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video--Haitian Election Complete Disaster! Fraud Rampant Everywhere!

Related articles video--Haitians sceptial over election ( ANALYSIS: Haitians expect fraud in presidential election - Monsters and (

video--Protests Mar Elections in Haiti

Nearly all the major candidates in Haiti's presidential election called for Sunday's election to be voided amid allegations of fraud and reports that large numbers of voters were turned away from polling stations. Related articles Voter fraud charges mar tense Haiti election ( Protests over 'marred' elections have Haiti again near turmoil (

Linden granny says she unknowingly harboured ‘terrorist’ gunmen

Kaieteur News : "Agatha Hope is your typical grandmother–friendly, kind and always ready to give a hungry youth a hot meal or shelter for the night in her South Amelia’s Ward home. But what the 70-year-old grandmother and her relatives didn’t know was that two of the youths whom she had recently given food and shelter were gunmen Colin Jones, who has confessed to killing two gang members, and Adriano Tracey, one of the gang members that he killed. The two sometimes slept in her home, or watched sports on her television. They also played football with other youths in her large yard. The dreadlocked Colin Jones was known as ‘Jamal’. His friend with the gold-capped tooth, Adriano Tracey, was known as ‘Reds’. Her son-in-law and other family members also regularly spoke with Kurt Theriens, called ‘Bage’ or ‘Glasses..’ They knew him as ‘Bigga.’"

Winston Murray to be interred today

Kaieteur News : "The late Winston Shripal Murray will today be buried on the island Leguan, the place of his birth. Murray’s body will lie in state at the Parliament Building before the funeral service, which is slated to be held at the St Georges Cathedral. The family of the late Shadow Finance Minister had mandated a Committee to oversee the preparations for the funeral. Russel Lancaster heads the Committee, named the Protocol Committee." Related articles Murray's funeral for Monday at St George's Cathedral ( Winston Murray declared 'brain dead' ( Winston Murray passes away (

Physio says I will never walk again, claims distressed mother...............

A woman's agony : "A St Mary woman who failed to get treatment for a broken ankle at the St Ann's Bay Hospital after making 17 trips to that institution, received the worst news of her life last Friday when she was told that she may never be able to walk again. Mother of six, Yvonne Freeman, said that she was told by a physiotherapist at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), during a clinic visit that due to the delay in operating on her ankle, it had deteriorated so badly that it was now impossible for her to move around without the help of crutches, even after corrective surgery was done at the institution more than two months ago."


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "A GROUP of Clico policyholders comprising mainly persons who invested more than $75,000 in the company’s controversial Executive Flexible Premium Annuity (EFPA) yesterday announced the commencement of legal action against the State over its plan to issue 20 bonds at a rate of zero percent interest. In an immediate response, Finance Minister Winston Dookeran said he was “disappointed” by the latest development which will now cast a pall over the State’s moves to payout policyholders in time for Christmas." Related articles CLICO warning ( Govt probes Clico, HCU ( Clico files sent to DPP (

Barbados Maintains Vigilance In Response To Haiti Cholera Outbreak

South Florida Caribbean News : "BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - Although, to date, there have been no suspected or confirmed cases of cholera in Barbados, the Ministry of Health is maintaining a heightened state of vigilance in response to the reported ongoing outbreak in Haiti. During the past few weeks, health authorities in Barbados have been proactive in undertaking measures to ensure that the health care system is adequately prepared to respond to any possible threat posed by an outbreak of cholera in a neighbouring country." Related articles Cholera in Haiti: Elections, Need for Nurses, and the Vaccine Question (

Barbados Muslim Girls School, 14 year old student: “Nothing wrong with beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings”

