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video--Cuban medics help in Bolivian dengue outbreak

Almost 500 Cuban medical workers have arrived in Bolivia to help authorites cope with the country's worst ever dengue epidemic. 31,000 cases of the mosquito-borne disease have been diagnosed in recent weeks, with 20 people dying. Bolivian troops are moving through the worst affected areas helping with fumigation efforts. Al Jazeera's Sebastian Walker reports.

Guyana pension fund loses $5.5m in Stanford deal

Guyana pension fund loses $5.5m in Stanford deal : "GEORGETOWN: A Guyanese pension-fund lost $5.5 million deposited in Stanford International Bank (SIB), President Bharrat Jagdeo said the other day. Jagdeo told a press conference that the Hand-in-Hand Trust Company had invested four million dollars in Certificates of Deposits on which SIB was ostensibly offering lucrative interest-rates, and 1.5 million in pension funds."

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Are we nations of cowards?

The Nation Newspaper "'IN THINGS RACIAL we have always been, and I believe continue to be, in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards.' Eric Holder, United States Attorney-General and the son of Bajan parents, was describing the country which he loves and which he readily acknowledges has given him a unique opportunity to write a new chapter in its history as the first black person to lead the US Justice Department. Holder, who was born and raised in a black Bajan home in New York City, attended some of the best public schools and gained a law degree from the prestigious Columbia University, knew what he was talking about."

Guyana hunts for bloggers after false bank report

The Associated Press: "GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) — Police in Guyana say they are looking for bloggers who caused alarm with a false report that a commercial bank in the South American nation had requested a $5 million bailout to avert a collapse. The Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry said it fielded thousands of calls from worried customers after the Web site posted a report on Thursday that it was seeking government aid, which it said was not true. The bank said there was no mass withdrawal of funds and the government's central bank said the institution was sound."

Brother charged with murder

The Trinidad Guardian : "A brother and sister were yesterday remanded in custody after appearing before a Port-of-Spain magistrate charged with murder and possession of a firearm and ammunition, respectively. Around 4 pm, Lasharn Mc Clean and her brother, Shawn Mc Clean were seated separately in the prisoners’ dock in the Four B Court, awaiting the arrival of magistrate Avason Quinlan"

Court says by-election : "WEST Portlanders will be going to the polls in March to select a member of parliament following the Court of Appeal's refusal yesterday to hand over the seat to People's National Party (PNP) candidate Abe Dabdoub who had waged a long and intricate legal battle to unseat the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP's) Daryl Vaz."

Woman taking cop to PCA

The Nation Newspaper "KELA THOMPSON is claiming that an encounter with the police is responsible for her dislocated shoulder, and says she is willing to go as far as necessary for justice. The 22-year-old resident, of 1st Avenue,Greaves Land, Black Rock, St Michael, has lodged a complaint with the Police Complaints Authority (PACA) and says she will take her case to the law courts."


The Nation Newspaper "THE RIGHT FRONT WHEEL BRAKE of BT4 registered to the Transport Co-operative Society was worn beyond use, the gear shift was stuck in reverse and the handbrake was not working. Add to that 40 screaming passengers on their way to the Mount Gay/Cable & Wireless Party Monarch Finals on July 29, 2007, the steepness of Horse Hill, and a panicked bus driver doing all he could to stop the crash."

Owen Arthur flays Heads over Clico meltdown

Stabroek News "Former long-serving Barbadian Prime Minister Owen Arthur last night said he found it disturbing that regional heads have failed to move in the direction of a regional response to the financial woes that engulfed CLICO since the Trinidad crisis though “it is a major regional financial conglomerate” with policy holders and investors spanning the Caribbean."

video--Missing boy

A family from the Kaierre in La Clery needs help in locating a member who has been missing for four days now. The 16-year-old boy was sent to the shop by his mother and has yet to return. His disappearance has left his family fearful since he has never gone missing before...

Republic doesn't intend to sell shares

Trinidad Express "Republic Bank does not intend to sell its shares in the Barbados National Bank. The Port of Spain-based bank responded on Wednesday to reports that the Barbados government had indicated its intention to buy Republic's 65 per cent stake in the BNB subsidiary. 'Republic Bank affirms that BNB is of strategic value to the bank's Pan-Caribbean strategy and that it has no interest in selling the Barbados-based subsidiary,' Republic Bank said in a statement."

Baby John Doe in father's arms

The Nation Newspaper "AFTER 176 DAYS of fighting for the right to be a father to his child, the effort has paid off for a 31-year-old man. Last week, Marvin Bristol held his son for the first time, and broke down in tears. Bristol had known he was the father to a child left abandoned at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) since last September, based on a privately conducted DNA test."

MOTION PASSED…Lower House votes to acquire Stanford properties

Antigua Sun : "Although the House of Representatives passed a motion yesterday afternoon to acquire lands belonging to Sir Allen Stanford, the historical sitting of Parliament seemed not to have served the purpose for which it was initially intended as it more or less turned into a show of political strength. Spectators, most of whom turned out in their numbers in support of the ruling United Progressive Party (UPP) to witness the historic proceedings were overly exuberant, forcing the Speaker to address the gallery and members on both sides. Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer urged supporters at a rally the night before to come to the sitting in their party colours."

NBS acquires CLICO shares in Berbice Bridge

Kaieteur News : "Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) Guyana sold its shares in the Berbice River Bridge for $2B to New Building Society a mere two weeks ago. The move came as depositors were making a rush to collect their money from CLICO (Guyana) following reports that the parent company, CL Financial, as well as the various CLICO assets in the Caribbean were being frozen or divested."

