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Saturday, August 6

Stop the harassment!

SKNVibes "BASSETERRE St. Kitts – IMAGINE taking a stroll in the heart of Basseterre on a cool, bright day, minding your own business only to have your mood disturbed by a vagrant. He or she is either ‘hustling’ you for money or shouting obscenities.

In another instance, you are a business owner who has just opened up the doors to your store only to have an unwelcome guest wander about your place of business and in spite of continuous efforts to have the vagabond put out, he or she insists on staying and making a scene.

If you imagined yourself in situations such as these on an almost daily basis, how would you feel? Imagine these situations being forced upon tourists... then you would understand how they would feel.

It may not seem like a big deal but in an island that relies solely on tourism as its means of making money, it can be and probably is doing more damage than one may think."

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