Barbados Free Press : "When a dozen or so girls from the Al-Falah Islamic School recently participated in the Long Beach clean-up while wearing Muslim dress and veils, Barbados Free Press wrote The Muslim vision of the future for all Barbadian women and republished a photo of the group. (shown above, courtesy of The Nation) Three of the students in the photo placed comments on our article – and what they have to say is most disturbing." Related articles Barbados bounces back ( Largest cruise ship docks in Barbados ( Barbados feels brunt of Tropical Storm Tomas (

video--Haitians sceptial over election

As candidates in Haiti try to whip up support ahead of the poll, many Haitians say they're sceptical about whether a new president will make any difference in their daily lives. Over one million people are still homeless following January's earthquake, and criticism over the slow pace of reconstruction is growing. Al-Jazeera's Lucia Newman revisited one displaced family in Port-au-Prince to see how they're coping 10 months on. Rosalind Edmond, a mother of four living in a makeshift camp, says she fears that her and her compatriots will be forgotten after the election, by their government and international donors alike. Related articles video--Turnout Remains Big Question in Haiti Election ( video--Haitians Search for Clean Water (

Bajan Reporter publishes photo of dead or severely injured motorcyclist.

Barbados Free Press : "The Bajan Reporter (BR) is currently displaying a photo of a dead or injured motorcyclist under a truck. According to BR, the accident happened outside Starcom on River Road after the motorcyclist lost control while doing “wheelies”. Bajan Reporter says he died. Barbados Today reports Tori Watson, 19, alive in the hospital."

video--Turnout Remains Big Question in Haiti Election

Haiti is set to hold presidential elections on Sunday, amid concerns about how many people will actually cast ballots. Tens-of-thousands of Haitians who were displaced by the January earthquake are unsure if they will be allowed to cast ballots. And scores of Haitians living in the United States are watching the vote closely, even though the law bars them from voting. VOA's Brian Wagner reports from Port-au-Prince. Related articles Haitians Face Major Election, but How Many Will Vote Is Unclear - Voice of America ( Haiti's Presidential Election: Ready to Vote, But Where? (

video--Cholera Crisis in Haiti

The death toll from cholera outbreak in quake-stricken Haiti has surged to 1603, up from the 1,415 figure announced just three days ago. Press TV's Habib Abdolhossein from Haiti Related articles video--Haiti struggles to contain cholera ( video-Cholera spreads to Haiti's capital (

Gunman throws grenade at cops during Linden shootout

Kaieteur News : "Heavily-armed police were up to last night hunting for a gunman who threw a grenade at a police corporal and shot at other ranks shortly after an assault rifle, several magazines and ammunition was found in a bushy area aback of Amelia’s Ward, Linden. Commander of ‘E’ and ‘F’ Division, Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine confirmed the discovery of the arms cache, and said that other “military paraphernalia” were also found. He declined to identify the type of rifle that was recovered. However, sources said that the weapon is an AK-47 assault rifle." Related articles Another GDF AK-47 goes missing (

Amelia’s Ward gunman tells police he killed two men -

Stabroek News - Guyana : "Crime Chief Seelall Persaud this afternoon said that the Linden gunman who was in a standoff with the police yesterday and has since been apprehended has been identified as arson suspect Collin Jones and he has since alleged that he killed two persons up river from the mining town. Persaud told this newspaper in a telephone interview that the man who had lobbed a grenade at ranks who tried to capture him on Thursday, has stated who he killed and why he committed the act."

PNP lawyers file injunction to block by-election

Go-Jamaica "Lawyers representing a former candidate of the main opposition People's National Party (PNP), Manley Bowen, have filed an injunction seeking to block a by-election to be held in the North East St. Ann constituency on December 20. Nomination Day is Friday December 3. Golding made the announcement in a press conference this morning two days after the court lifted a stay on the calling of a by-election in the seat previously held by the JLP’s Shahine Robinson."

Photos: Brazilian gangs take on army, cops : "RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Military troops joined police securing the perimeter of a Rio de Janeiro shantytown today that has long been a stronghold for drug gangs and a symbol of their ability to rule vast areas of the seaside city with impunity. Federal and state police officers conducted door-to-door searches and patrols within the Vila Cruzeiro slum as 800 military troops, trained in surrounding and isolating conflict areas, deployed and took up posts at the entrances to the hillside community, General Adriano Pereira Junior told a news conference."

