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DOG MEAT HORROR :: "Go vegetarian is the advice coming from Health Minister Fuad Khan as he weighed in on the horrror of a dog being skinned by a Chinese looking man in a video which went viral on social media yesterday.

“We normally have stray dogs and one wonders if the Chinese restaurants, those which have sprung up all over the place have been serving dog meat and something else,” Khan told Newsday yesterday. "

HEALTH MINISTER URGES CAUTION ABOUT CHINESE FOOD AFTER VIRAL VIDEO OF DOG BEING SKINNEDCitizens are being urged to exercise extreme caution when purchasing food from Chinese restaurants.A recent video posted to social media of what appears to be chinese nationals skinning a dog near a food establishment in Diego Martin has caused public concern.

Posted by CNC3 Television on Thursday, July 9, 2015


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