Court locks down CLICO (Guyana) assets

Stabroek News "Assets of CLICO (Guyana) that escaped the ravages of the collapse of its sister company in the Bahamas are now under the supervision of the High Court, which has appointed Commissioner of Insurance Maria van Beek to manage its affairs as the government here scrambles to protect policyholders."

Digicel takes issue with LIME over Homefone pricing and bad debt : "Caribbean mobile telephone service provider Digicel is contesting the price structuring of LIME's Homefone product and its handling of bad debt regarding retail fixed to mobile rates. Earlier this month Digicel filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Jamaica against Lime to the tune of approximately J$1.7 billion plus interest. This claim equates to 200 per cent of LIME's pro rata full year 08/08 profit or alternatively around 25 per cent of its pro rata full year 08/09 revenue."

'Stop sharing the licks'

The Nation Newspaper "BARBADIANS are being urged to rise above their colonial past and become a humane and progressive society. This call came from UNICEF Representative, Tom Olsen, who also charged that by continuing to use corporal punishment in schools, Barbados was contravening the Convention on the Rights of the Child which the Government ratified in October 1990."

Jurors in Roger Khan trial to be quizzed on list of Guyanese

Stabroek News "A list of names and places including drug accused, dead notorious criminals and present and past members of the Guyana Police Force will be included in a questionnaire for prospective jurors in the trial of Guyanese drug accus-ed Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan. According to the list seen by this newspaper the jurors will be asked about their knowledge of a number of city businesses, including nightspots, two prominent hotels, a local pharmacy and even the Guyana Defence Force’s Officers Club and Camp Ayanganna. The ‘Timehri Airport’ is also included."

French PM says order to be maintained on Caribbean island

nternational Herald Tribune : "French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on Thursday security forces would maintain order on the Caribbean island of Martinique after youths clashed with police overnight in a protest over economic conditions. The unrest on Martinique has spread from the neighbouring island of Guadeloupe, where talks to end a general strike that has dragged on since January appeared to be making progress."

Gov’t moves to bring CLICO (Guyana) under judicial management

Stabroek News "Guyana’s Commissioner of Insurance, Maria van Beek has secured an order from the High Court to place CLICO (Guyana) under judicial management prior to winding up of the company. The decision came following Tuesday’s move by the Bahamas Supreme Court to order the liquidation of CLICO (Bahamas). CLICO (Bahamas) held 51% of the assets of CLICO (Guyana) at the end of 2007."

More alleged Stanford victims emerge in Caribbean

International Herald Tribune : "WILLEMSTAD, Curacao: R. Allen Stanford's alleged offshore investment fraud snared dozens of people in Curacao and elsewhere in the Dutch Caribbean, a law firm said Thursday. At least 50 people have registered with the HBN Law seeking help to recover their investments and more are expected to come forward, said Caroline Fievez, an attorney with the firm."

Stanford Makes Calls to Antigua to Gain Support : "Accused fraudster and Texas billionaire Allen Stanford has been making calls to his Caribbean base of Antigua to try and gain support and allies, CNBC has learned. The Antiguan Parliament will convene an emergency session Thursday to seize some 250 acres of Stanford's property in Antigua. Stanford, head of Stanford Financial Group, was charged with orchestrating an $8 billion fraud. He attempted to get a one-way flight out of the country to Antigua, where his offshore banking operations are based."

MURDER CHARGE ... Three await fate on remand

Antigua Sun : "Three Gray’s Farm youth charged for the killing of Renold “Steve” Mingo yesterday made their first appearance before a St. John’s magistrate. Antonio Smith and Trevor Boston, both 20, and a 15-year-old appeared before Chief Magistrate Ivan Walters in the St. John’s Magistrates Court. The three are charged with murder and conspiracy to murder. Bearing sombre countenances, Smith, Boston and the teenager stood in the accused box as the magistrate read the charges to them. The teen’s mother stood with him as the charge was read."

Body of missing Kilcoy teen found

Stabroek News The badly decomposed remains of the 17-year-old boy who was missing following a mishap with a 30-ft fishing boat around 9 am last Saturday was found at the Bush Lot, West Berbice foreshore yesterday. Fishermen discovered the swollen body of Lakeram ‘Baby boy’ Mohanlall of Kilcoy Squatting Area around 2:30 pm yesterday and informed his relatives at Bush Lot. The lad went under around 6:30 am on Sunday."

Antigua to acquire over 250 acres of land owned by Stanford Group

Stabroek News "A motion to acquire over 250 acres of land owned by the Stanford Financial Group of Companies is to be moved today by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda when it convenes an emergency meeting of the House of Representatives. A statement out of the Office of the Prime Minister in St. John’s, Antigua yesterday said that the move by the government follows an order in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas for a receiver to be appointed to take control of the assets of Sir R. Allen Stanford and his companies after he was charged with fraud to the tune of US$8B."

...Opposition candidate apologises for 'blood will flow' comment : "ST JOHN'S, Antigua (CMC) - Antigua Labour Party (ALP) candidate Asot Michael has apologised for offensive comments he said were made 'at the height of provocation'. During an ALP rally last week, the senior party member told supporters that 'blood will flow' if authorities arrested him or any of his colleagues. In a written statement on Sunday, Michael said he regretted the comments which drew concern and criticism from the public, including members of his own party."