Trinidad police probe slaying of US soldier

Washington Post : "PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad -- Police in Trinidad say a 38-year-old U.S. Army soldier vacationing on the Caribbean island was killed when gunmen rammed his car from behind in a rough slum and then opened fire. Authorities say Sgt. Simeon Roderique was shot Tuesday night shortly after dropping a woman off at her home in Laventille, a gang-plagued community just east of Trinidad's capital. The woman's brother was also killed." Related articles Vacationing U.S. soldier slain in Trinidad (

Four killings in Laventille ...This year’s murder toll now 435

The Trinidad Guardian : "A recruiting officer with the United States Army was among four persons killed in two incidents in Laventille on Tuesday night. Sgt Simeon Roderique, 38, of Brooklyn, and Nickal Hoyte, 32, a mechanical engineering student, were shot dead by robbers at Pashley Street and Old St Joseph Road, Laventille. Charmaine Grant, 38, a sales clerk, and her boyfriend, Ashton Woods, 37, a former URP foreman, of Snake Valley, were shot dead at her apartment at Block 22 in Trou Macaque. These killings pushed the murder toll for the year to 435. Police said Roderique was driving a rented silver Almera car along the Old St Joseph Road around midnight when it was hit from behind by another vehicle. Roderique parked his vehicle and Hoyte later arrived on the scene to assist him." Related articles Trinidad police: US soldier killed was from NY (

Murray’s funeral for Monday at St George’s Cathedral

Stabroek News - Guyana : "Murray’s funeral for Monday at St George’s CathedralFormer Deputy Prime Minister and PNCR-1G MP Winston Murray will be buried on his home island of Leguan on Tuesday following a funeral service in the city on Monday. Russell Lancaster, the Chairman of the Protocol Committee planning the funeral, said Murray’s body will lie in state at either Public Buildings or the National Cultural Centre from 10 am on Monday, before being transported to the St George’s Cathedral for a funeral service. The service is scheduled to start at 2 pm. Murray’s body will then be transported to Leguan where an inter-faith service will be held before he is buried. The inter-faith service is scheduled to start at 10 am on Tuesday."

Book says sex workers facing "hell' : "THE hellish working conditions of Jamaican sex workers have been documented by Panos Caribbean in a 48-page book, aimed at highlighting the plight persons in this group face. The publication provides first-hand account from 15 female sex workers and one male, examining reasons for becoming sex workers, conditions in the industry, health and safer sex issues, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, legalisation of sex work and gender issues."

Guesthouse owner shoots intruders, kills one

Stabroek News - Guyana : "In the last 10 months the Three Kings Guest House had suffered two break-ins, so when the owner walked into the lobby early yesterday morning and found two men trying to steal his 50-inch plasma television he took no chances. In defence of himself and his property Patrick King discharged several shots at the alleged perpetrators fatally wounding one."

Fraser breaks silence on taking banned Oxycodone

Image via Wikipedia : "WORLD and Olympic 100 metres champion Shelly Ann Fraser has said she accepts full responsibility for taking Oxycodone, the banned narcotic which landed her in hot water and earned her a six-month suspension from the sport. In a widely circulated statement issued yesterday, Fraser explained in detail why she took the painkiller at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Diamond League meeting in Shanghai, China on May 23. She said it was her disappointment in being beaten by an 'unimaginable margin' and 'confusion' caused by the narcotic that led to her failure to declare it following the women's 100m race." Related articles Olympic champion sprinter Shelly Ann Fraser admits doping slip-up (

Teen’s killer loses appeal : "HAMILTON - Ze Selassie, the Bermudian killer of the teenage daughter of former Barbadian policeman Rohan Moore has lost an appeal against his conviction. 'We are satisfied that the evidence presented by the prosecution was sufficient to enable the jury to return a verdict of premeditated murder,” Justices Edward Zacca, Sir Anthony Evans and Sir Robin Auld said in a written ruling." Related articles Rhiana's killer files an appeal (


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "An abused mother of four in her last moments before death told her brother that her male companion beat her, choked her, forced her mouth open and poured a lethal dose of gramoxone down her throat. The man then took her to hospital and called her family and said she was suffering from stomach pains but by the time they arrived she was already dying."

