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Monday, June 28

Abusive husband held after wife found dead

Kaieteur News: "FERRY STREET, NEW AMSTERDAM – Last evening, ranks in Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force detained a man after his reputed wife, 40-year-old Pauline David of Ferry Street, New Amsterdam was pronounced dead at the New Amsterdam Hospital a few hours earlier.
Police arrived at the home of the couple and minutes later, about 20:10 hours, departed with 49-year old Keith Simon.
The couple’s second child, 17-year old Elizabeth Simon, said her mother began complaining of lower abdominal pains since Friday and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital, “They gave she saline and three set of tablets. Then she start to feel worse and she get weak and drowsy. The same thing keep happening till today (Sunday) and she didn’t talking. They take she back to the hospital and then we get the news this afternoon.” The child said her mother was declared dead just after 16:00 hours.
Elizabeth Simon said her parents’ relationship was no ideal situation, “They used to fight a lot.”"

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