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Wednesday, April 20

Mom to quit Island after son's murder

The Royal Gazette Gun victim David Clarke was supposed to join his mother on a trip home to Barbados next Monday to celebrate his 27th birthday.

But yesterday, instead of preparing for the vacation in their homeland, Angela Clarke, 54, was planning her son's funeral. She told The Royal Gazette his death makes her feel like returning to Barbados for ever.

“I'm going to leave, I've had enough,” she said. “When they kill everybody, that's when it's going to stop. You hear of these things happening to families but you never think to hear it yourself. We moved to Bermuda for a better life. I can't say what I would like to say. But it's not better.”

Mr Clarke was riding his bike back from the Mid Atlantic Boat Club when he was shot at the junction of Bandroom Lane and North Shore Road, Devonshire, around 10.30pm on Sunday.

He died despite the efforts of an off-duty Emergency Medical Technician to save him.