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Monday, August 30

Vigilance family beaten, terrorised by armed bandits

Kaieteur News: "A gang of six armed men beat and terrorized a family of Vigilance North before fleeing with a quantity of cash and jewellery.
Bibi Fizal Tulsie, one of the victims, said the men made their way into the house after removing a few paling staves from the back fence and unscrewing a light bulb from under the house.
The woman told this newspaper that she and her 17 year-old daughter were in the kitchen preparing dinner when they were confronted by six men.
“I de frying plantain in de kitchen with me daughter and these men come in…one ah dem had a knife, another had a gun, one had a scissors and another one had a piece ah wood.”
The woman recalled that the men tied her up with duct tape, and her daughter was forced to lay face-down on the floor.
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