CLICO entities collapse in the region

Kaieteur News : "The Barbados Nation has reported that a High Court judge has granted an ex-parte injunction to the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT) and the Colonial Life Insurance Company Limited (CLICO) preventing the embattled conglomerate CL Financial from conducting any local or international business with its assets. CL Financial Group finance director Michael Carballo said he was surprised at the move by the CBTT, according to the Barbados Nation. “I can confirm that since the intervention by the Central Bank…CL Financial has not dealt with, or disposed of any assets held by CL Financial…”"

CLICO (Bahamas) ordered liquidated

Stabroek News "CLICO (Bahamas) Ltd was on Tuesday ordered liquidated raising serious concerns here as the company held 51% of CLICO (Guyana’s) assets at the end of 2007 and sources last night said the government could move to the courts as early as today to protect the interests of local clients. It is unclear what the figure held by CLICO (Bahamas) was at the end of December, 2008 as accounts for that year are not yet available and CLICO (Guyana) has not volunteered any details. Importantly, CLICO (Guyana) holds $6B for the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and that would be one of the major concerns of the authorities here."

Kingston pier tragedy - One killed, two shot and injured at boat party - Denham Town residents irate over 'High Roller's' death

Jamaica Gleaner News "IT WAS billed as a late-night party at Kingston Harbour, but the boat never left the dock, as a barrage of bullets brought the session to its premature end. When the gunfire ended, one man lay dead, just a few metres from the boat, two were nursing gunshot wounds and several others had minor injures after a mad rush for safety."

Deadbeat dads! : "A Ministry of Justice report has revealed that child maintenance matters accounted for most of the cases brought before the nation's four family courts in 2008. According to the report, of the total of 49,925 cases brought before the family courts, 18,055 - or 36 per cent - were matters related to child maintenance."

Old wolf in sheep's clothing

The Nation Newspaper "My secret is that a lay preacher at my church is a paedophile. I know this because he felt my breasts and vagina when I was 10, and would have gone further if my older brother and our cousin did not keep coming back to the vestry to check me. At that time, too, he was considered a respectable elder church leader. He was the person others went to for advice on financial matters and guidance on any legal problems they had. He was, and still is, considered a reliable, responsible, Christian man who has the congregation's best interest at heart."


The Nation Newspaper "THE STANDS will be packed and the pitch will be quick, as thousands of cricket fans descend on Kensington Oval for today's all-important Fourth Digicel Test match between West Indies and England."

NOMINATION DAY…Candidates commit their names to electoral process today

Antigua Sun : "Over 50 candidates are expected to be nominated today to contest the 12 March general elections in Antigua and Barbuda. At the end of the period, which runs from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., in all the 17 constituencies, the electorate in the country will officially know the contending candidates in the 2009 general elections. Just about 16 candidates from the United Progressive Party (UPP), 17 from the opposition Antigua Labour Party (ALP), one from the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), four from the Organisation of National Development (OND) and approximately four independent candidates are expected to be nominated today."

Fay-Ann leads Road March race

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : "Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez is the first woman to win the Soca Monarch crown and thousands of masqueraders yesterday made her their queen of the road, prancing to her hit “Meet Superblue” and setting the stage for her to win her third Road March."

Miner shot dead in hammock

Kaieteur News : "Guyana’s interior is fast becoming the murder capital of the country, with yet another brutal murder engaging the attention of the police. Twenty-six-year-old Neville Melville is the latest victim, having been shot in the head while he was asleep in a hammock in his mining camp near Mahdia early on Monday. It is believed that his death is linked to an argument he had with another man at the mining camp over the use of an engine."

Kilcoy teen feared dead after ‘big wave’ slams boat

Stabroek News "A 17-year-old boy is missing and feared dead following a mishap with a 30-ft fishing boat around 9 am on Saturday while the captain survived by clinging onto a rope on the boat for 27 hours. Relatives are still searching relentlessly for Lakeram Mohanlall called ‘Baby boy’ of Kilcoy Squatting Area who disappeared in the water around 6:30 am on Sunday while apparently sleeping."

Airline crews to face scrutiny - Pilot accused of $5m customs breach

Jamaica Gleaner News "Airline crew should now expect to go through regular searches at the island's two international airports as the Customs Department implements more stringent measures placing them under the microscope. The decision comes in the wake of Air Jamaica Captain Gerald Aarons who was found with several pieces of jewellery in his bags and pockets at the Sangster International Airport last Saturday, Commissioner of Customs Danville Walker told The Gleaner."

It's Friday! : "The Court of Appeal will this Friday hand down its much anticipated decision in the dual citizenship case involving Junior Minister Daryl Vaz and Abe Dabdoub, the Observer has been reliably informed."

Sir Roy: Don't punish the working class

The Nation Newspaper "PUNISHING THE WORKING CLASS will not solve society's problem and the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr Marion Williams should realise that. That's the position of the general secretary of the Barbados Workers Union, Sir Roy Trotman who yesterday accused the governor of 'beating up on workers.'"

GOVERNMENT WINS…Hadeed-owned APC loses judicial review case

Antigua Sun : "The government of Antigua and Barbuda has successfully defended its case against the Hadeed-owned Antigua Power Company (APC) which had sought judicial review in reference to an alleged failed joint venture agreement between both entities. The APC will also have to pay costs to two of the four defendants – Attorney- General Justin Simon QC and the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA). In early Dec., 2007, the government took action to stop the APC from offloading new generators from a barge onto its compound."

