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Thursday, June 24

Aggressive Rottweiler Attacks Child

Rottweiler HeadImage via Wikipedia
7 News Belize: "By now, we all know about the case of Edmund Spain who died after being attacked by two pitbulls. But a lesser known case involved a 3 year old from Cayo who was mauled by her family's pet Rottweiler on Friday. She did not suffer fatal injuries, but she did get seriously bitten, so much so that she had to hospitalized for 5 days.
It happened as the toddler was outside eating on the stairs of her home and the dog which was supposed to be tied - got loose and attacked her. Laisha was badly bitten to the head and had to be transferred to the KHMH. Today we met up with the little girl and her parents as they were being released from the hospital"
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