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Thursday, September 9

We didn't fight

The Jamaica Star "Amidst rumours that veteran dancehall artistes Junior Reid and Bounty Killer were involved in a physical altercation at the last staging of Hot Mondays in St Andrew, both artistes have dismissed the claims. However, they have given different versions of what transpired.
'I and Bounty Killer weren't in a fight, that's a rumour,' Junior Reid said.
The artiste explained there was a minor altercation between members of his 'family' and someone from Bounty Killer's crew at Weddy Weddy, about two weeks ago. While at Hot Mondays, Junior Reid said he saw the person from Bounty Killer's crew and decided to speak to him.
'As a big man, I saw the guy at Hot Mondays and I try fi find out what really go down and him start flare up. As him flare up now, some people that was around me and going into the session and fans start tell him fi have manners when the big man a talk to him. Him and dem inna argument till something start. This morning, I frighten when I hear seh me and Killa inna fight,' he told THE STAR."
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