Dutch want truth

Image via Wikipedia Jamaica Gleaner News "A SUPREME Court order has been granted instructing some members of the People's National Party (PNP), including its president, Portia Simpson Miller, to respond on oath to questions relating to the 2006 Trafigura affair. Dutch authorities are currently conducting an intensive investigation into the matter. PNP Chairman Robert Pickersgill and former government minister Colin Campbell are reported to be among those listed on the court order, which was granted last week.

Bellevue mess! : "THE operations and accountability structures at Bellevue Hospital were yesterday described as a 'jazz free-for-all' by Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman Dr Omar Davies when, after more than an hour of deliberations, accounting officers could not say whether the hospital's $100-million monthly ($1.1 billion per year) budget was being properly spent.

video--Haitians Search for Clean Water

As aid workers in Haiti struggle to contain the cholera outbreak, one of the biggest obstacles is access to safe water. In rural areas, many people rely on rivers and streams from which to wash, bath and drink. The Artibonite River, identified as a possible source of the outbreak, winds through vast areas of the country north of Port au Prince. Now feared unsafe, many residents of the area have nowhere to go for fresh water.


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : "TSTT employee Kenny Goddard was shot dead while at a job site in Cocorite on Sunday night. In response, TSTT is offering a $100,000 reward for any information that could lead to the arrest of Goddard’s killer. A gunman shot Goddard, 39, who was working near Peake’s Gas Station, Western Main Road at about 11.30 pm on Sunday. The gunman escaped in a waiting car.

Time to buckle down

The Barbados Advocate : "WITH Christmas very much around the corner, Barba-dians will in another eight days begin coughing up more for a temporary VAT hike that could effectively stifle their Yuletide celebrations. Mean-while, as the New Year opens, they will have to pay higher bus fares. Related articles Largest cruise ship docks in Barbados (

BZ$131 million worth of cocaína!

Amandala Online : "In a bust that is an acute embarrassment to the Police Department, five police officers were arrested in connection with a drug plane that reportedly landed on the Southern Highway, in the middle of the road. Also embarrassing is the fact that one of the police officers arrested is the driver of the Queen’s reporesentative in Belize , the Goveror-General. Related articles Belize Drug Plane lands on highway with million dollars worth of suspected cocaine ( Belize Human Trafficking: Drug Plane lands on highway with million dollars worth of cocaine (

Winston Murray passes away

Stabroek News - Guyana : "PNCR Executive Winston Murray died at the Georgetown Public Hospital last night after 11 days in a coma; his passing inflicting a severe blow to his family, the party and the country. Murray was pronounced dead at 7:20 pm by doctors at the hospital; he is said to have passed away while still on life support. “We wish to announce the death of a friend, a comrade and a colleague. Winston Murray died at 7:20 this evening [yesterday] and it has been a very grievous loss to us,” party member, Ronald Austin told reporters outside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital. Related articles Winston Murray declared brain dead ( Murray's backers says `brain dead' description inaccurate ( Winston Murray passes away (

Bitter dose : "Barbadians were yesterday administered one of the most bitter doses of economic medicine since the 1991 crisis by new Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler. Levying broad-based increases in taxes and user-fees, while at the same time offering significant support to several business sectors to help keep people employed and to pull the country from its economic hole, Sinckler said the aim was to reduce the fiscal deficit which balloned from $396.9 million in 2008/2009 to $712.9 million in 2009/2010. Related articles Budget 2010 - Hike In Passports, Immigration Fees & VAT ( Sinckler takes Finance as PM names new-look Cabinet (

Jamaican Imam Abdullah el-Faisal wants to be next terror big, U.S. fears

N.Y Daily News "Counterterrorism agents in New York and Washington are keeping tabs on a Jamaican imam whose death-spewing sermons in English raise fears he'll radicalize American Muslims. The NYPD intelligence division, CIA and FBI are concerned Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal is becoming a new Anwar al-Awlaki, the Yemeni Al Qaeda cleric who went from preaching to plotting.

