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Cambridge academic says he would not tolerate Jamaican neighbours

Telegraph : "George Steiner, 79, said he believed racism was inherent in everyone and that racial tolerance was merely skin deep. The playwright and critic Bonnie Greer labelled him a 'cranky old man', while Muslim groups accused him of an 'offensive and lazy' racist generalisation. But other academics defended his honesty and right to express such views, saying they were a valuable addition to an important debate. 'It's very easy to sit here, in this room, and say 'racism is horrible',' he said from his house in Cambridge, where he has been Extraordinary Fellow at Churchill College since 1969."

Bendals man caught with drugs

SUN Weekend : "Daniel Joseph of Bendals has been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison after he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis. The court heard that on 26 Aug., at about 3:45 p.m., police officers were on duty on Prince Klass Street when they entered a building and saw Joseph, 23, standing in front of a wooden stool. The lawmen saw that the stool had on it a quantity of green bushy substance that looked like cannabis. Asked what the substance was, Joseph told the officers, “A na fu me herb.” He was arrested and charged. After arriving at the station, Joseph continued to deny any knowledge of the illegal substance."

Fineman, Skinny likely killed Grant, sources say

Stabroek News : "The notorious Rondell ‘Fineman’ Rawlins and Jermaine ‘Skinny’ Charles might have suspected that their accomplice Seon Grant had informed the joint services about their movements and killed him hours before they were cut down in their last standoff with the lawmen, sources told this newspaper. Residents in the Timehri Squatting Area also recollected yesterday that they had been seeing Rawlins and Charles in the area for about two weeks, but that the men kept a low profile. Residents told this newspaper that they saw the men intermittently but that newspaper photographs and descriptions, particularly of Rawlins, were not helpful since his physical appearance was different and his facial features more mature."

Death and destruction

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "The police have blamed four deaths on Tropical Storm Gustav; the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) said it could be between five and 11; while Prime Minister Bruce Golding opted for caution, saying that even though the death toll could rise as high as 11, he wanted to be absolutely sure before giving a definitive number. 'I don't want to give a number. I am concerned that there are still a number of persons unaccounted for,' Golding told reporters at a news briefing yesterday at Jamaica House. 'We were told that there was a vehicle which had four passengers and it was swept away while attempting to cross a ford. We know there were a number of houses that collapsed along the Hope River and we are still trying to determine how many lives may have been lost."

Painful recovery - Gustav victims struggle to put lives back together

Jamaica Gleaner News "It has been a slow and painful recovery from the effects of Tropical Storm Gustav for persons in the parish of Portland, which first felt the brunt of the weather system which hit the island on Thursday. Up to late yesterday, Portland and sections of St Mary remained without electricity, while many householders who had lost their roofs were trying to put their lives back together."

Three die in freak highway accident

The Trinidad Guardian "When businessman Stephen Llanos called his employees on their cellphone yesterday, a stranger answered the call saying: “Everybody dead.” Llanos, owner of S Llanos Trading, believed the stranger was joking. But when he investigated, he realised that his employees—Gerard Pereira, 29, Larry Louis, 39, and Ian Jack, 25—all died in a freak crash on the Solomon Hochoy Highway under the Claxton Bay Flyover."

Obama stirs prof's hope

The Nation Newspaper "'HE HAS IGNITED HOPE that things can and would change.' Those are the words of Dr Constance 'Connie' Sutton, a retired anthropology professor at New York University (NYU). 'I am confident he would give this country the leadership it needs and the change that is required,' added the 82-year-old academic."


The Nation Newspaper : "HUNDREDS OF PUBLIC WORKERS who have been working in sick buildings could soon be relocated to comfortable surrroundings at SherbourneConference Centre. Prime Minister David Thompson said yesterday it was necessary for Government to take the action since the problem not only threatened the health of workers but contributed to low productivity, fear, and declining morale in the public sector."

Caribbean could get Obama focus : "Caribbean is being promised it will get attention from a Barack Obama administration if the Democratic presidential nominee wins the November elections in the United States. That's the word from Barbadian-American, Eric Holder Jr, who helped Obama choose his running mate. He said Obama would give attention to the region because of its importance in promoting legitimate trade in goods and services and in combating the illegal trade in drugs."

Hurricane GUSTAV Update


NELSON BOOTED…Commissioner, third Mountie to go

Antigua Sun : "The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda is today without its top cop. News broke yesterday that Commissioner of Police Gary Nelson was fired from his post. However, reports reaching the Antigua Sun indicate that Nelson’s probation expired yesterday and the Police Service Commission (PSC) unanimously decided not to continue with Nelson at the helm. Nelson was brought here on a two-year contract from Canada as part of an overall effort to engineer improvements within the force as the country became embattled with a spike in serious crime. Reports are that the PSC, headed by Stefan Winter met yesterday with Nelson to formally notify him of its position."

Gustav kills 71

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "The deadliest storm for this year, Gustav has killed at least 71 people as it cut a destructive path across the Caribbean within just four days. The killer storm is responsible for at least 59 deaths in Haiti, including 25 around the city of Jacmel, where Gustav first struck land on Tuesday. Eight more people were buried when a cliff gave way in the Dominican Republic, while four were confirmed dead in Jamaica."

Gustav's fury

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "Gustav, the deceptive tropical storm that snuck up on Jamaica's eastern and southern coasts after a sharp change in course Wednesday night, yesterday blew off roofs and downed trees as it lumbered across the island, dumping heavy rain along the way. The storm, packing winds of 75 miles per hour and moving at six mph, also knocked out electricity in some areas and left several roads flooded, but there were no immediate reports of injury."

BATTERED! Gustav claims lives, leaves millions of dollars in damage

Jamaica Gleaner News "Jamaica has started what is expected to be a slow and costly recovery after Tropical Storm Gustav's destructive swathe across the island Thursday evening into last night. Yesterday, government officials were expressing fear that Gustav might have claimed several lives and left millions of dollars in damage. Prime Minister Bruce Golding outlined the preliminary findings yesterday afternoon, even as the tropical storm continued its devastating crawl from Morant Point to Negril. Gustav is already being blamed for 72 deaths in the region and Golding would not commit to any figure for Jamaica."


The Nation Newspaper "Please do stop the music! Guests staying at various establishments in St. Lawrence Gap are once more protesting the loud music coming from night-clubs in the Christ Church entertainment hub. In an e-mail sent to leading tourism officials including Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, Geeta Chantrani, owner of Yellow Bird and South Gap Hotels, complained that the noise is again lasting until 4 a.m., disturbing residents and hotel guests."

Police chief in Antigua murder case sacked

The Guardian : "The outspoken chief of Antigua's police force has been sacked as the Caribbean island struggles to cope with a wave of violent crime, including last month's murder of a honeymoon couple from south Wales. Gary Nelson, a former Canadian mountie, was relieved of his duties by Baldwin Spencer, the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, six months after taking up the job, with a two-year mandate to crack down on gun crime. A police spokesman in Antigua's capital, St John's, confirmed his dismissal: 'I have just spoken to him and I am hearing that he was fired.'"

