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Monday, November 29

Linden granny says she unknowingly harboured ‘terrorist’ gunmen

Kaieteur News: "Agatha Hope is your typical grandmother–friendly, kind and always ready to give a hungry youth a hot meal or shelter for the night in her South Amelia’s Ward home.
But what the 70-year-old grandmother and her relatives didn’t know was that two of the youths whom she had recently given food and shelter were gunmen Colin Jones, who has confessed to killing two gang members, and Adriano Tracey, one of the gang members that he killed.
The two sometimes slept in her home, or watched sports on her television. They also played football with other youths in her large yard. The dreadlocked Colin Jones was known as ‘Jamal’. His friend with the gold-capped tooth, Adriano Tracey, was known as ‘Reds’.
Her son-in-law and other family members also regularly spoke with Kurt Theriens, called ‘Bage’ or ‘Glasses..’
They knew him as ‘Bigga.’"
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