'to be far worse' ( Haiti cholera epidemic to hit 800,000: Study ( Haitian Earthquake Cholera Worse Than Expected; Japan Next? (

‘The ground was shaking’

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "FORMER Sunday Newsday columnist, Shivonne Du Barry, was among persons left shaken after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit eastern Japan yesterday following last Friday’s magnitude 8.9 tremor and ensuing tsunami which devastated large sections of that country. Yesterday’s 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck at 10.31 pm (TT time) 26 miles north-east of Shizuoka, according to the US Geological Survey, as reported in Bloomberg News. Du Barry, who lives at Fuji-shi in the Shizuoka prefecture (state) emailed Newsday to say she was okay despite the trauma. Related articles Japan hit by 6.0 aftershock ( Earthquake of Magnitude 6.1 Shakes Japan's Shizuoka, Home to Mount Fuji - Bloomberg (

Lightbourne accused of corruptly using office to save PM's career : "JUSTICE Minister Dorothy Lightbourne was yesterday accused of corruptly using her office in the Christopher 'Dudus' Coke extradition saga to protect the political career of Prime Minister Bruce Golding and the political interest of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). But Lightbourne, who is also the attorney general, emphatically rejected the charge made by Queen's Counsel KD Knight, who had been grilling her for days during the Dudus/Manatt Commission of Enquiry. Related articles Dorothy's defence ( Bruce promises Dudus bombshell ( Jamaican minister: I didn't know about Coke lobby (

CURB calls for 'quiet protest' over SDO

The Bermuda Sun Anti-racism campaigners are urging senators to block the planned expansion of the Tucker’s Point resort. Campaign group Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda say the land should not be developed because of its historic significance to the black community. They are urging the public to ‘quietly protest’ outside the Senate on Wednesday. The hotel wants a Special Development Order allowing it to build an additional 70 hotel rooms and 78 residencies on land overlooking Castle Harbour. Environmental campaigners are up in arms about the proposal. They fear Bermuda will sacrifice pristine hills and endangered woodland in the name of development.

2 cricketers in court today

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday Four persons, including two national cricketers, arrested for marijuana possession early Saturday morning will appear in court today. Trinidad and Tobago (TT) batsman Runako Morton , 32, Leeward Islands batsman Tonito Willett , 27, along with their companions Nicole Brunche, 37, of Chin Chin Road, Cunupia and Marsha Bob-Semple, 25, of Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas were held by police after a quantity of marijuana was found in their vehicle. Police reports indicate that at about 1.30 am on March 12, officers on mobile patrol along Lady Young Road, Morvant, in the vicinity of the walk-over, observed the driver of a Nissan B15 car acting in a suspicious manner. Police later said Morton was the driver. 

Japan disaster a warning to us

The scale of death and devastation caused by last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan is a humbling reminder of man's inescapable vulnerabilities. News yesterday was that the death toll in the Miyagi region alone could top 10,000. This newspaper suspects that the cost of the devastation in one of the world's richest countries will be almost unimaginable. Read more: Related articles Japan Earthquake 2011: Devastating Photos Of The Wreckage (

‘Ryan’s death is murder’

Many well-wishers, friends and students turned out for the funeral of Commie Michael Antoine Torres at Santa Rosa RC Church, Arima on Saturday. The 18-year-old Form Six student of St Augustine Secondary School was shot and killed in Arima on Carnival Monday night. Relatives believe police shot Torres when fights broke out among a crowd and have called for a thorough investigation

video--American Gets 15 Years After Cuba Conviction

A Cuban court on Saturday found U.S. contractor Alan Gross guilty of crimes against the state and sentenced him to 15 years in prison, a verdict that brought a swift and strongly worded condemnation from Washington. Related articles American contractor found guilty in Cuba (

Tsunami can hit Caribbean

Image via Wikipedia Caribbean360 : "A frightening revelation has been made by a team of U.S. scientists. They predict that there is a serious risk of a devastating tsunami occurring in the Caribbean Sea off the coasts of Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. They base their forecast on historical records. In an article in Eos, the newspaper of the American Geophysical Union, scientists Nancy Grindlay and Meghan Hearne of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, and Paul Mann of the University of Texas, Austin said ten destructive tsunamis have been generated in the past 500 years by undersea earth movements along the boundary between the Caribbean and the North American tectonic plates - two of the great, moving slabs of rock that cover the ocean floor. Related articles A Tsunami Could Hit the Caribbean ( Third U.S. Tsunami Center May Be Established in Puerto Rico ( Will My Home Be Hit by a Tsunami? (

Gunmen shoot up Jamaica police post, rob hospital

The Washington Post "KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Gunmen brazenly shot up a police station and later swarmed inside a public hospital to rob doctors and nurses in a gritty city just outside the Caribbean island's capital, authorities said Friday. National Security Minister Dwight Nelson said intelligence indicated the gun attack late Thursday in the southern city of Spanish Town was in retaliation for the deaths of three alleged members of the Klansman gang by security forces last weekend. Related articles Gunmen shoot up Jamaica police post, rob hospital (