HIV infection high among children in orphanages

Kaieteur News : "The prevalence of HIV infection appears to be higher in Guyana’s orphanages than in the wider society, a survey by the National Aids Programme Secretariat (NAPS) has revealed. But NAPS, and Child Protection Unit and the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, are exploring the possibilities of effectively dealing with this issue. During the third Guyana Medical Scientific Conference yesterday, it was revealed that HIV testing was carried out at 23 children’s homes across Guyana. Five hundred and seventy-nine orphans were tested out of the 620 reached. The testing age varied between, one year to 20 years, with the mean age of 10 years old. According to the researchers, of the 579 children that were tested, 25 of them were found to be HIV positive. Related articles Are Some People Immune to the AIDS Virus? (

Winston Murray passes away

Stabroek News - Guyana : "PNCR Executive Winston Murray passed away tonight after he was unplugged from a life support machine which had kept him alive since November 11. Murray, 69, collapsed two Thursdays ago on the East Bank while standing in a line. He was then rushed to the Balwant Singh Hospital and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Related articles Murray on respirator ( Murray's backers says `brain dead' description inaccurate ( Winston Murray declared 'brain dead' (

video-Ghost haunts Spanish town boy ....The ghost is a friend of the boy who died four years ago....

Related articles Boy says GHOST attacks him! ( Ghost Assaults Boy on Camera (VIDEO) (

Man kills brother following drinking spree

Kaieteur News : "Constant fighting between two brothers yesterday ended in the brutal slaying of one. It occurred in the usually quiet Enmore community. Reports are that some time after 10:00 hours yesterday, 32-year-old Ganesh Nabi, called “Van Damme” was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle allegedly by his brother. The dead man’s brother, Joseph Kaladin, called ‘Joey’ is currently in police custody.


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "TEN years after waiting for a former High Court judge to deliver judgment in a land case, a woman has sued the State, saying she feels betrayed and hurt by the justice system. In what could be a precedent-setting case against the State and an indictment on the justice system, 61-year-old housewife Shirley Sookar, of 25 Fairley Street, Tunapuna, has field a lawsuit against the Attorney General asking the court to declare that several of her rights under the Constitution have been violated after former judge, David Myers, failed to deliver judgment in her land case before he resigned from the Judiciary in 2008.


Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "MINISTER of National Security Brigadier John Sandy yesterday tore into former prime minister Patrick Manning as a “manic man” with “a sick mind” for the wiretapping of persons in public life by a secret spy unit that reported to Manning.

PM to sue Manning

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday "LAWYERS acting on behalf of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday served notice on former prime minister Patrick Manning over their intention to start defamation proceedings against him for statements he made last week in relation to spying.

The Death of Gregory Isaacs: Jamaica Mourns a Reggae Legend

TIME : "Unless you're a reggae devotee, you might have assumed that the heyday of Jamaica's most famous music ended with the death of the legendary Bob Marley in 1981. After that, Marley's elegance seemed to have been overtaken by the louder and often lewder strains of dancehall reggae. But the thousands gathering to bid farewell to Gregory Isaacs this weekend know better: thanks to Isaacs' silky vocals and stage mastery — he was called the 'Cool Ruler' — the reggae born at the time of the Beatles still pulses strong. Isaacs 'kept the tradition of pure singing alive,' says Jamaican musicologist Vaughn 'Bunny' Goodison. 'He remained endeared to the people.'

St. Kitts charges 3 men with stickup of tourists

BusinessWeek : "BASSETERRE, St. Kitts Authorities in the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts say they have charged three men with ambushing a tour bus and robbing a group of cruise ship passengers at gunpoint. Police spokesman Vaughn Henderson said Thursday evening that the three suspects are charged with armed robbery and face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Luis Posada Carriles' Defense Team Trying to Leave Out Evidence on His Terrorist Record

Escambray : "The defense team of Luis Posada Carriles 'self-confessed terrorist responsible for the mid-air bombing of a Cuban airliner off the coast of Barbados in 1976 that killed all 73 people on board” is trying to eliminate evidence linked to terrorist actions carried out by their defendant. Luis Posada Carriles' Defense Team Trying to Leave Out Evidence on His Terrorist Record According to Granma newspaper, the defense requested Judge Kathleen Cardone to overrule the inclusion of evidence on Posada Carriles' involvement in a series of bomb attacks against Cuban hotels and restaurants in 1997, which resulted in the death of Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo. Related articles Bombing of Airliner off the Coast of Barbados: Cuba Still Demands Justice ( The CIA Bombing of Cubana