Police deny fourth Bartica bandit captured, slain

Kaieteur News : "Police officials yesterday refuted media reports that Lorenzo De Freitas, the fourth bandit from the Bartica gang, had been captured or killed. Police said that the reports appear to be based on rumours that are circulating around the community. According to a police source, a Joint Services team had travelled to Arimu, Cuyuni on Sunday to check on reports that Brazilian miners had captured De Freitas. However, they found no evidence that the suspect had ever been caught."

PNP says it's ready for election, but… : "THE Opposition People's National Party (PNP) is insisting that it is ready for a general election if Prime Minister Bruce Golding decides to call one this year, even though the party's deputy general-secretary Julian Robinson admits that there are some constituencies in which the PNP has no representatives."

Jailed for incest - Man arrested for allegedly molesting his daughter - Children put into protective custody

Jamaica Gleaner News "A prominent businessman with branches of his organisation in May Pen, Linstead and Kingston was arrested yesterday by the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) for molesting his 12-year-old daughter. According to a spokesperson for CISOCA, an employee saw the man sexually abusing the child and reported the matter to his son, who contacted the police."

Slow start to Monday mas

Trinidad Express "Carnival Monday in Port of Spain, more so at the Queen's Park Savannah, was one of the most subdued in years. By 2 p.m. yesterday, only a few bands had crossed the judging point opposite the construction site of the Performing Arts Centre and the majority of the bands did not have their full complement of masqueraders."

American shot dead

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "A 29-YEAR-OLD American man, on vacation and in Trinidad for the Carnival celebrations was shot dead yesterday morning in full view of a police officer and several others, following the “Dawn” fete on Cipriani Boulevard, Tragarete Road in Port-of-Spain. But in a swift move, police arrested a 30-year-old Canadian man and a 26-year-old British woman in connection with the shooting of the American identified by police as Leevurn Lyons. A gun and several rounds of ammunition were also seized."

Tourists injured in accident at Castle Comfort

Dominica News : "A truck carrying tourists crashed in Castle Comfort this afternoon, injuring some of the occupants. According to eyewitness reports, a Bedford truck with license plate HB688, lost control and slammed into a wall at about 4 p.m. on the Castle Comfort highway near the Sorhaindo's residence. The injured persons were taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital. It is believed that more than a dozen persons were in the truck."

Bird has no regrets; praises Stanford : "ST JOHN'S, Antigua, CMC - As billionaire Sir Allen Stanford faces fraud charges in the United States for an alleged multibillion-dollar scam, the man whose government granted the wealthy investor access to Antigua and Barbuda says he has no regrets."

Dominican murdered in Antigua

Dominica News : "Family members sobbed openly as they took in what is steadily becoming a familiar picture: a murder scene in Antigua. Steve Mingo of Dominica lay motionless in the middle of the road early last Saturday morning shortly after he received several gunshots to the body while he was lying in his bed at his Gray's Farm home. Mingo ran from his home after he was shot, but collapsed in the middle of the road several yards away from his house and died. The young fisherman and mechanic became the country’s fifth murder victim for 2009 and the second person within two weeks to be gunned down in Gray’s Farm."

Mountain Chicken also under threat in Montserrat

Dominica News "One of Montserrat's most endemic species, the Mountain Chicken, could be under threat. According to the Department of the Environment, dead Mountain Chickens were recently found in the Jack Boy Hill and the upper Pelican Ghaut area. It says the cause of death is not yet known as officers at the Department are still is in the process of collecting samples for analysis overseas."

video--Calm in Guadeloupe amid strike negotiations

After weeks of violent protests and the slaying of a popular Union leader, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy says the worst of Guadeloupe's unrest is over. But masked demonstrators are still blocking the Carribean nation's main highway, and employers are still in negotiations with striking workers. Sebastian Walker reports from Guadeloupe.

Captured bandit dies from injuries

Kaieteur News : "Lorenzo De Freitas, the fourth bandit from the gang that had terrorized Barticians in recent weeks, died from injuries some hours after being captured by Brazilians at Arimu Backdam. Some reports said that De Freitas succumbed from gunshot injuries, which he sustained while fleeing during Saturday’s shootout, in which three of his associates were killed."

MURDER #5…Youth killed in island’s fourth gun-related homicide

Antigua Sun : "Family members sobbed openly as they took in what is steadily becoming a familiar picture: a murder scene in Antigua. Steve Mingo of Dominica lay motionless in the middle of the road early Saturday morning shortly after he received several gunshots to the body while he was lying in his bed at his Gray's Farm home. Mingo ran from his home after he was shot, but collapsed in the middle of the road several yards away from his house and died. The young fisherman and mechanic became the country’s fifth murder victim for 2009 and the second person within two weeks to be gunned down in Gray’s Farm."

Cop questioned in lover's death : "A police constable was yesterday taken into custody for questioning by the Bureau of Special Investigation (BSI) following the shooting death of his 30-year-old common law wife Clovetta Wynter at their 2 East, Greater Portmore home."

Long-term prostitution issues

The Nation Newspaper "FROM TIME TO TIME, a debate opens about prostitution in Barbados but then tends to die, almost as quickly as it surfaces. As a result the only purpose is to remind us that we have prostitutes in Barbados, as is the case in other countries. This time around, the debate has been sparked by advice from George Griffith, the director of the Barbados Family Planning Association. He indicated that it was time Barbados took the issue pertaining to prostitution seriously, while hinting that up to now, having a law making prostitution illegal, was as 'serious' as we had gone over the years."

Sex tourism in full boom "MONTREAL -- In winter, a tourist woman’s fancy lustily turns to thoughts of sex. By the thousands they descend on the Caribbean every year, women driven by one urge: to spend a week or two sleeping with local 'beach boys' and paying them back in drinks, meals, gifts, and cash."