‘Fine-Man’s’ bloody reign

‘Kaieteur News : "The true tally will never be known, but it is believed that between them, Rondell Rawlins and Jermaine Charles, called ‘Skinny’, committed at least seven mass murders and slaughtered more than 55 people during a three-year reign of terror. *In June, 2005, gunmen, reportedly led by Rawlins, invaded a house in Second Street, Agricola. They dragged David Barrow, called ‘Gurple’, out of the house and hacked his head off. Gurple’s 16-year-old girlfriend, Shamika Boyce, was shot as she lay on a bed, while a deportee, Paul Persaud, called ‘Yankee’, was shot under the front stairs."

Gustav heads to open water after swamping Jamaica : "KINGSTON, Jamaica -- The spinning core of Gustav was expected to move back over open water Friday, a day after bearing down on southern Jamaica. The tropical storm hit Jamaica on Thursday after leaving 67 people dead in Hispaniola. Texas and Louisiana put their national guards on standby, and New Orleans said a mandatory evacuation might be necessary."

‘Fineman’, ‘Skinny’ killed in police operation

Stabroek News : "Following months of frenetic and bloody pursuit, police yesterday said they shot and killed Rondell `Fineman’ Rawlins and escaped prisoner and multiple murder accused, Jermaine `Skinny’ Charles in an almost seven-hour-long operation starting at Timehri. Another man identified as Seon Grant of Timehri Squatting area was also killed in the process. He was identified by relatives. Up to late yesterday the police had not completed any fingerprint matching for the slain men, but acting police commissioner Henry Greene noted that the men were positively identified by two prison officers."

Imbert: It’s bizarre

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "WORKS and Transport Minister Colm Imbert yesterday described the intense rainfall which caused unprecedented flooding in southern Trinidad on Wednesday as “unusual, unprecedented” and “bizarre”, as the Government promised to intensify efforts to provide relief to affected citizens. “It was a bizarre event...You had what was essentially a stationary cloud just dumping water in that area for a concentrated period of just two hours,” Imbert said at yesterday’s post-Cabinet press briefing held for the first time at the new Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair."

Portland lashed - Gustav leaves communities in shambles

Jamaica Gleaner News "Up to late last night, residents of Portland had faced the brunt of Tropical Storm Gustav, while other parishes were reporting damage less than they had expected. Gustav continued its deadly meandering across the Caribbean yesterday with Jamaica firmly in its sights. The storm had left a death toll of 59 as it mowed through Haiti and the Dominican Republic before changing course and taking dead aim at Jamaica."

Gustav's fury

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "Gustav, the deceptive tropical storm that snuck up on Jamaica's eastern and southern coasts after a sharp change in course Wednesday night, yesterday blew off roofs and downed trees as it lumbered across the island, dumping heavy rain along the way. The storm, packing winds of 75 miles per hour and moving at six mph, also knocked out electricity in some areas and left several roads flooded, but there were no immediate reports of injury."

PM at Obama nomination

The Nation Newspaper "DENVER, COLORADO - AMIDST the tears and cheers marking last night's historic nomination of the first African-American presidential candidate, was Prime Minister David Thompson seated in a front row box at the arena. Hours after holding official talks with Cuban President Raul Castro in Havana, Thompson flew into Denver, Colorado on Wednesday evening at the invitation of the campaign team of Barack Obama who amid much fanfare last night, accepted the nomination to run as the presidential candidate for the Democrats in the November elections. On his arrival, a reception was held in Thompson's honour by several leading senators and businessmen, including House majority whip James Clyburn."

Gustav Heading for Jamaica and the Cayman Island News: Gustav heads for Jamaica; island on high alert : "KINGSTON, Jamaica – THE people and government of Jamaica are on high alert as they brace themselves for the impact of tropical storm Gustav, which is expected to make landfall sometime during the next several hours. The storm has reportedly claimed the lives of more than 20 persons on Haiti and the Dominican Republic and caused landslides and flooding there. Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding, in making a public address to his fellow citizens, said the Officer of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is prepared for any eventualities that Gustav may bring. He however encouraged persons on the island to adequately prepare themselves as damage and suffering could be much greater if preparations are not made."

State Dept. issues warning on Caribbean travel

The Associated Press: "WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department urged Americans on Wednesday to be aware of the risks caused by Tropical Storm Gustav to people traveling to Haiti, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Cuba and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The travel alert urged U.S. citizens lacking safe shelter and likely to be affected by the tropical storm to consider leaving while commercial flights are still available."

TOUGH TIMES AHEAD…US Study confirms fears of Hotel Association

Antigua Sun : "Hotels across Antigua and Barbuda are currently showing very low occupancy levels and business is not expected to pick up until November. General Manager of the Antigua Hotel and Tourist Association (AHTA) Neil Forrester believes that the drop in occupancy not only has to do with the escalating fuel price but other reasons including that of the western economy going almost into recession.

Guyana can also stun the sporting world

Kaieteur News : "The past few weeks saw Olympic Fever in Guyana. Though that fever has given way to the Carifesta bug, I believe that there are certain points which need to be made about Guyana’s failure to secure Olympic medals over the years. As far as my memory goes, Guyana has only one Olympic medal - a bronze medal won by Michael Parris in boxing. Guyana has not had a podium position, as far as I can remember, since then. This, of course, is in stark contrast to countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and the Bahamas, which have continued to win medals at Olympic Games, particularly in the field of athletics. How does one assess the success of these athletes as compared with our country?"

Gustav lingers

Jamaica Gleaner News "A crawling Tropical Storm Gustav kept Jamaicans on the edge yesterday as it continued on a path that would put it between Jamaica and Cuba by late this afternoon. The slow pace of the system left most Jamaicans in limbo, as projections changed almost by the hour as to when the island would begin to feel the effects of the seventh tropical storm of the current Atlantic hurricane season."

Gustav still a threat

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "GUSTAV was yesterday downgraded from a Category One hurricane to a tropical storm, but still posed a threat to Jamaica as it moved closer to the island last night. Heavy rains from the outer bands of the storm, which killed at least 22 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, were expected to begin affecting sections of Jamaica last night, as the island remained under a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch."


The Nation Newspaper "WOMEN BEATERS have been put on notice – the days of domestic violence matters being treated lightly by the courts are over. And to reinforce the point, one man who stabbed his former girlfriend in the back and head was jailed for 18 months, while another who threatened to kill his former girlfriend the way a woman was stabbed last week was further remanded to HMP Dodds."

Notting Hill Carnival ends

For over forty years, the Notting Hill Carnival has been held on the August bank holiday weekend. This event was set up by Caribbean immigrants to celebrate their culture. Colorful floats zigzagged their way through the streets. Men, women and children in lavish costumes danced to the beat of steel drums, horns, whistles and a variety of Caribbean music. And there were plenty of Caribbean specialties on hand, like jerk chicken readily available from vendors on the street. The Notting Hill Carnival has been labeled the world's second largest street festival, second only to one held in Rio de Janeiro, (pron day juh nehro) Brazil. One of the world's biggest street festivals has come to a close in London yesterday. Around 750,000 people hit the streets of the trendy area of Notting Hill on Monday alone.