'Thank you, Gregory' Fans say goodbye to 'The Cool Ruler'

Jamaica Gleaner News "In a grand celebratory mood, young and old alike turned up at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Thursday night to celebrate the life of reggae icon, 'The Cool Ruler', Gregory Isaacs. However, less than 24 hours later, the party-like vibe of fans, family, and friends of the reggae singer were overtaken by gloom. Isaacs' body was now lying in state at the National Indoor Sports Centre for public viewing and tears flowed down cheeks of many who lined up to get a last glimpse.

video--Cholera Victims Fill Gym in Haiti Amid Protests

Haitians angry over the cholera outbreak ignored pleas from health workers to stop violence that is disrupting treatment efforts in the capital. Meanwhile treatment centers across the country are filling up. Related articles Poor sanitation could worsen Haiti cholera outbreak, CDC says ( Violent Cholera Protests Spread to Haiti's Capital (

Public viewing of Gregory Isaacs' body tomorrow

Image via Wikipedia : "THE public will be able to view the body of the late Reggae singer Gregory Isaacs tomorrow at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston. The body will be available for viewing between the hours of 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. Condolence books will also be opened at the centre." Related articles Isaacs sent home in style (

Murray’s backers says `brain dead’ description inaccurate

Stabroek News - Guyana : "The PNCR members who are supporting Winston Murray’s bid to become the party’s presidential candidate are concerned about what they said is the mischaracterization of his condition in the media, and say he is not brain dead. According to the release today from the members, “It is regrettable that some sections of the media have taken to referring to Mr. Winston Murray’s medical condition as ‘brain dead’. This description is not accurate. It rules out any possibility of improvement and surgery, however, small the window of opportunity. His medical condition continues to be closely monitored.”" Related articles Who is authorised to pull the plug? ( Murray on respirator (

Poor sanitation could worsen Haiti cholera outbreak, CDC says : "Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- The cholera epidemic already blamed for more than 1,100 deaths in Haiti could worsen because of poor sanitation in the earthquake-ravaged country, U.S. medical researchers reported Thursday. A lack of treated drinking water, coupled with poor hand hygiene and food-preparation practices, make the 1.3 million people still living in camps particularly vulnerable, according to a new study published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . 'The course of the cholera outbreak in Haiti is difficult to predict,' the report states. 'The Haitian population has no pre-existing immunity to cholera, and environmental conditions in Haiti are favorable for its continued spread.'" Related articles Cholera strain may last years in Haiti environment: US ( Haiti cholera pandemic started 49 years ago (

Nine-year-old drowns following heavy rains

St. Lucia STAR : "Police say that Clendon was going on an errand, when he fell into the nearby gutter, the gutter was filled with water and as a result carried him away. He got stuck under a small walkway over a drain and drowned as a result. He was pronounced dead at the Victoria hospital. A post mortem examination will be performed at a later date." Related articles Hurricane-struck St. Lucia's only option is to bounce back ( St Lucia battered by Hurricane Tomas as it hits Caribbean (

Law group concerned about Trinidad wiretap bill

Washington Post "PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad -- A Trinidad law group says it has 'grave concerns' about a bill that would legalize limited wiretapping to catch criminals. At present, any wiretapping to intercept phone calls and other communications is outlawed in the Caribbean nation. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar says the legislation is needed to allow to serve in 'limited circumstances as a weapon in the fight against crime.'" Related articles Kamla wants full spy probe ( Tstt, Digicel Commanded to Spy (

'Don't call me Carib!'

' : "ROSEAU, Dominica - The indigenous peoples of Dominica, the Caribs, say that they no longer want to be referred to by the “archaic and outdated” term “Carib” and are urging the Dominica government to help facilitate the change. In a letter sent to the Ministry of Legal Affairs and copied to the Ministry of Carib Affairs, the Carib Council said it wants the term ‘Carib’ officially changed to ‘Kalinago”."