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Robber beaten, calls for police

Nation News "HE HAD just robbed a wholesale drinks place at gunpoint, earned himself over $20 000 in ill-gotten gains, and left a parting shot in the roof of the business.

But Troy Anderson Greene did not got away scot-free as he had hoped.

Instead, the owner and his staff hunted the burglar down and, despite being shot at, ran him over with their car and then pelted him with rocks until a passing lawman stopped.

'I beg for them to call the police,' Greene told the No. 5 Supreme Court yesterday.

'But they insist that them ain't bout no money, that them looking to kill me. It is at that point that my whole life flash before me and I panic and fire off the gun,' he said.

Greene, 26, of Harewood Road, Hillaby, St Andrew, had just pleaded guilty to seven of eight charges."


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