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‘Cocaine granny’ no more, Sandra works on recovery

Stabroek News - Guyana: "Less than three years ago Sandra Braithwaite spent her nights on a tomb in Le Repentir Cemetery and her days doing odd jobs or on a ‘block’ buying cocaine and being merry among ‘friends’.
Today, at 59, she is a recovering addict who no longer answers to the name ‘Cocaine granny,’ and she only says a brief hello to her former associates “and keep moving.”

Her life is still far from perfect, but in her view it is a hundred times better than her days in the cemetery, and the opportunity to really get to know her children and grandchildren is one she wouldn’t trade for anything else. In fact, Sandra now takes care of her 14-year-old grandchild when his mother is away, and it is a ‘job’ she takes pride in doing.


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