Gustav weakens over Haiti

CANOE "PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Floodwaters surged across southern Haiti on Wednesday and forced hundreds of people from their homes in the wake of Hurricane Gustav, which killed at least three people before weakening to a tropical storm and creeping toward Cuba. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said the storm could regain hurricane strength soon and forecasts suggested it could head toward the U.S. Gulf Coast as a dangerous Category 3 hurricane next week."

Taxi driver takes on armed robbers in DESPERATE FIGHT

Antigua Sun : "A Guyanese taxi driver was robbed of over $2,400 by armed robbers, but not before he engaged them in a desperate fight for his life early Monday morning. Reports are that two well-dressed young men visited the taxi stand at the West Bus Station, asked the taxi driver, Noel Johnson to take them to Cedar Grove and paid in advance. “They gave me $50 before I left and I gave them back their change. There was no hesitation on their part to pay me,” Johnson told the Antigua Sun yesterday. He described one of the men as tall, slim and dark in complexion. According to Johnson, the perpetrator was wearing a jeans pant and a white T-shirt while the other, he said was slimly built, medium height and of a lighter complexion. He wore a pair of khaki pants, a dark coloured shirt and a white hat."

UPDATE: Gustav Weakens To Tropical Storm; Lingers Off Haiti

UPDATE: Gustav Weakens To Tropical Storm; Lingers Off Haiti : "Gustav weakened to a tropical storm Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center reported, but a hurricane watch was still in effect in at least four Caribbean countries as it tracked towards Cuba. In its latest advisory issued 0600 GMT, the NHC said Gustav has slowed down, but was still dumping rain over Haiti. Gustav is 80 miles west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and about 135 miles southeast of Guantanamo, Cuba, the NHC said in its latest advisory 0300 GMT. A hurricane watch remains for parts of Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica."

Cop shot in Arima ...Two others hit by truck at accident scene

The Trinidad Guardian "Police Constable Ronnie George was shot in front of the Arima Magistrates’ Court yesterday, when two gunmen tried to kill an accused man on his way to keep an appointment with a magistrate. Not too far away, two policemen— Constables King and Olivere—were injured when a truck struck them on the scene of a fatal accident. In that accident, Kenrick John, 46, a driver, died on the spot after he, too, was struck by a truck. Shooting in front Arima Magistrates’ Court"

Jamaica, Belize blank PM

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "JAMAICA and Belize have refused to be a part of Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s proposed political union, notwithstanding the Prime Minister’s two-day whirlwind Caribbean tour –which saw him touch down in some Caribbean countries for mere hours– aimed at furthering talks on the controversial union. Manning and a delegation touched down in Belize on Monday afternoon at about 12 noon. The delegation included Foreign Affairs Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon as well as the director of Caricom’s Caribbean Affairs Division Susan Gordon."

Gustav threatens

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "JAMAICA has been placed under a hurricane watch as the Caribbean nation braces for heavy rains and winds from Hurricane Gustav, which was forecast to past north of the island between today and tomorrow. Jamaica's Meteorological Service said some sections of the island were expected to begin experiencing scattered showers associated with the outer bands of the hurricane by last night."

Gusty Gustav! - Jamaica braces for heavy rains after hurricane hammers Haiti - Island on full alert

Jamaica Gleaner News "The island's disaster response machinery is now ready for action, as Jamaica prepares for a brush from Hurricane Gustav. The country is not expected to get a direct hit as the centre of Gustav is projected to pass several miles off Jamaica's north coast sometime this afternoon into tomorrow morning."

No final report yet

The Nation Newspaper "EXACTLY ONE YEAR after a building at Arch Cot Terrace, Brittons Hill, St Michael, collapsed killing a family of five, Government has still not received the final report from the engineers. And as a result, families displaced by the tragedy and living at the Senior Citizens' Village at Vauxhall, Christ Church may have to staythere longer."


Trinidad Express : "Acting Police Commissioner James Philbert has launched an investigation into the individuals appearing in a locally produced music video currently circulating on YouTube, which contains threats against the lives of police officers and a recently murdered gang leader. 'I have just looked at the video and we are in the process of identifying the area,' Philbert said yesterday. Confirming it is in fact the St Barb's Police Post in the video background, Philbert said pictures of the men will be distributed to various police stations."

Armed, dangerous; cops hunt for ‘Crocus’

Antigua Sun : "Police are on the hunt for Makinya “Crocus” Akez, whom they describe as armed and dangerous. Akez is sought by the police in relation to charges of possession of gun and ammunition, and possession and cultivation of cannabis. The Willikies man, according to reports, has been on the run for over a week. The police are advising that anyone with information about the whereabouts of Akez can contact the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the Gray’s Farm Police Station or the nearest police station. Information will be kept in the strictest of confidence."

Cyber Cuba

A strict control on the media has characterised Cuba since the communist revolutionaries took power in 1959. Recently however a frenzy for information has been brought about, especially amongst the younger generations. An underground network of young people smuggles computer memory sticks and digital cameras, accessing clandestine Internet connections and spreading news the official state media would rather repress. Part 1 Part 2

44 Haitian migrants rescued by cruise ship : "A Carnival cruise ship rescued 44 Haitians from a sinking motorboat in the Caribbean on Friday morning. The Carnival Liberty, one of the Miami-based company's largest ships, was off the northeast coast of Cuba when the crew on the bridge spotted the boat, according to Tim Gallagher, a spokesman for the cruiseline. Gallagher said the Liberty crew notified the Coast Guard, then sent a rescue vessel to the sinking boat and took the passengers onto the cruise ship. Once onboard, all the migrants were inspected by the Liberty's medical team and given food, water, clothes and mattresses to rest on."

Gustav becomes a hurricane, hits Haiti

Scientific American : "MIAMI (Reuters) - Tropical Storm Gustav reached hurricane strength as it swirled through the central Caribbean and bore down on Haiti on Tuesday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. A hurricane hunter aircraft reported the storm's top sustained winds were near 80 mph (130 kph) -- above hurricane strength of 74 mph (120 kph) -- as it approached southwest Haiti. Gustav threatened the impoverished Caribbean nation of 9 million with up to 25 inches of rain in some areas, which could trigger deadly floods and mudslides."

Robbery ruled out as motive: Security guards gunned down

The Trinidad Guardian "Two security guards were shot to death at their home in Barataria, San Juan, yesterday, in what police believe was a hit by someone they knew. Sharon Henry, 42, employed with Amalgamated Security Services, and her common-law husband Nicholas Tavernier, 38, who worked at Auto Village in El Socorro, were killed by two gunmen who stormed their home. Investigators have ruled out robbery as the motive, as Tavernier’s revolver was found tucked in his waist."

Husband, wife shot dead

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "A husband and wife died at hospital hours after a gunman attacked them at their apartment home in El Socorro early yesterday morning. The double murder pushed the number of homicides to 347. Police report that Sharon Henry, 41, and her husband Nicholas Tavernier, 38 were preparing to leave their home at Ramzan Drive, El Socorro, at about 4.45 am, when Tavernier was accosted by several men at the front gate."

