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Friday, July 22

REDjet operations to begin by October

Go-Jamaica: "BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – The Caribbean’s first ever low-cost budget carrier, REDjet, will begin operations in Jamaica by October as the airline has won praises from the Guyana government for providing “a much needed option” to Guyanese travellers.

The Jamaica authorities have given the green light to the Barbados-based carrier, less than 24 hours after the Trinidad and Tobago government also announced that it was granting the necessary license for the airline to service the Port of Spain route.

“Obliviously REDjet is delighted to receive its permission from Jamaica. It’s always been fundamental part of our business plan to be engage in the Northern Caribbean and Jamaica has always been a preferred a country to operate an aircraft in that region so it’s a big event for REDjet and we are very pleased about it,” the airline’s chief executive officer Ian Burns told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC)."

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