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Wednesday, September 1

'Facebook creep' future roommates

Picture of notebook screen with Facebook and F...Image via Wikipedia Toronto Sun: "LONDON, Ont. - Before she even boarded the plane in Barbados, Khia Jordan knew what her roommates at Fanshawe College were like.
She knew what their friends looked like, what kind of music they listened to and whether they liked to party, study or play sports.
Jordan, 18, knew things about her roommates -- and they about her -- only Facebook could reveal.
'I totally Facebook stalked them,' the fashion merchandising student admitted after moving some of her belongings into her four-person residence suite.
'I was anxious to find out who they are, what they're like. I think they all look like nice people.
'I don't know if it made me more nervous or less nervous to know. Who knows if we're going to get along, if they're going to like me.'
Jordan, who has lived in Barbados her whole life, is like most first-year college and university students. This is her first time away from home on her own.
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