No bed for Giselle

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : "A 16-hour wait for a bed at San Fernando General Hospital “knocked out” women’s world boxing champion Giselle Salandy, who gave up hope and returned to her home at Fyzabad yesterday to be cared for by her pregnant sister. Salandy, the 2008 World Boxing Council and the World Boxing Association welterweight champion, began vomiting and complained about severe pain on Sunday afternoon and her relatives fearing she had contracted dengue called an ambulance to take her to the hospital at about 10 pm."

Sports focus

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "The sporting exploits of Jamaican athletes at the 29th Olympiad in Beijing, China last week has prompted the Government to explore the possibility of establishing a Centre of International Sporting Excellence in the island."


The Nation Newspaper "THE LONG-SUFFERING RESIDENTS of Emmerton, St Michael, will start moving into their new homes in the Upper Barbarees Hill area on Friday. Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley, made the announcement yesterday."

Pilgrim takes I'Akobi case

The Nation Newspaper "THE FAMILY of the late I'Akobi Maloney has secured an attorney. Maggie Maloney, mother of I'Akobi, who said she had been having difficulty securing a lawyer,has retained the services of attorney-at-law Andrew Pilgrim. The family has been voiceing concerns over the circumstances surrounding the death of their loved one who was a former Barbados Exhibition winner. 'I always bring each case close to home, no one or institution is untouchable and we will be pursuing every available channel until this matter is taken seriously,' said Pilgrim in an exclusive interview with the DAILY NATION."


The Nation Newspaper "ONE WEEK before the new academic year is scheduled to start at least one secondary school is without an appointed principal in place. The St Leonard's Boys' School is still looking for someone to fill the top spot, and it also needs a temporary deputy. As a stop-gap measure, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development will be using some of the existing senior teachers at the school to carry out the duties."

Another homicide in St. Kitts!! "BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – THE twin-island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis has recorded its 15th homicide in just eight months with the shooting death of an Ottleys Village resident. Reports reaching SKNVibes state that Steve Pemberton, also known as Steam Fish, was shot multiple times to the body in Ottleys Village last night and died on arrival at the Joseph N France General Hospital. A police press release informed that the incident occurred at about 11:25 p.m. on Saturday, August 23 in an alley within the area known as Italy in Ottleys Village."

Africa at large: To be black, Jamaican, Nigerian and very proud : "First, Adebayo does something that a lot of us politically correct folks just can’t. He argues that the Olympic games began with the “White Week”, dominated by sports like swimming, fencing, rowing and others which black folks do not excel in. The “REAL Olympics”, as he called them, begin with track and field, and this year the Jamaicans are the stars. He counts every athlete with a hint of black blood in his or her veins as African. He is more specific. He holds that all those fast Jamaicans cannot be descendants of slaves from Ghana, as history has it, because for a long time, there has been no Ghanaian in the final stages of the 100- and 200-metre race. However, there is always a Nigerian. So, he deduces, Jamaicans must be Nigerians, and therefore Nigeria is the best performing country at Beijing!"

Rainy days ahead for Jamaica

Jamaica Gleaner News WEATHER CONDITIONS are expected to worsen over the next two days because of a strong tropical wave over the Caribbean Sea, east of Jamaica. The Meteorological Service of Jamaica has advised that the wave continues to move closer to the island and will influence weather conditions today and tomorrow.

T&T still under water

The Trinidad Guardian "A widespread clean-up effort began yesterday after Saturday’s flooding and high winds caused damage across several areas of T&T. Among the affected areas were Tacarigua, Five Rivers, Lopinot and St Augustine."

Crop Damage by Tropical Storm Fay Magnifies Haiti's Food Crisis

Press Release "As if Haiti has not had enough of a struggle coping with a food crisis that sparked deadly riots in April, Tropical Storm Fay has added to the country's woes. With maximum sustained winds of 55 mph, flooding, and the fourteen people confirmed dead, Fay also flooded and destroyed rice fields and plantain crops. With less than one percent of its forest remaining due to deforestation, any damage to its agricultural sector proves devastating for the island. Temporary fixes to the problem brings about a wave of food aid, but the permanent solution to solving Haiti's food crisis will require investment in Haiti's farming sector to work towards sustainable developmen"

American girl just disappears

The Trinidad Guardian "The Anti-Kidnapping Squad (AKS) is searching for a 16-year-old American citizen, who was reportedly abducted on Saturday night from a relative’s Woodland home in La Fortune, where she was vacationing. According to police, teenager Felesha Subadar, disappeared around 6.45 pm, minutes after she returned from a nearby parlour where she went to purchase snacks. Police said Subadar, who was expected to return to the United States on Wednesday, was last seen sitting on the front step of the La Fortune, home of her sister Marsha, Subadar-Singh."

PM Manning visits five countries in 36 hours

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning today kick-starts a whirlwind tour of the Caribbean which will see him visit five countries, travel approximately 6,000 miles, spend more than 13 hours in a private jet, costing about $680,000 in his bid to woo regional leaders to join his latest effort at regional integration. The Prime Minister was expected to depart at about 6am on a private jet with a delegation including Foreign Affairs Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon. Over the next 36 hours he will visit the Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica, Haiti and Suriname. He is due to return on Tuesday evening, officials at the Prime Minister’s Office said yesterday."

IMMIGRATION STING…Joint operation nets over 70 illegal immigrants

Antigua Sun : "Authorities in Antigua and Barbuda, in a major joint operation in several areas across the country, swooped down on several homes in St. John's and placed over 70 non-nationals behind bars for breaching the country’s immigration laws. Last week, according to reports, over 70 non-nationals were picked up following the extensive joint operation among the police force, the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force and the Immigration Department. The joint operation was conducted over a period of days in Gray's Farm, Gray's Hill and other areas in St. John’s."

Yellow Yam - Worth its weight in gold

Jamaica Gleaner News "Triple Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt is to running what yellow yam is to Trelawny. Both are top in their class. After years of taking the delicious tuber for granted, at the just-concluded Olympics, yam received almost as much attention as our athletes in Beijing, China, did. Suddenly, everyone wanted to know why Jamaican athletes (particularly Bolt) are so fast. And not wanting to seem boastful, the answer came loud and clear: it's in the (yam) diet.

Technique tweaks bolt Usain into history - Monday | August 25, 2008

Jamaica Gleaner News "Glen Mills, coach of Olympic triple gold medallist Usain Bolt, believes his charge is far from achieving the optimum speed to cement himself as a sprint immortal. Despite Bolt's heroics at the Beijing Olympic Games, where he dominated the 100m and 200m and decimated three world records, Mills says the athletics sensation will run much faster when he gets stronger and develops a more refined stride technique."


JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "Prime Minister Bruce Golding last night told persons involved in criminal behaviour that they are embarrassing Jamaica and its athletes in their moment of glory, and urged the country to use the athletes' performance at the Beijing Olympics to unite and set new standards for ourselves and our community in how we treat each other."

