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Nation News "AN ARREST WARRANT has been issued for Johan Bjerkhamn.

The new twist of events took place yesterday after Bjerkhamn left the island by private jet for Miami, Florida.

Bjerkhamn, who was a patient at Bayview Hospital after suffering a gunshot injury to the left hand, was expected to give police a statement about the circumstances surrounding the death of his 11-year-old son, Luke Bjerkhamn, but up until yesterday had not.

The first form St Michael School pupil was believed to have been accidentally shot in the chest, while his father was cleaning a gun at his Leslie Gardens, St Peter residence two Sundays ago.

Police sources told the DAILY NATION yesterday that investigators were taken by surprise when they learnt that the 39-year-old registered gun dealer had been discharged from the hospital and had left the island. The source said it was at that time that the arrest warrant was issued."


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