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Hot topics ‎(Angela Cole)‎: "It is now blatantly apparent that serious misappropriations and miscarriages of investigative procedures are to blame for the so called final verdict given by Madam Justice, Faith Marshall Harris in pronouncing the death of Mr. I’Akobi Maloney as “Death by misadventure”.

There are several salient points to be raised and many pointed questions need to be answered concerning the forensic procedures carried out and the post autopsy investigations which are yet to be revealed to the public. It is not without some concern that the forensic pathology and autopsy investigative reports, photographs and audio narrative autopsy recordings are yet to be brought before the court for analysis. Where are they? Throughout the entire court proceedings no mention of these very important and highly valued forensics analysis proceedings and recordings has been made, or presented to, the court or the family of the deceased.

It is standard forensics autopsy proceedings in any death whether homicide, suicide or by other means to video record all relevant procedures during the autopsy accompanied by a continuous narration of those procedures. Photographs of relevant injuries, wounds, lacerations and broken bones usually also accompany a complete radiological (X ray) scan of the body, in order to verify whether excessive force from human, weapons or other instruments contributed to, or were responsible for, the cause of death. Impact points on the body that are not accompanied by lacerations or wounds are also carefully noted, in order to ascertain how the body may have struck, or was struck, by an object or structure in a particular way. Where are these records?" Read Full Story


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