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'Terror' as woman shot outside Swinging Doors

Bermuda Sun... "TUESDAY, JULY 5: Eyewitnesses described the terror as shots rang out outside Swinging Doors late last night.

A 26-year-old woman was shot and – according to witnesses - a man was grazed with a bullet at 11:28pm.

One man who witnessed the shooting said: “It was so scary.

“I was sitting outside and had to duck behind a car.

“A bullet whizzed cross my ear and grazed a guy.”

The witness said he thinks he heard six or seven shots.

“But after four shots, I stopped counting,” he added.

As for the shooter, the man said a bike rode across Swinging Doors towards Till’s Hill then turned around.

“Someone said, ‘We need to check out that bike,’ jokingly.

“Then the guy turned around and started shooting.”"


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