Robert Allen Stanford: sinner or saint? : "His is a household name in the tiny Eastern Caribbean island of Antigua & Barbuda. Afterall, when you get to be as wealthy as Robert Allen Stanford in an island of 68,000 inhabitants, it would be unlikely that a man so named and with a face that at times seemed as pleased as Jack popping out of his box, would not grab the attention of even the most unconcerned."

Doctor cries foul: Medic at centre of controversial report wants justice: Demands apology from health minister

Jamaica Gleaner News "AFTER BEING locked out of his office, having over 300 patient files confiscated and being interdicted from duties on quarter salary, Dr Dennis Anthony Pyne, consultant general thoracic and general vascular surgeon, is fiercely defending his professional integrity."

Guns moved in garbage trucks : "Faced with a spiralling crime rate that is tied to gun use, Jamaica's law enforcers are grappling with the unique methods utilised by criminals to transport guns and ammunition across the island. The practice by gunmen of using garbage compacters and market trucks to move weapons undetected, often under the very noses of the security forces, is apparently well established. But the police hierarchy maintains that its plan to catch such lawbreakers is working."

Joint Services kill three

Kaieteur News : "Three members of the gang that was believed to have carried out a spate of brazen robberies at Bartica and outlying communities were shot dead yesterday during a pre-dawn gunfight with Joint Services ranks at Arimu Backdam, Cuyuni. Police said that 25-year-old Dwayne Marks called “Bully” of Bartica; Antwan Smith, 35, called “Deportee” of Linden ; and Gavin Gray, 27, called “Sweet Eyes” of Bartica, were slain at around 02:30 hrs after opening fire on the ranks who had tracked them down."


The Nation Newspaper "THE STATUTORY FUND of CLICO Holdings Barbados Ltd is in deficit to the tune of $93 million, or possibly more, says Opposition Leader Mia Mottley. Mottley made the disclosure at a Press conference yesterday at the Office of The Opposition, stating that she had documentary evidence to support these facts and that 38 000 policy holders and thousands more holders of pension funds and annuities could be affected."

Drug link in Stanford money saga?

The Nation Newspaper "NEWS THIS past week that the FBI was investigating the possibility that Antigua-based Texan billionaire Allen Stanford might have been laundering drug money for the notorious Mexican Gulf Cartel must have raised even more eyebrows locally than allegations of his fraud on a 'massive' scale. United States television network ABC News quoted Federal authorities as saying the FBI and others have been investigating whether Stanford was involved in money laundering."

Unrest in Caribbean has roots in slavery past

Unrest in Caribbean has roots in slavery past : "POINTE-A-PITRE, Guadeloupe (AP): Protests that have nearly shut down the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique are not just about demands for lower prices and higher wages: For demonstrators they are no less than a battle against the vestiges of slavery. Afro-Caribbean islanders - most of whose forbears toiled in the sugarcane fields under the yoke of slavery more than 160 years ago _ not only resent France's handling of the global economic crisis, they have long resented that slaveholders' descendants control the economy on both islands."

Marine warnings issued for St Lucia and Lesser Antilles

Caribbean Net News: "CASTRIES, St Lucia: Strong winds with gusts of up to 50 mph will affect St Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean area during the next 24 to 48 hours. This will cause rough seas with waves 10 to 13 feet to affect the coast of St Lucia and the other islands of the Lesser Antilles, which will result in some coastal flooding. Small craft operators, especially local fishermen are advised against venturing far from port."

No homo affair!

The Nation Newspaper "JASON COLLYMORE denied yesterday that he had a homosexual relationship with Shon Boyce and reiterated that I'Akobi Maloney never visited his house. Collymore, a supervisor at the Ararwak Cement Plant, told Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris yesterday at the coroner's inquest into Maloney's death that everything Boyce told the court last week was 'absolutely untrue'."

Stanford's charges could derail $1 billion Caribbean project

Reuters : "CRABS PENINSULA, Antigua (Reuters) - The tranquil, reef-fringed isle off Antigua's north coast sustains mangroves, deer and a rare duck species -- along with ambitions for one of the Caribbean's biggest development projects. But the U.S. investigation into Texas billionaire Allen Stanford and his Antiguan-based bank could deal a fatal blow to the estimated $1 billion (697 million pound) plan that has dangled near death several times since surfacing in 1998."

MUCH MORE TO COME…Other names to be revealed in UPP’s ongoing justice chase

Antigua Sun : "Minister of Justice Colin Derrick said the Linquist report related to the alleged embezzlement of public funds reveals more suspects than expected and that some of them will come as a surprise. Derrick revealed the above information during the United Progressive Party Justice Rally Wednesday evening in St. John’s. The event was held on the corner of Redcliffe and Temple Streets. “What happened was very wicked, very wicked indeed and I can assure you that some of the names that you have associated with this matter are not the only names involved. There are others who will surprise you,” he said." Also UPP Press Release Re: Lester Bird And The ALP Sinks To Despicable Depths As Their Day Of Reckoning Draws Nearer The United Progressive Party (UPP) condemns the defamatory and inflammatory language used by members of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) on its Platform at meeting of hate held at Thwaites Corner, Thursday night, February 19 th , 2009. The Unite

video-Soca star Ninja Dan appears before a magistrate charged for murder

Ninja Dan, whose given name is Jonathan St. Rose, left the Courthouse on Brazil Street to the shouts of murderer. Armed police guards lined the building keeping a large angry crowd at bay. They had gathered outside the Courthouse on news that St. Rose would make his first appearance before a Magistrate since he was arrested on suspicion of murder early Saturday morning.