Chemist attributes Bolt’s Olympic success to herbs

The Trinidad Guardian : "Check the herbs that have been part and parcel of Usain Bolt’s diet in his native Jamaica and you will be on track to trace the source of his unique athletic ability. That’s the contention one of the Caribbean’s leading herbal scientist, Prof Compton Seaforth, who is thrilled by the fabulous performances in the Beijing Olympics by Bolt, in particular, and the Jamaican athletes, in general. Seaforth, 70, is willing to put his head on a block and stake his professional reputation that Bolt was brought up by his family in Jamaica on a diet that includes herbs as potent as bois bande, the fizzy drink that Trini men swear arouses sexual desire to dizzying heights."

Dominicans fume over blackouts : "SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- Gloom has descended over this Caribbean nation as Dominicans endure blackouts with such frequency and duration that tempers are flaring and the economy is foundering. With blackouts lasting as long as 18 hours in some areas, angry residents have taken to blocking streets with burning tires and stones in protest, and police have respondent with tear gas that have even hit homes."

Some churches shun HIV-positive Jamaicans

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "For three years, she found comfort in her church. So involved was the 41-year-old mother of three that she devoted herself to the choir and served as an usher, making several friends along the way. However, all this started to change the day a less than sympathetic doctor bluntly told her she was HIV-positive before flouncing out of her hospital room."

Jamaica wins the medal tally, by population

People's Daily Online : "The lightening Usain Bolt and other Jamaican sprint aces helped their country win six gold medals in Beijing, but they could never think that also raises the Caribbean island atop on the medal tally. At least one Australian researcher thinks so. Simon Forsyth, from Brisbane, ranked Jamaica first in his Beijing Olympic medal tally by population, highly ahead of China and the United States. In his 'gold medal tally by per million population', Jamaica was winning with 2.1582 as of Saturday afternoon. The runner-up is Bahrain and Estonia the third. China was 45th, the United States was 31st and Russia 26th. Forsyth also provides total medal tally and weighted medal score both by per million population. Jamaica still holds the top. And the 'Giant 3' China, the United States and Russia, lag in distance, too. Forsyth's own country, Australia, ascends top 10 in those three tallies, but trails some 'small countries' like Bahamas and

Barbados-bound flight turns back to Gatwick

Gulf Times "LONDON: An outgoing passenger plane en route to Barbados was forced to make an unscheduled landing at Britain’s second biggest airport, London Gatwick, yesterday after the flight crew decided to turn back. No one was hurt, and a spokesman for the airport’s operator BAA said all the passengers were being taken off the plane."

Hermit sisters left large estate

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "Several valuable real estate documents and large amounts of cash have been found at the Woodbrook home of deceased sisters Gloria and Daisy Morales. However since the two women were never married, and had no children, all the cash and other assets are expected to be given to charity."

Stormy weather wreaks havoc in East, North Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "Residents of East and North-West Trinidad thought they were in the midst of a hurricane yesterday as stormy weather and lashing rain brought flood, chaos, snarled traffic, downed poles and a host of other disasters to those along the East-West Corridor. Newsday was inundated with calls from citizens along the corridor complaining of flooding, overflowing rivers, traffic problems, lack of transportation and generally disastrous conditions affecting homes, roadways and public buildings."

Mennonite executed in Corozal Free Zone!

Amandala Online : "Police are presently interviewing three witnesses to the murder yesterday of a Belizean Mennonite contractor in the Commercial Free Zone in Santa Elena, Corozal border - a first for the zone. A Mexican who lives in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico, was detained yesterday by police after displaying suspicious behavior and inconsistency in his story, but he was later released."

Best ever!

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "BEIJING, China - The quartet of Shericka Williams, Shereefa Lloyd, Rosemarie Whyte and Novelene Williams produced a season best three minutes 20.45 seconds to win bronze in the Women's mile relay as Jamaica ended the 29th Olympiad with a record haul of 11 medals yesterday. It was Jamaica's third consecutive medal in the Women's 4x400m relay following silver in Sydney 2000 and bronze in Athens 2004."

GREAT HAUL OF CHINA - Jamaica's record-breaking Olympic performance

Jamaica Gleaner News "JAMAICA ENDED a record-breaking medal performance at the 2008 Olympic Games with a bronze in the women's 4x400 metres on the final day of competition for the nation's athletes at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing yesterday. The island's contingent here, led by an awesome performance from Usain Bolt, finished with a record 11 medals - six gold, three silver and two bronze - beating, by four, the previous highest tally of seven at the Sydney Games in 2000. Jamaica had never won more than two gold medals at any one Games before. This time, they captured three times as many to finish third on the track-and-field table, behind powerhouses United States with seven gold, nine silver and seven bronze, and Russia with six gold, five silver and seven bronze."

Father dies, toddler survives car crash

The Nation Newspaper "FABIAN CAMPBELL, 24, of Brathwaite Road, Sion Hill, St James, is the island's latest road fatality. He died on the spot after his car crashed on the stretch of highway along Black Bess, St Peter on Friday night. His three-year-old son Shem who was also in the car was treated and discharged from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital."


The Nation Newspaper "THERE IS a new preacher in St Philip. And from the reports of two of his recent congregants, his sermons are inspiring – so inspiring they swear they have changed their lives. The place is HMP Dodds; the preacher is recently convicted rapist Pastor Dr Jippy Doyle, and the congregants were two men who had been remanded to the penal facility."

Bruce blasts critics

Jamaica Gleaner News "'IS PURE red eye and 'grudgefulness'. They just can't come to terms with the fact that not only has this little boy won the double sprint, but he did it in world record time,' said Prime Minister Bruce Golding as he blasted critics of Usain Bolt yesterday. In the last week, the world's fastest man and Jamaica's knight in shining armour of the 2008 Olympics, Bolt, has been criticised for showboating after winning the 100 metres in fine style in Beijing, China."

Caribbean leaders congratulate Jamaican athletes

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) - A number of Caribbean leaders have congratulated the Jamaican athletes at the Beijing Olympics for outstanding performances that have so far landed them 10 medals, including six gold. Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister Patrick Manning, who spoke during Thursday's post-Cabinet briefing, said the Jamaicans 'are doing phenomenally well'."

Layden and Epstein: Why the Jamaicans are running away with sprint golds in Beijing - 2008 Olympics

- : "BEIJING -- The short sprints at the Beijing Games have become a showdown between the United States and Jamaica, with Jamaica winning by an Usain Bolt-ian margin. It's the first time since the 1988 Seoul Games a country has captured both the men's (Bolt) and women's 100 and 200 races (Shelly-Ann Fraser and Veronica Campbell-Brown). The sprints are also likely to add to the Jamaican gold medal haul. Both the U.S. men's and women's 4x100-meter relay teams dropped their batons in prelims on Thursday, though the Jamaican teams would have been favored anyway. So how is a country of 2.8 million people sprinting past the mighty Americans? Here are six reasons for the country's sprint dominance in Beijing:"

Jamaicans Smash 4x100 Record

TIME : "Usain Bolt helped Jamaica win the 400-meter relay final in 37.10 seconds Friday night for his third gold medal and third world record of the Olympics. Bolt ran the third leg of the relay, then handed the baton to former 100-meter world record-holder Asafa Powell. Bolt yelled and pointed as Powell began the anchor leg."

