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letter - There is a correlation between Guyana’s deterioration and illegal migration

Stabroek News "Barbados’s new immigration policy cannot be looked at in isolation. Making Barbados the scapegoat will not fix the problems in Guyana, or ensure a Caribbean Community of equal opportunities and economic development. As a sovereign nation it is Barbados’s right to enforce immigration laws to protect its people and its economy and standard of living. Note, the CSME free movement of labour and skills does not support a failure to adhere to laws.

Guyana, too, has immigration laws that allow for the deportation of illegal immigrants and illegal workers. Barbados is one of the region’s strongest economies, and this says a lot about the country’s governance. Its best practices should be copied, not ridiculed and insulted as seems to be the new fad, in the hope that Barbados will compromise its laws and standards."


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