Woman sues over injection

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "INSTEAD of going through a vein, a doctor is alleged to have pumped medicine via a needle into the flesh of a woman resulting in an infection. Annette Hamilton Gladstone, 62, of D’Abadie has sued the Eastern Regional Health Authority alleging negligence and seeking damages."

No sex, gun lyrics : "THE Broadcasting Commission took another step in its drive to clean up Jamaica's airwaves by issuing a directive banning music promoting sex and violence. 'The Broadcasting Commission is prohibiting transmission of any soca music content that displays, simulates or instructs about sexual activities or positions. The commission has also put a halt to the transmission of lyrics glorifying the gun and promoting killings and other acts of violence,' said the commission in a statement yesterday."

FBI: 1998 Tourist Murder Suspect Led Double Life in Jamaica "Establishing himself in Kingston, Jamaica, and using the assumed name Jermaine Thomas, Carpenter got a job at a BMW car dealership, driving high-profile clients around town. He made lots of friends. He even had a child, a boy, who turns three next month. Last week, Thomas' intricate web of lies finally unraveled when the FBI, acting on an anonymous tip, tracked him down. Carpenter, 31, was taken into custody Feb. 11 and extradited to California."

Fraud Case Shakes a Billionaire’s Caribbean Realm : "ST. JOHN’S, Antigua — When Robert Allen Stanford arrived here in the early 1990s, few locals had ever heard of the Texas financier. Today, he dominates so many aspects of life on this sun-drenched Caribbean island that some have taken to calling it “Stanford Land.” At one point or another, he has owned an airline that many locals and visitors fly on. A local newspaper that covers their goings-on. A vast residential complex where many live. Two restaurants where they eat. And the national stadium where they go to watch cricket, the island’s favorite sport."

Stanford scandal spreads : "(CNN) -- Antiguan and Barbudan regulators Friday took control of U.S.financier Robert Allen Stanford's financial institutions on the twin-island nation, a day after federal agents served the Texas businessman with papers accusing him of running an investment fraud scheme."

MUCH MORE TO COME…Other names to be revealed in UPP’s ongoing justice chase

Antigua Sun : "Minister of Justice Colin Derrick said the Linquist report related to the alleged embezzlement of public funds reveals more suspects than expected and that some of them will come as a surprise. Derrick revealed the above information during the United Progressive Party Justice Rally Wednesday evening in St. John’s. The event was held on the corner of Redcliffe and Temple Streets. “What happened was very wicked, very wicked indeed and I can assure you that some of the names that you have associated with this matter are not the only names involved. There are others who will surprise you,” he said."

Ida Stewart not the world's oldest person, but… : "She is 10 years younger than she thought she was, but yesterday 112-year-old Ida Stewart learnt that while she was not the world's oldest person, she was close to being Jamaica's longest living citizen at this time. For decades, Stewart, also known as 'Miss Ida', who lives in the cool climes of Devon in Alexandria, St Ann had been under the impression that she was born on November 5, 1886, as the one document which could verify that was unwittingly destroyed by an overzealous relative who was house cleaning."

Bid to buy back BNB

The Nation Newspaper "GOVERNMENT wants back the Barbados National Bank Inc. (BNB) and will be looking to reclaim its majority shares once again. Yesterday at a post-Cabinet Press conference at Government Headquarters, Prime Minister David Thompson said Cabinet had approved the move. 'We met and considered the current financial crisis which was affecting the world and some of the spin-off implications which have affected the Caribbean, particularly what has been happening in relation to CL Financial."

Antigua: a good place to keep a secret

Times Online : "For those with something to hide, there is a plenty to like about Antigua. The Caribbean island has been on financial regulators’ radars for more than a decade as potential hotspot for criminals to launder dirty money. A so-called international business corporation can be set up in the island within 24 hours, complete with offices and even board directors provided by the Antiguan authorities. Only $5 million (£3.5 million) in capital is required to open a bank, with an international banking licence available from the authorities for $15,000."

Disgraced banker found, served court papers : "WASHINGTON - FBI agents on Thursday located disgraced billionaire banker R. Allen Stanford in Virginia, and served him with court papers filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said FBI agents, acting at the request of the SEC, served Stanford with documents related to its actions against his companies. Stanford, who was found in Fredericksburg, Va., is not under arrest and is not in custody."

Jamaica: Condemn Homophobic Remarks

Human Rights Watch : "(New York) - Jamaica's leaders should condemn the comments of a governing-party member of parliament who called for gay organizations to be outlawed and demanded life imprisonment for homosexual conduct, Human Rights Watch said today in a Letter to Prime Minister Bruce Golding. Citing endemic violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Jamaica, Human Rights Watch urged the government to repeal the colonial-era law against 'buggery' and publicly affirm equality before the law."

Jamaican to be executed

Go Jamaica "Human rights group Amnesty International is trying to convince the Governor of the US State of Virginia to reduce the sentence of a Jamaican man who is due to be executed today. Edward Nathaniel Bell, 44, has been convicted of the 1999 murder of a police officer. Prosecutors said Bell shot the sergeant in the face because he feared the officer would find him carrying a gun or drugs. Amnesty International is claiming that Bell was convicted despite woefully deficient legal representation and serious questions about his guilt. It also claims Bell might be mentally retarded."

