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Monday, February 7

Danger zone To shoot or not to shoot? Licensed firearm holders advised to avoid shoot-outs where possible -

Smith & Wession M&P Victory model revolver. (P...Image via WikipediaJamaica Gleaner "On December 9, 2001, The Sunday Gleaner reported that 'The number of deaths caused by licensed firearm holders has been increasing over the last four years ... . Since the start of the year, there have been 22 fatal shootings by licensed firearm holders. In 2000, there were 20, in 1999 there were 10 and in 1998 there were three.'

Nearly a decade later, the issue of fatal shootings by licensed firearm holders, never out of the news with intermittent reports of criminals being challenged by private citizens carrying legal firearms, has hit the headlines again in particularly bloody fashion. On Friday, January 21, three gunmen command-eered a public-passenger bus on Half-Way Tree Road and ordered the driver to drive to Grove Road, where they started to rob passengers. They were challenged by a passenger who was carrying a legal firearm and, during the shoot-out, one of the gunmen and three passengers were killed.

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