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Monday, February 21

Prime Minister and Former Chief Justice spar in the media – but still no Land Titles in Barbados

Barbados Free Press: "The land titles system in Barbados has been in chaos for decades. Incompetence, corruption and a laziness by elected and appointed government officials combined to get us where we are now: No land titles have been issued for years, and those previously issued are ALL SUSPECT.

We spent $200 million dollars renovating Kensington Oval for a failed Cricket World Cup. We gave $20 million to rich horse owners at the Turf Club. We blew $150 million building a failed dump on shifting soil (Thanks Environment Minister Liz Thompson. What a legacy!). We pumped hundreds of millions into a failed attempt to nationalize the tourism industry through GEMS, and wasted so much more on dozens of ill-conceived and poorly executed projects too numerous to mention here.
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