Govt to honour Thompson

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "GOVERNMENT is awaiting the results of today’s 4x100 metres relay final at the Olympics Games in Beijing, China, to determine how best to reward Trinidad and Tobago’s sprinters, especially Richard Thompson who won a silver medal in the 100 metres final last Saturday. The 4x100 metres race takes place at 10.22 am today and Thompson is a member of the relay team which qualified for the final"

Commentary: Jamaicans bolt to prominence... and dominance at Beijing Olympic Games

Caribbean Net News: "The Jamaicans are becoming to Track and Field what the Chinese are to Ping Pong. Because not only are they dominating the sprints for Jamaica at these Olympic Games, but, like the Chinese, they are also providing the best results for other countries by competing under non-Jamaican flags, including the American flag."

QC students top CAPE, GCE

Stabroek News : "Nazana Weekes and Robert Mansell, both of Queen’s College, have been named top Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and General Certificate of Education Examination (GCE) students respectively while Rahul Neehal Lall of Anna Regina Multilateral is unofficially the top Caribbean Secondary Certificate Examination (CSEC) student. He secured 14 grade ones and 2 grade twos."

VC repeats as 200m champ

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "BEIJING, China - Veronica Campbell-Brown ensured Jamaica completed an unprecedented clean sweep of the individual sprints at the 29th Olympiad by clocking a lifetime best 21.74 seconds to retain her title from Athens four years ago. The ace sprinter's gold medal complements those of Usain Bolt who completed the Men's double in record times 9.69 and 19.30, as well as Shelly-Ann Fraser's (10.78) 100m title."

SKN IN DEBT … All the wants and needs of the country cannot be met

SUN St.Kitts & Nevis : "After announcing that public debt is “uncomfortably high,” Minister with responsibility for Finance Dr. Timothy Harris said, “We have to contain our own expenditure levels. We will have to try and make do with less and use less, more efficiently, to get more outcomes and outputs from the use of any quantum of resources.” Speaking to Sun St. Kitts/Nevis yesterday, the newly appointed finance minister explained that “while St. Kitts has an uncomfortably high public debt, there is a similar pattern of high indebtedness in other countries.” He claimed that of the 10 most indebted countries in the world, seven of them are Caribbean regions and St. Kitts/Nevis tops the list."

SCAM WIDENS …Jamaican man in police

Antigua Sun : "Another Jamaican man, who is allegedly involved in a passport scam, is now in police custody. The man was picked up on Wednesday afternoon by immigration officers who later handed him over to the police. He is now assisting the lawmen with investigations into yet another alleged passport scam. Reportedly, immigration officers pounced on the man while he was in a barber shop on Tindale Road. The Jamaican is alleged to have obtained the birth certificate of Kareem Kassim “Bam Bam” Simon, which he used with other documents to acquire an Antigua and Barbuda passport."


The Nation Newspaper "CLOSE to 1 000 public service vehicles (PSVs) conductors could soon be out of work if a plan by PSV owners materialises. This follows a decision by several owners to do away with the conductors and, in some cases, install fare boxes in an attempt to cut operating costs."

lawyers bid to stop Keith Carey murder re-trial

The Nassau Guardian "Although four men accused of the murder and armed robbery of businessman Keith Carey are expected to be tried next month, their lawyers hope that the scheduled trial date will be vacated. Lawyers Craig Butler and Roger Gomez Jr. have filed a constitutional motion alleging that the trial — which will be the second one for three of the accused men — amounts to an abuse of process."

U.S.Virgin Islands man gets life for strangling girl : "CHARLOTTE AMALIE, U.S. Virgin Islands (AP) — A judge has imposed a life sentence on a U.S. Virgin Islands man convicted of strangling a 12-year-old girl. Daniel Castillo also was sentenced to 30 years in prison for aggravated child abuse. Police say he killed Laquina Hennis last year and dumped her body in a wooden shed near the capital. She died as report cards were being distributed and never found out she had made the school's honor roll for the first time."

Barbados, Guyana mum on political unity

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "THE GOVERNMENTS of Barbados and Guyana were silent yesterday about whether they will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will lead to the creation of the Caricom Single Economy (CSE) by 2011 and regional political integration by 2013. Prime Minister Patrick Manning and Grenada PM Tillman Thomas met yesterday with Dominica PM Roosevelt Skeritt, St Kitts and Nevis PM Denzil Douglas and Antigua and Barbuda PM Baldwin Spencer to persuade them to sign the MOU."

Caribbean Hotels Face Several Threats in 2008

Hospitality Net "ATLANTA, PKF Hospitality Research (PKF-HR), an affiliate of PKF Consulting, today announced that it has released its 2008 edition of Caribbean Trends in the Hotel Industry. The report finds that the Caribbean hotel industry faces some strong challenges going forward. After a soft 2006, most Caribbean destinations saw their visitation rates grow in 2007. In 2008, however, the combination of a slow U.S. economy, increased competition, rising energy costs, and threats of reduced air service could result in lower levels of occupancy and profits for the region's hotel owners and operators."

Can Jamaica's Sprinters Fight Crime?

TIME : "The secret of Usain Bolt's sprinting prowess, at least according to his Aunt Lilly, lies in a substance the precocious Olympic champion has consumed for years: the mouth-watering yellow yams she still cooks for him at Miss Lilly's Bar and Shop in Trelawny parish, deep in the hilly heartland of Jamaica known as Cockpit Country. 'You can count on that,' Lilly Bolt, 56, told TIME by telephone from the patio of her restaurant, where Usain also likes to dance to roots reggae music. And Bolt's performance-enhancing yams should not be confused with any kind of drug: 'I don't even use fertilizer growing those yams,' she says."

TRAFFIC JAM ... Peak hour congestion proves problematic

SUN St.Kitts & Nevis : "The traffic congestion experienced at peak hours on any given day leaves the Traffic Department ambitious to acquire traffic lights to ease this problem. However, according to head of the Traffic Department, Venetta Wyatt, the light are not forthcoming. Wyatt said, “This is something that we would like to see happen, I cannot say it is forthcoming. I believe all of us in St. Kitts would like to see that (which she is convinced) might be the way forward,” to remedy the congestion at various junctions throughout town."

BAIL DENIED…Magistrate rules against Aaron in double murder

Antigua Sun : "Georgette Aaron was denied bail yesterday after forceful objections by Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Adlai Smith. Aaron is the fifth person to have been charged in connection with the double murder of Benjamin Mullany and Catherine Bowen. Smith cited two main reasons in his argument – the seriousness of the charges and the fact that Aaron might interfere with ongoing investigations. The 31-year-old mother is charged with conspiracy to make a false statement to pervert the course of justice, accessory to murder after the fact and accessory to robbery after the fact."

