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Sunday, April 25

Husband, 59, kills wife, 36

Kaieteur News: "She was the victim of a brutal attack. She sustained two stabs in the region of her heart with “a Rambo knife” while she lay on her bed. Her other injuries included several stabs about her upper chest, gashes to her hands and cuts about her feet which some law men said indicated that though she was caught off guard she fought her attacker.
She darted past shop owner (Patrick) two doors east, and sought refuge in a storeroom where she collapsed, took her last gulp of air and died in a pool of her own blood. Her niece, Stacy DeCambra, 21, reported that she was attacked, too, but managed to escape unhurt. She said that amidst the screams, she ran into her aunt’s room and saw the man and he turned in her direction and her aunt ran out of the house."

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