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Sunday, November 7

Thompson gives speech on deathbed

Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados at t...Image via Wikipedia "DAVID THOMPSON DELIVERED a moving political address on the night before he died.
It was a rallying speech – unrecorded; and one intended for a much larger gathering of his staunchest supporters.
But with his body tired and his voice noticeably weak, the late Prime Minister, realising time was against him, proceeded before a small gathering of family members, namely his wife Mara, daughters Misha, Oya and Osa-Marie and sister Liz, to make what would be his final oratorical contribution – from his deathbed.
The entire speech lasted a full hour and a half, recalled Dr Richard Ishmael, Thompson’s personal physician, who along with night nurse Annette, was the only other outsider in the room."
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