Veronica Campbell-Brown wins gold in 200m

Jamaican Veronica Campbell-Brown has won gold in the 200m , a super run from the two-time olympic champion.......ahead of Allyson Felix(USA) and her Jamaican team mate Kerron Stewart who took the bronze.... Related stories More Jamaican dominance in women's 200 BEIJING - It was Jamaica Night again at the Bird's Nest, this time with Veronica Campbell-Brown doing the honors, easily winning the 200 meters Thursday to cap the first sweep of all four men's and women's Olympic sprints in 20 years. The defending Olympic champion routed Allyson Felix of the United States in 21.74 seconds to win the gold by 0.19 second. Campell-Brown completes Jamaica's track sweep BEIJING -- Veronica Campbell-Brown scorched to victory in the Olympic 200 metres final on Thursday to retain her title and complete a Jamaican sweep of all four individual sprint gold medals at the Games. The 26-year-old exploded out of the blocks, increased her lead around the bend and clocked a care

Walker's win keeps Jamaica on the run

The Boston Globe : "Melaine Walker powered her way to victory in the 400-meter hurdles, the final event on the track last night with the Bird's Nest still buzzing in the afterglow of her countryman Usain Bolt's dazzling world-record 200. 'Jamaica is great right now,' Walker said. 'I'm proud of every single soul.' Walker won in an Olympic-record and personal-best 52.64 seconds, well ahead of American Sheena Tosta, who took the silver at 53.70. Britain's Tasha Danvers won the bronze at 53.84. Walker broke the Olympic record of 52.82 set by fellow Jamaican Deon Hemmings in 1996."

3 murders in 2 hours

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "THREE murders committed within a two-hour period on Tuesday night in Laventille, have brought the overall murder toll to 342 for the year, 47 less than the total murders committed for 2007. For this week there have been seven murders. The men gunned down in separate incidents were identified as Sterling Junior Richards, 20, of Lovell Place; Osei Christian, 27, of Rebecca Trace, Building 22 and Keagan John, 24, of Canada."

Mayor Lopez turns back Belisle challenge in heated UDP Belmopan convention

Amandala Online : "It was pitched as young versus not-so-young, innocence versus experience, at the United Democratic Party’s mayoral convention for the Belmopan City Council yesterday. Newcomer Khalid Belisle, 27, challenged the incumbent, Simeon Lopez, 58, to be the UDP’s mayoral candidate in the upcoming municipal elections. Also on the ticket was Eugene Brown, 21, who is currently a city councilor serving under Lopez."

Bolt, Walker bring more glory to Ja

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "BEIJING, China - Signed, sealed, delivered. Usain Bolt cemented himself as the greatest Olympic sprinter of all time with his scorching 19.30 seconds world record run to win the 200 metres and complete an audacious sprint double on yesterday's sixth day of track & field competition at the 29th Olympiad in the Bird's Nest Stadium."

Sherwood continues to rejoice

Jamaica Gleaner News - "From the hills of Sherwood Content along the winding patches of the Retrieve, Bellevue and Martha Brae main roads leading into Water Square, Falmouth, Trelawny, jubilation reached its height yesterday as many residents celebrated victory. It was yet another historic day for the people of Sherwood Content, as 21-year-old Usain Bolt, now seen as their 'idol', had won another race - the men's 200m at the 29th Olympiad in Beijing, China"

Dengue diagnosis

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "There are six more confirmed cases of dengue in Freeport, in the communities of Chickland and Mission Road. Dengue, spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, is now a major concern in the country, following the death of eight-year-old Sasha Bickram at the San Fernando General Hospital on August 10."


The Nation Newspaper Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt yesterday completed his metamorphosis as the fastest man alive, becoming the track hero of the Beijing Olympics by breaking the sport's longest standing sprint record. Last weekend, Bolt showboated his way to win the 100 metres, celebrating long before he crossed the line, still in a world record time of 9.69 seconds. Last night (China time) at the Bird's Nest Stadium, the lanky 6-foot, 5-inch sprinter, who celebrates his 22nd birthday today, showed just how devastating he could be if he runs every metre of every race.

Dominicans Catch and Carve Giant Shark

Santo Domingo, Aug 20 ( Prensa Latina ) It took five hours for a group of Dominican fishermen to catch a giant shark of over 400 kg they had been pursuing for several months. Lured by animal and human bodies swept along by a recent tropical storm, the big fish was prowling coastal areas at dawn when a fierce battle ensued as the fishermen saw it. Traffic police officers were deployed later to clear the highway area linking the capital with Las Americas airport, as the presence of the fishermen and their catch triggered a big traffic jam. The gigantic animal was turned into steaks, and each pound sold at 60 pesos (about $2.00).

Jamaica celebrates Bolt's double

BBC NEWS : "The streets around Half Way Tree are always busy - it is one of the main roads running through Kingston and is home to the city's main bus terminal. It is dominated by an old clock tower but on Wednesday, two giant screens were the centre of attention. The streets came to a standstill as the public spilled out of nearby offices, shops and buses to watch a moment marked in history."

Criminology students assist Trinidad and Tobago

ASU News : "If it takes a village to raise a child, the village touched by students in ASU’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is global in its scope. Graduate students Andrew Fox and Kristine Denholm have lent their time and talents to projects targeting youth crime, gang crime and other critical social problems in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago."

SKN hotel security not affected by Antigua incident

SUN St.Kitts & Nevis : "Manager of the St. Kitts/Nevis Hotel and Tourism Association Michael Head described the recent shooting of a British couple honeymooning in Antigua as an isolated event in the sub-region and should not affect the Federation, adding that hotel security facilities in St. Kitts “work very well.” Commenting on the incident, Head said, “Obviously, it sent a shock wave down every body when we heard of that disastrous event in Antigua. I am happy to say (however) it is an isolated incident (and) it should be treated as such.”"

A new Caribbean Cold War: Jamaican sprinters : "If America had a Cuban missile crisis, can it have a Jamaican sprinter crisis? Is President Bush even now considering a blockade of Kingston harbor to ensure that the reggae runners are never again dispatched to an international meet? For 12 days, American angst has focused on the host nation almost lapping us in the gold medal race. Tonight confirmed the greater immediate danger much closer to home. Since the sprinting program began Friday, the Jamaicans have treated America less kindly than Nikita Khrushchev treated his shoe, winning the men’s 100 meters, sweeping the women’s 100 meters, and now taking the men’s 200 meters."

King on support for initiative

HTS Channel 4 St. Lucia   While the opposition still weighs its response to the signing of a new regional pact, Prime Minister Stephenson King says what is needed to achieve Caribbean unity is cross-party support for the initiative. King was speaking after he signed a joint declaration with the Prime Ministers of Trinidad, St. Vincent and Grenada towards the creation of a single market and economy and political union. King says one of the biggest obstacles to regional integration is island politics and the unwillingness of successive governments to follow up on decisions of their predecessors.

HTS St.Lucia:Robbery at the mangos bar

HTS Channel 4  St.Lucia The aim may have been to put the Rodney Bay bar out of business. Audrey Fredericks-Brower is the Supervisor of the Mango’s bar. She says a daylight robbery left the bar with no drinks except soda water. Two thieves stole cases of beer including Red Stripe, Piton and Heineken. They also got away with various other drinks including Baileys, rum punch and Hypnotiq. Fredericks-Brower says all evidence including a security camera points to an inside job. The robbery occurred late Sunday morning at around 11:55am. It came days after two Mangos employees were fired following their Friday night shift. Fredericks-Brower says it was a bold move enabled by a lack of police presence in the area. The Supervisor does not yet know the total value of the stolen goods. She says the robbery has made her view her clientele in a new light. It has also made her realize how vulnerable her business is to crime.

