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Wednesday, April 20

REDjet's May 8 flight in jeopardy

The Trnidad Guardian REDjet’s plans to fly from T&T on May 8 are in trouble. Ramesh Lutchmedial, director general of the Civil Aviation Authority of T&T (CATT), said yesterday he had ordered REDjet to immediately cease all advertising of its fares to the three destinations to which it had been marketing its $63 rate.

The low-cost carrier, which a week ago launched its services at the Carlton Savannah, St Ann’s, said it planned to service the Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana routes. Lutchmedial said CATT dispatched a letter, dated yesterday, to the low-cost carrier informing it to desist from advertising fares or the making of any bookings until it had received the required permission from the relevant authorities in T&T. Since the launch of REDjet, there have been concerns surrounding its acquisition of a licence to operate in T&T.
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