ECB says Stanford deal appeared solid

Antigua Sun : "ST. JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Giles Clarke has defended the ECB’s partnership with Texan billionaire Sir Allen Stanford who was Tuesday charged in an investment fraud scheme. The ECB, along with the West Indies Cricket Board, signed a deal with Sir Allen last June to stage the multi-million dollar Stanford Twenty20 Challenge over the next five years but Clarke said that at the time, their checks had revealed nothing improper. “He was conducting a banking operation, which, at the time, based on the information from the work that was done, showed no indication that there was anything that could prevent him from paying his obligations,” Clarke was quoted as saying, as news broke that United States financial regulators had put Sir Allen at the centre of an US$8 billion investment fraud scheme."

At small Antigua accounting firm: Who's Stanford?

Reuters : "(Reuters) - C.A.S. Hewlett & Co, the small Antiguan firm that Texas billionaire Allen Stanford identified as the auditors of his offshore bank, said on Thursday it had no information about ties to the tycoon accused of fraud. St. John's-based Hewlett has been identified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the auditors of Stanford's $8 billion offshore bank, but executives there provided little indication they even knew who Stanford was."

Mad Rush To The Pumps

HTS Channel 4: St Lucia News "Long lines greeted drivers near gas stations throughout the city, as people prepared for a possible shutdown of service come Friday. Petroleum Dealers are upset that government has failed to address their demands for a bigger margin in a positive way. Gas station attendants were kept busy throughout the day fueling vehicle, and filling up empty gas containers. But one worker at Jn Marie’s Gas Station did not understand the real reason for the rush at that point."

APPEAL FOR CALM…ECCB discourages panic withdrawals from Bank of Antigua

Antigua Sun : "The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) and Bank of Antigua (BOA) have sought to reassure bank customers against panicking and making mass withdrawals of savings in light of fears surrounding recent allegations of fraud against the Stanford International Bank and other affiliates. On Tuesday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Sir R. Allen Stanford of fraud and multiple violations of US securities laws for alleged “massive ongoing fraud” involving US$8 billion in certificates of deposits. The assets of the Stanford International Bank, the Stanford Group Company and Stanford Capital Management were since frozen."

Roots causes of crime in Guyana

Kaieteur News : "Dealing with the issue of torture and other infringements of citizens’ rights by the Disciplinary Forces, Backer said that while the reduction of road fatalities was the highpoint of the force during 2008, the torture and subsequent investigation that followed, and some which are still to be investigated, represent yet another chapter of the violation by the two major bodies."

'Ban vulgar sessions' - Church body says public transportation, street dances promote lewd lyrics

Jamaica Gleaner News "The Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) has become the latest addition to the ongoing debate surrounding the purification of Jamaican dancehall music, with the organisation calling for a further ban to be placed on street and community dances, which perpetuate the playing of sexually crude and explicit songs."

JMA claims US$ rationing : "THE central bank has not asked banks to limit the foreign exchange they sell to businesses, Bank of Jamaica governor, Derick Latibeaudiere insisted last night, against claims that manufacturers could only get between US$1,500 and US$2,000 per day."

Hi5 leaves student in low spirits

The Nation Newspaper "The photos were taken from the girl's original profile and added to a new one with similar personal information and the same photos and name – vulgar messages and insults were [then] sent to other girls of the same age on the same website. 'I am scared for my life. I was slapped in my face on the bus last week by a girl I don't know and it is not fair. It is not me sending these nasty messages and it really hurts to see them tagging nasty comments underneath my photos,' the girl from a Christ Church secondary school said."

Antiguans told: Don't panic

The Nation Newspaper "Local regulators said the bank's finances are sound and appealed for calm. The bank, though owned by the Stanford Financial Group, Stanford's Houston-based financial advisory firm, is not part of the United States complaint. 'If individuals persist in rushing to the bank in a panic they will precipitate the very situation that we are all trying to avoid,' said K. Dwight Venner, governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the banking regulator for Antigua and seven other island economies."

France sends troops to Guadeloupe

BBC NEWS "France is sending four military police units to Guadeloupe after one person was killed during month-long riots and strikes on the French Caribbean island. Interior minister Michele Alliot-Marie said 260 gendarmerie officers are being deployed to the restive French region."

MISSING TEEN ... Family has suicidal concerns

SUN St.Kitts & Nevis : "Family members of 14-year-old Jhalesha Carey of Saddlers Village are praying and hoping she would return home safely after she reportedly has been missing since Monday. The family is especially worried since the teen has occasionally communicated suicidal thoughts. Carey, a third-form student of the Cayon High School, has reportedly been missing since Monday and took clothes and a copy of her birth certificate with her. Carey’s mother was the one who made the missing person’s report after discovering the absence of the teen’s belongings from her room and meeting “all the doors open” after she arrived home."

Prime Minister Calls For Peaceful Election

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer has unequivocally condemned the acts of violence being perpetrated during the run up to the general election. The head of state, said firmly, the United Progressive Party Government, “has taken no comfort in any of this. Precisely because of the disposition to arson that has marked previous elections” The Prime Minister comments came in wake of the rein of terror that has been unleashed on victims of political malice such as vandalism, slander, violence and arson. “This current scenario is particularly troubling because arson in a pre-election period is not new to this country.” Prime Minister Spencer reminded that nation that a few months before the 1999 General Election, Antigua was also struck by a series of fires. The Prime Minister detailed that “the premises of Tim Hector's Outlet newspaper were torched after the paper reported that the then government had secretly imported a shipment of grenades, launchers, ammunition, pistol

Dr Julian Hunte confident Caribbean finances are intact

Times Online : "Dr Julian Hunte, the president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), insisted last night that the suspension of negotiations with Allen Stanford, once seen as the saviour of Caribbean cricket, would not be a crippling blow to its finances. “I want to make it clear that the financial viability of West Indies cricket has never depended on Stanford’s largesse, and thank God for that because we are now able to proceed,” Hunte said as scores of people queued outside the Stanford-owned Bank of Antigua to withdraw their money."

