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Tuesday, August 9

Rihanna, Tone It Down A Notch! Simulating Sex On-Stage With With A 60-Year-Old Stranger? Ick!

Hollywood life "Rihanna sure is a repeat sexual offender!
No stranger to embracing sexual taboos—one of her hit songs, after all, is called “S&M”—the sassy songstress has once again prompted jaws to drop and eyes to stare in disbelief.

This time, the brouhaha follows a concert in Rihanna‘s native Barbados earlier this week, when she pulled a grey-haired sixtysomething male out of the audience onto the stage, and proceeded to give him a raunchy lap dance. She laid on top of him, she straddled him, she simulated sexual activity—while wearing fishnets legs, short shorts and a leather bra."