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Thursday, March 3

Shanice Jermot is Missing

Missing Girl Shanice Jermot " Our neighbours daughter and niece has been missing today makes it 2 weeks! Everyone here in the valley and all over Dominica are very, very concerned for this 14 year old schoolgirl.

It is believed that SHANICE has been allegidly abducted by a local man who has also been missing for three weeks. The police are still searching the hills for her and the man, as time goes by everyone is very fearful for the childs safety. All of us in the valley are very united and it is really amazing how everyone is pulling together like one big family there is a wonderful community spirit throughout Layou and St. Joseph where SHANICE attends school. There is to be a candle light vigile on the playing fields of Layou tonight, we must find SHANICE.
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