UWP leader calls on PM to be transparent

Dominica News "The Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has issued a statement regarding Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit's alleged involvement in 'intrigue, sellout of our national patronage and other devious activities which are all exposed in the affidavits and communiqu�s of David Hsiu and files in a BVI court regarding the Layou River Hotel scandal.' Attorney General Francine Baron-Royer said last year that Hsiu had resigned as Dominica's former Ambassador to China and there were two court proceedings in the BVI re liquidation and rectification of the Clark Hall Estate/ Layou River project brought by Rich Victory Investment Limited � a company formed by Hsiu."

Barbados’ water best

The Barbados Advocate : "Drinking foreign bottled water has become somewhat of a fad in Barbados. However, one member of the local EPD Department has suggested that local tap water may be best. “People are walking around with pep bottles of water and most of them do not even know what they are drinking. When they go and buy these bottles and drink it, how will they know what is the bacterial level in the water or the nitrate level? They don’t know. So it’s a fad from the [United] States, and we usually catch on to everything,” Trevor King of the Environmental Protection Department recently commented."

Man shot dead as French Caribbean clashes intensify

Reuters : "POINTE-A-PITRE, France (Reuters) - A union representative was shot dead and several policemen were wounded by protesters on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe overnight in growing violence over the cost of living. A month-long general strike has spread to neighbouring Martinique and in the past few days has become more bitter as negotiations failed to produce a solution, fuelling fears the protests might fan trouble in mainland France."

Slaughtered by gay lover for $$$

Amandala Online : "Nimrod Tillett, of Belize Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town, may have murdered his across-the-street neighbour and reputed lover, Enrique Castillo, 44, a food and beverage manager, in the wee hours of Friday morning, February 13. The brutal event took place after a late-night party at Castillo’s residence at #104 Belize Corozal Road the previous night, February 12. According to his family, Castillo, reportedly a homosexual, had just returned from his workplace, the Caye Chapel Resort, and was holding a celebration with several male friends."

Antigua in shock as Stanford charged with fraud

Reuters : "ST. JOHN'S, Antigua (Reuters) - Antiguans expressed shock on Tuesday at news their top investor, Texas billionaire Allen Stanford, was charged with 'massive' fraud, and their prime minister said it could be 'catastrophic' for the nation. 'The fall-out threatens catastrophic and immediate consequences ... There is no need for panic,' Baldwin Spencer, the leader of the tiny twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda said in a televised address. On Tuesday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission accused Stanford, a brash, 58-year-old financier and sports entrepreneur, of operating an $8 billion fraud centred around the sale of certificates of deposit offered by Stanford International Bank Ltd (SIB), his Antiguan affiliate."

Press release:Election Day is March 12

Prime Minister Hon. Baldwin Spencer minutes ago during a simulcast national broadcast, announced he has advised Her Excellency, the Governor General Dame Louise Lake tack, to issue the Writ for a General Election to be held in Antigua and Barbuda on Thursday, March 12, 2009. Prime Minister Spencer said Nomination Day is set for Wednesday, February 25, 2009 The Prime Minister’s announcement came on the heels of a recent visit of the Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of American State (OAS). “ It is fitting to recall that the creation of a new register of voters, and the introduction of voter identification cards, came only after the Commonwealth Secretariat's call for electoral reform after the 1999 General Election,” the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister Stated further that to pre-empt the use of fear and acts of political malice in the election, and to assist in ensuring the that the General Election, “will faithfully reflect the will of the Antig

Inquiry date questioned....

The opposition’s attorney is questioning how the government intends to begin the commission of inquiry on February 25, as planned. Anthony Astaphan says he’s representing the former prime minister in the matter and to date, he has been given no information on what the present administration wants to probe .

HOSPITAL OPENS...Patients move to Mount St. John Saturday

Antigua Sun : "After a little over 10 years in construction, the Mount St. John Medical Centre (MSJMC), a source of bitter controversy between the country’s two main political parties, has now been declared open. The facility was opened yesterday by Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer who unveiled the ceremonial plaque and joined in the first of a series of ribbon cutting formalities at a ceremony in front of the building’s main entrance. Ribbons were also cut by the Governor-General, Dame Louise Lake-Tack, and Minister of Health John Maginley before guests were invited to a controlled tour of the hospital."

Four suspects held in Berbice double murder

Stabroek News "The post-mortem examinations on the remains of the two women who were brutally murdered at Smythfield, New Amsterdam early Sunday morning proved that they died from shock and haemorrhage due to stab wounds. Three more suspects were arrested yesterday, bringing the number in custody to four. Among them is an early-retired sergeant from the US Army, who was held on Sunday. He had been charged with murdering his Guyanese wife in Germany in October 2004. He was eventually acquitted of the murder in May 2007."

Cop charged with murder in Jhaneel Goulbourne case : "POLICE Constable Rushon Hamilton was Saturday charged with murder in the case of kidnapped 14-year-old Jhaneel Goulbourne, based on a ruling by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, which had reviewed a case file containing allegations against the cop."