Jamaica open to talks, but not political union

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "JAMAICA is against any proposed Caricom-wide political union, its foreign affairs ministry said yesterday as it called for clarification of a proposal for a political union between Trinidad and Tobago and three Caricom countries – a move being spearheaded by Prime Minister Patrick Manning."

Another charged in Antigua "The police in Antigua and Barbuda Tuesday charged a fifth person in connection with the murders of a British man and woman who were honeymooning on the island last month. Georgette Aaron, 31, appeared briefly in court Tuesday morning and was charged with perverting the course of justice, being an accessory to robbery after the fact, and an accessory to murder after the fact."

New Dominican drug czar warns traffickers, associates : "Santo Domingo. - The Drugs Control Agency’s (DNCD) new president warned drug traffickers and their associates that he’ll proceed against them with the energy necessary so they don’t threaten the country. Delgado Gilberto, speaking Tuesday upon arriving the entity’s headquarters, said he’ll have the support of the Armed Forces and the Police in “the tenacious war and without rest” the DNCD will wage against drug trafficking.'"

Garifunas Journey Back to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Yurumein)

As descendants from shipwrecked slaves who sought refuge in mainland St. Vincent and intermarried with the Caribs and Arawaks, the Garifunas or Black Caribs, are part of the unique cultures and melting pot of ethnicities that have their roots in the Caribbean . 211 years ago, everybody wondered if the Garifunas were going to survive as a people and live a long healthy life. Two years after the paramount Garifuna Chief Joseph Chatoyer was killed on March 14, 1795, the Garifuna people were exiled from their native land of St Vincent (Yurumein!) to the island of Roatán , off the coast of Honduras from where they dispersed along the Atlantic coast of Honduras , Guatemala , Belize and Nicaragua . However, 212 years later, not only have they survived but will be returning to their homeland St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Yurumein!) The Board of Directors of the Garifuna Coalition has organized a planning committee for this historic event and has extended invitations to Garifuna organizations

Usain Bolt stunning world record run in the 200m

Usain Bolt has done the impossible...broken Michael Johnson record in the 200 meters.He is now the record holder in both the 100m and 200m. Jamaica has been simply phenomenal in these Olympics and has certainly made not only Jamaica but the entire Caribbean proud.Here in Barbados everyone has been celebrating the Jamaican victories and reports are that it has been the same over all the islands....

4 shot dead

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "Gun killings continue to rise with the murders of four men, who were shot dead in over five hours on Monday evening, taking the toll to 339. For the same period last year, the murder toll was 207. Monday’s killings occurred between 3.30 and 9 pm in Lopinot, the Beetham Highway, D’abadie and Laventille."

Shericka stuns - Williams surprises with silver for Jamaica

Jamaica Gleaner News "Shericka Williams yesterday produced a stunning run to capture the silver medal in the women's 400 metres, setting the stage for another thrilling day of performances by the Jamaican team at the Olympics in Beijing, China, this morning. 'I am happy with the silver. You cannot do better than your personal best,' said Williams, who posted a personal record of 49.69 in beating pre-race favourite Sanya Richards into third. Britain's Christine Ohuruogu took the gold."

Bartica massacre suspect held

Stabroek News : "Police have arrested another man fingered in the February 17 Bartica massacre and have recovered two metal vaults and a brief case containing documents which were identified as belonging to the CB&R mining company which was robbed on the night of the killings. A police press release last night did not state where the suspect was arrested or the vaults found."

Call to speed up sex cases

The Nation Newspaper "THE OFFICE of the Director of Public Prosecutions is being urged to speed up the time between committal and trial of sexual offences. The time lag, in some cases as long as seven years, is too long and the complainant that is seen in the magistrates' court is sometimes physically different from that whom the jury sees years later, one magistrate feels."

PMs TO VISIT SKN ... Manning of T&T, Thomas of Grenada to hold talks with Douglas

SUN St.Kitts & Nevis : "St. Kitts/Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Denzil L. Douglas confirmed that his Trinidad & Tobago colleague, Patrick Manning will visit Basseterre tomorrow. Manning’s visit follows a meeting in Port-of-Spain, at which the leaders of four Caricom countries declared their intent to establish a political union by 2013. They insist that their move would not be detrimental to the wider regional integration movement.

MURDER ARRESTS ... Two behind bars in connection with shooting deaths of British couple

Antigua Sun : Twenty-year-old Kaniel Martin of Tindale Road and 17-year-old Avie Howell of Golden Grove were picked up by the police last week and on Sunday both were charged. The men are also facing charges for robbery and receiving. Howell reportedly, is also charged with possession of cannabis, an alleged incident that is not connected to the murder case. Martin and Howell appeared in the St. John’s Magistrate Court before Acting Chief Magistrate Keith Thom and were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison."

Questions surround the real qualifications of general hospital oncologist

Klassic Grenada : "“We have had a specialist on contract in Grenada that actually was not a specialist “ Those words were used to describe the individual who is now being referred to as a so called oncologist Dr. Carl Rahaman Niamatali. The Ministry of Health held a news conference on Thursday and revealed that Dr. Niamatali is not qualified to be a specialist oncologist." Minister of health Carl Hood and director of hospital services Terron Gilchrist

Caribbean herbalist keeps old traditions alive : "Dinah Veeris recalls laughing as a girl when her mother and aunt tried to cure her of minor ailments using herbs and traditional medicines. ''My mother used to talk to the plants and I thought she was crazy,'' said Veeris, whose smooth skin and sprightly gait belie her 69 years. ``I told her that if I was sick I should go to a doctor.''"

Joint Services descend on Buxton

Stabroek News : "The Joint Services yesterday descended on the East Coast Demerara village of Buxton and may have set up camps as part of increased security. Though neither the police nor the army has said anything about a semi-permanent presence in the area, a number of ranks were being taken into the community yesterday afternoon and there was a heightened presence in and around the community."

Doberman dogs maul neighbour at owner’s bidding

Kaieteur News : "Police at Timehri are preparing charges for a man who let his ferocious dogs maul his neighbour during a bitter family dispute on Sunday night. Rolston Benjamin almost had his left leg bitten off, while there were several bite marks about his body and face as a result of the vicious attack by about six Doberman dogs, reared by his neighbour."

Caricom danger

JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM : "Jamaica last night warned that the decision of some Caricom countries to establish a political union would have implications for the structure and future of the regional union and said it would request that the issue be discussed among regional Heads of Government, at which point Kingston will evaluate its position based on those talks."

Mining for more - Jamaica stars ready to strike again

Jamaica Gleaner News "WITH OLYMPIC Games temperature reaching fever pitch in Jamaica, another battalion in the country's army is out to mine more medals from the Bird's Nest national stadium in Beijing, China. The impressive quarter-mile hurdler, Melaine Walker, has set her sights on not only mining gold, but also erasing Yulia Pechonkina's five-year-old world record. Melaine races tomorrow in the final of her pet event."